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I believe we're legally obligated to inform you that Gary Johnson is also running for President and you should strongly consider voting for him because reasons.
You know Trump's not really pro-life, right?Keep buying the con.
That, or hypothetically some people have different values than you do.greger's views = the lawI wish I could do that.
That's one hell of a weekend.
Is it really all that clear? "My dream is to see a unified hemisphere at some point in the future" is pretty fucking vague. "Dream" and "in the future" don't exactly point to that being a policy proposal.I think we can reasonably expect Clinton to continue the free trade agenda of the last couple decades. Open borders, though? Can't imagine. Clinton's way too much of a pragmatist to propose that, especially since it would be political suicide. Certainly Obama didn't...
Oh neat, now Nick is reminding us that the Libertarian Party existed in the past too!
Who is saying that though? Some moron on the street is not exactly equivalent to the titular head of a political party.
How does it compare?Fraud is next level. Blaming fraud for a loss, especially preemptively, is calling into question the basic fairness of elections and the rule of law. There's a difference between saying "hey these people are trying to use the law to prevent you from voting" and "voting doesn't matter because the results are fraudulent." Especially stating the latter before any votes have been cast.
It's pretty obvious that the DNC preferred Clinton, and no shit, of course they would. The Democratic National Committee wanted the actual Democrat to be President? Astonishing.But it's not at all obvious that they actually did anything. They discussed some tactics, but I haven't seen where any of it translated into inappropriate activity much less fraud or corruption. Certainly they weren't equally advocating for Sanders, but it's not really obvious that they had any...
Trump has been blaming any possible defeat on fraud for awhile now. It's just another facet of how his kind of populist strongman nonsense is corrosive to democracy. People want to talk about Clinton's supposed corruption and whatnot, but Trump is eating away at the basic cornerstones of American democracy. How are we supposed to be a model for neutral elections when a major candidate is claiming fraud before any votes have even been cast?Trump's concession speech, or...
New Posts  All Forums: