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The regional dick measuring competitions about snow removal are always stupid. Buffalo probably spends more in a year on snow removal than Atlanta does in a century. It would be totally irrational to have a huge fleet of trucks, salt depots, logistics management capacity, etc, for the one storm a decade that actually requires any of it. Just shut shit down for a day or two, eat that cost, and you're fine. Some of the stuff about drivers being absolute morons in bad...
Even stuff like STEM degrees. I know some people who went into petroleum engineering, which was the #1 paying profession out of college at the time they went in. Now they're screwed, and will remain screwing until the Saudis decide to shut off the tap. How do you price that?
The guy who built that table discussed it on Reddit. He totally admitted that he got the idea from previous builds, but that the point was to do it himself and figure out how to do it without being provided a plan.
That's part of the thing, right? Most mistakes an 18 year old can make are temporary, unless you knock a girl up. Making a bad choice in college? You're screwed. Lots of kids grew up with a constant drumbeat of being able to chase their dreams, go to the college that's "the best fit" , you deserve the moon and stars and you're a rockstar and should never settle for anything that wasn't the best. Then they go to NYU for five semesters, can't hack it, and are 100k in...
I love the part where she steps back and says that maybe she shouldn't have gone to an expensive private school in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Then says, nah, she got the education and experience she wanted so it's cool. Then a paragraph later wonders what she could possibly have done differently with her life.
He was drinking a case a day at that point, so I'd assume so.He went into alcohol withdraw when he was admitted to the hospital for cancer treatment. Made the whole thing that much worse.
My uncle got pulled over for a field sobriety test once, before Breathalyzers were common. He passed the test, but the cops were suspicious and made him come in for a blood draw. Came up as 0.32%. A normal person would be blacked out, but hardcore alcoholics can apparently pass sobriety tests.
Yes, but there's a significant charge for it.http://luxire.com/products/cut-make-trim-serviceThe speculation is that Luxire doesn't really want to be in the CMT business, handling incoming cloth, dealing with replacements if mistakes are made, etc. It's not really competitive with their normal product offerings unless there's a specific cloth you really want and they can't get it.
I've got one of those bullshit microwave hoods and I think it just recirculates smoke. Swapping it out is pretty high on my list of renovations, but I don't know where else I'd put the stupid microwave. I end up using the grill outside a lot more often just to avoid dealing with the smoke issues.
Not sure if serious.
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