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Lena Headly looks better with the dark hair. She doesn't look like a natural blonde on the show, which is sort of critical to the whole Cersei look. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau fits the part as Jaime quite well though.
+1. I'm not a basketball purist, but I've never really understood the appeal of having star athletes being murdered by brutes simply because they "dared" to go near the basket. The "and one" mentality of basketball can be annoying, but I'm watching to see freak athletes do their thing. Goons creaming anyone who goes up the middle doesn't push that button.
I wasn't exactly keeping a running tally, but it felt like a LOT more Night's Watch got killed than they really reflected at the end. They're supposed to only have ~100 guys and they showed Tormund, the various Thenns, and Ygritte kill at least 30 by themselves. Also think it would have been more effective if the wildling actually had shitty scavenged and improvised weapons. The Thenns all get shiny broadaxes? They were supposed to be lucky to have a metal weapon at all.
Just size maybe. It's harder to look graceful when you're 260 or whatever he goes for now.
They store patterns. You can place subsequent orders by referring to old ones. "Use measurements from Order XXX" works just fine.
I go for redheads man, I leave the Chinese to better men.
Odds are good they're bench scientists, which means they're pretty much totally unsupervised. I can fuck right off and go do whatever I want most of the time. I'll go read outside, go walk around, hell, even gone to the liquor store for a break. Ain't nobody care about that as long as you get work done.We also have like 15 buildings, so they could have their pick.
These two Chinese women always walk loops around my hallway every afternoon, speaking loudly in Mandarin. They don't work in this building and there's nothing special about my hall. It doesn't even have windows. Why are they here? Why are they annoying me and everyone else by taking their leisure walk by people's offices? Why don't they ever go outside?
It's bothering me that you used a unit of area to indicate distance.
Nobody else does these days.
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