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Doesn't show anything in a TSP, which would presumably be his main retirement fund.
I think the reported net worth figures excluded retirement savings.
My wife got some Ikea stuff at work, and the idiots from Plant who were assembling them ended up drilling holes in them before they bothered to read the directions. Had to totally replace them, the drawers wouldn't even close.
You'll probably want a totally different pattern, unless you want dress jeans for some reason. Getting the style right is a bit of a different fight from just getting the measurements down.
Ever been so good at swimming that you destroy male egos? All the usual feminists are circlejerking hard about these quotes about Ledecky. She's a fantastic athlete and all, but apparently nobody bothered to actually look at her times against elite men's times. She wouldn't have qualified for the US men's team in a single event, would have finished last by quite a bit even. I can get some men having trouble that a woman is even vaguely competitive with elite male...
So...just like what happened on The Apprentice?
Yeah but those are the ones that people keep complaining aren't sending people over here anymore.
That's why we need immigrants. A continuous supply of daughters rebelling against the conservative and regressive norms of their parent's homelands.Diversity is truly our strength.
You should tell your boy Putin about that.https://www.rt.com/news/316687-putin-interview-sovereignty-ukraine/I guess Ukraine is only sovereign when they do what Moscow wants.
It's sort of an odd stance, considering that the pat libertarian position of "the US shouldn't fuck around with other countries, let the cards fall where they fill" would have worked fine. Why cede Russia influence of Ukraine? Is there some bloc of Russian apologists that he's trying to capture?
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