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Drinking a Kalledevarapura from Barrington. It's quite good, kind of reminds me of some Mocha-Java profiles. Smooth chocolate, nut, and spice. Low acid. Not harsh at all, which has been my experience with some Indian beans (in drip or French press, can't say about espresso).
If I don't, Medwed is going to leap in here with it.
You answered your own question. People on Instagram.
Cask strength is the way to go for pure intense Laphroaig-y goodness. It's another world from the regular 80 proof.
Where do you get hibiscus flowers, anyway? I've seen the preserved ones in syrup, but they're stupid expensive.
Being diabetic is always a good excuse, but I've never really figured how "not wanting a sugar soda" is supposedly hypocritical. Not going whole-hog with an unhealthy meal is hypocrisy? Why would anyone care, other than a cheap excuse to judge an overweight person a little more.
I kind of want to put in a small home sauna. Fires up a lot faster than a hot tub, don't need to leave them on, and it's not a petri dish of recirculating warm water. Anyone know if the far IR (electric) models are any good? I could run a gas line over to it, but would be a lot more expensive in the short run to do that.
Piob loves calling out hypocrisy!
You'll be making real money any day now!
Get dat Step N Pull
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