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It's not at all a women-only thing (although they do loooove taking things personally). This whole idea that employees should be personally invested in the company, while the company should make business decisions, seems pretty endemic in American business culture. Obviously your better companies know that mentality has to go both directions.
The guy that has strong opinions about his favorite porn stars, ten terabytes of cross referenced porn, and who spends non-erotic time finding and discussing porn.They're out there....
The Geico cavemen are really going upmarket.
I looked it up when I looked up Shaq's. Duncan was 30/166 for his career, but he started taking more later in his career. He was never good, but certainly could hit a wide open look from time to time.
I think Shaq would eat anyone who tried to get him to shoot 3s. I just looked it up, he was 1/22 on 3pt attempts.
Assuming you're talking about any of the serious Johnnie Walker labels (Blue, Gold, Black) and not the cheap stuff, they're objectively well done for what they are. They're just not all that interesting, certainly for the money. They're one of those whiskies that you drink and says "It's good," and then can't really describe what you liked about it.
Words have meaning, yo. It's cool to have friends at work, but upgrading them to "wife" is weird.Besides, "work wives" are often not any more attractive than other coworkers.
The whole concept really annoys me and I've never quite been sure why it does. Maybe just because all the people who have ever mentioned having one are really irritating people.The people that do it also seem to get some borderline inappropriately close relationships with their "work spouse." Seems unhealthy for your marriage to get emotionally intimate with someone of the other gender who you're spending many hours a week with, but that's just my take on it. Shit,...
Oban DE is a big step up from the 14 as well.
I had to seriously think about that one. MMWS = Martin Miller's Westbourne Strength. Not exactly a common acronym.
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