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It's Sandor, fyi.Gregor Clegane is The Mountain.
Mid-30s and on is when the divorced guys start hitting the market, or where still single guys are likely to be damaged in some way. Why's a high value single guy still going to be on the market by that point, unless he's been playing the field a lot? A lot of women don't want to be trying to convince the perpetual bachelor/playboy to finally settle down when their clock is ticking down.
I'd bet this is driven from the other side. High value men (attractive, rich, whatever) can marry younger younger women and are less likely to be interested in the 30-something singles. It's hard for women to date younger, since younger men are less likely to be ready to settle down and have kids, which gets to be a pressing issue around then. Women don't gain as much value from career success, relative to male peers.I've seen this with women physicians/researchers. ...
HDTV saved hockey. It was damned hard to follow in low-def.
There's no real reason to believe that they only brought summer weight clothing. Maybe they just took off their cloaks for the charge. Stannis is a good enough commander to remember that it's cold at the Wall.The basic premise is fine though. The wildlings had enough weight in their army to crush the incredibly depleted Nights Watch force, but they weren't built to stand against a real force. The force that got sent south of the Wall was a lot of their elites, and even...
My grad school gave the professors a choice between a defined benefit and a 401k style plan. The DB was something like 60% of your high 3. Back in the 90s, a number of them switched (irrevocably) to the 401k plan to try and catch the rising bubble. Didn't work out so well.
What are you going to be wearing it for? Office work environment?The best is taking an existing shirt and sending it in. Even if it doesn't fit perfectly, you can have them offer suggestions on what measurements to change (send in fit pics if you want this). It's not a bad idea of have a local tailor work over one of your shirts to serve as your template.Second best is measurements, but there's room for error there. A distant third is body measurements, which is a...
Left my coffee at home and had to turn around to go get it. Ran into the Fedex man, who had my Luxire package. First try on delivery, a miracle! Didn't get a chance to unpack, so I have jeans, a Persian green shirt, and a (comically unseasonal) flannel waiting for me at home. Total was about six weeks, but that includes shipping a pair of jeans in to be replicated. If you're in a hurry, place multiple orders and leave the replications on their own orders.
Bushmill's 21 is pretty good. Three casks: Olorosso, bourbon, and Madeira. Pretty nice depth (esp. for an Irish) and rich. It could use a higher proof but I think that about everything that isn't cask strength already.
The Botanist is good stuff. Worth picking up.
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