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It sounds like they used to carry coverage in the US despite not living here so that they would be eligible for coverage if they got diagnosed with someone and if they wanted to come back to the US. Sort of a double redundancy. The wife and kid have coverage in the country they actually live in, and of course in a lot of countries you don't really need insurance to get affordable medical care.They're pretty much just living as ex-pats, and using the preexisting condition...
Wait like, he's lying about cancer over and over again, or he's using actual cancer for sympathy?
Curry does look super young, and he hasn't been getting the media attention as long as Russy. I had to look it up.
Don't complain about getting to leave early.
Westbrook is a year younger than Curry and was drafted one year earlier. Seems like a wash on the "youth" factor.
My guess would be the internal moisture levels of the beans, or possibly a false correlations and simply different humidity levels in your house. Water is very effective at removing static.
Trying out a new cocktail tonight, given name as Bittersweet Sour. Needs a little more sour (more sour orange?), but pretty good.
I have fond memories of my grandmother spelling out the family name and specifying "mit umlaut." Thanks for reminding me of that, cultural appropriation aside.
Alternatively, a person has a common name with a stupid alternative spelling and routinely gets angry when said stupid alternative spelling is not psychically sussed out and correctly written on their cup. "My name is Janyce, not Janice! GAH!"
I got him to sell me a cask-strength, he bottled it directly out of the barrel. Definitely not watered down. It's still not exactly worth the price, but felt like picking up one bottle for the experience if nothing else.The stuff he sells on the shelf is 40%, and tasted thin. Wouldn't have looked at it twice in a blind lineup.He did have a 100% wheat whiskey that was really interesting, wasn't available for sale unfortunately when I was there. He made it by accident...
New Posts  All Forums: