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Losing your Pro Bowl caliber QB to a broken leg, then your backup to another leg injury, tends to do bad things to your playoff success.
Maybe the Weatherman attends better parties than you do.
I believe most handicapped spaces are wider, so that handicapped people can actually get in and out of their vehicles.It's always baffled me how fixated some people are on parking as close as possible to the store. An extra 30 seconds of walking is really a burden? I can't process scamming the system, much less getting into a fight, to trivially decrease your walking time.
Piob: I assume you had pros install that thing? I've been looking into it, seems like it would be possible to DIY, but there are some fire code standards to meet (metal studs and such) that make it more complicated. The fireplace itself is going to be 90% of the cost, so I'll probably just have somebody do it. I'm going for something like this A nice marble slab for that kind of project is more than I feel like spending. I went out and looked large format porcelain...
Some of the modern direct-vent fireplaces have really good efficiency levels. They're not as good as the best high efficiency gas furnaces, but you're still looking at ~80% efficiency compared to 40-50% for the old style gas inserts. The amount of radiant heat these sealed units put out in incredible, you might not think a fire sealed behind glass (quartz, really) would feel so warm but it's quite something. Throw in a blower unit and they can heat a space quite well. ...
I stand corrected!
I was pretty happy with the Glenfarclas 101. Solid cask strength sherried expression, and quite a bit cheaper than A'bunadh around here.Might pick up the 17 next for comparison.
Part of the thing with van Winkle line was that the younger variants weren't anything particularly special. They pulled the Pappy bottles from their best barrels, which really elevated it over the younger expressions more than just a few extra years.Weller 12 is going to have a similar profile, but you're not going to get the full deal down that road.
I saw a table of Business Bro types order a round of Pappy for the table. They all slammed it back like a shot of Cuervo. Must have been two grand of Pappy. That sort of thing I'll judge.
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