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Honestly I've wondered if the Russians had something on Trump. He's been extremely forward in his efforts to defend Russia, going back at least to the first debate. It was well before there was any threat of tainting his own glory. Really prompts you to wonder why. Maybe Trump just has an authoritarian bro-mance with Putin, maybe he was just reflexively taking the opposition position from HRC, or maybe they had something on him.I figured it was mostly 1) and 2), but...
Oxygen levels also tend to be low underwater, which really slows decay. Especially things that end up covered in mud.
I know, right? Totally high quality reporting up in that bitch.If that ends up on WashPo or NYT, then I'm totally on board with your condemnation of MSM.
I'd say this is about 93% likely to be fake news, but it's hilarious anyway. Russian intelligence has Trump on film paying hookers for Golden Showers I'm not going to say I believe it, but the great thing about Trump is that it's entirely plausible. Would anyone be surprised that Trump had paid Eastern European hookers to do weird sex shit?
Seems the jury was not swayed by his eloquence.
Trump appoints Rudy Guiliani as special investigator in charge of Central Park Five case.
Trump's said a bunch of anti-vaxx comments before, so I suppose it's not all that surprising.I have to wonder with some of his picks. Given his general tone of pretty much only directing his interest towards his supporters, it wouldn't surprise me if deliberately pissing off the left/his enemies is a feature with these picks.
Trump asks Robert Kennedy Jr., known vaccine "skeptic", to chair a commission on vaccine safety and scientific integrity. Hah.
There's a new coffee place around here that serves exclusively Ethiopian beans, Black Lion Coffee. I sampled their drip Yirgacheffe this afternoon. It's not the best I've had, but it's a damn nice change of pace from Starbuck's in the desolate coffee wasteland that is the suburbs. I'll go back and try their espresso at some point. They also had Harrar and a Sidamo beans, along with the Yirgacheffe. Seems to be a medium roast, not super light.
We should pay attention to what's in his heart, not the words that are coming out of his mouth.
New Posts  All Forums: