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Oh, I know. There's a whole generation of electronic crackheads out there. Can't imagine how they function at work when they get anxious if they can't check Instagram every six seconds.Shit's crazy, they actually get measurable psychological anxiety from being away from their devices. Crash the planet into the Sun, we're done here. (now I feel old)
Some girl in front of me at lunch was doing that. She was communicating via gestures to the employee assembling her food, while actively carrying on her conversation. You can't stfu for two minutes to have your burrito assembled? Dumb bastards.
It's actually worth paying two bucks for a couple ounces of soda?I drink the diet stuff, so I'm totally unconcerned with how much I drink. Pretty much fizzy water as far as I'm concerned.
White girls with dreadlocks. Also, people who get fountain sodas and fill the cup 90% full of ice. Are they planning on taking two hours to drink it? Do they think it makes the drink colder?
The first time I tried to make gomme syrup with gum arabic, I forgot to turn the heat down and burned the hell out of it. Nothing like scorched sticky insoluble goop all over a pot.
"How to use trash from around your house to sort of solve problems in a really ugly and inelegant way!"
All the single people I know in DC complain about the dating scene. What's the deal, too many high powered career focused transients who aren't interested in dating?
She had actually started slowing down and moving towards the turn, then straightened back up and accelerated. I never trust turn signals alone, but if someone actually starts turning, that ought to be enough.
Object/subject agreement is key to avoiding incidental incest.
I almost got t-boned by some imbecile when I was out for lunch. Was making a left across the road, she put on her turn signal to turn onto the same road I was on. Then decided, nah, I don't need to turn after all. After I had already started pulling out. She had the gall to honk at me. Filthy human swine.
New Posts  All Forums: