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The more obnoxious Sanders fan made that switch awhile ago, while somehow simultaneously still blaming the superdelegates. I think a lot of them don't understand that the superdelegates are supposed to put the nominee over the top in all but the most lopsided elections.Sanders calling for it now is just looking desperate. He's still touting those polls showing how he's more electable, and I think Clinton is still ignoring that argument, but it's so deeply flawed that I...
This pretty much just seems to fall under the territory of "Trump being Trump." I don't think we need some grand strategy or secret brinkmanship ploy, this is just what he does.I was pretty much expecting him to end up calling Hillary a "cunt" during a debate.
Those options are basically a guide for Luxire if you choose to provide body measurements. It's not a very reliable approach.
Calling public figures out on their bad behavior is part of the role of the media. Sticking to analyzing the race is part of the problem. This isn't limited to Trump either, the cable news obsession with politics as horserace really diminishes the substance of the political process. There's a lot more to talk about than just the politics of the instant. The things candidates say and do, and their impacts, are absolutely a necessary part of the conversation.I find NPR's...
Luxire doesn't have standard sizes, so there's not really a comparison there.
I mean, from someone who never liked Trump, this just seems like more of the same only he's not getting a free pass for it this time. Why is anyone surprised? None of this stuff is out of line with where he's been for months, he's just the only Republican getting attention now and instead of a fractured chickenshit group of Republican candidates who didn't want to take him on, he's got the whole Democratic machine.
The entity of the nation itself and the culture (edit: and the current laws) are not the same thing. "Hating America" implies that you're opposed to the national interests of the country itself. There's nothing contradictory about wanting to improve a nation that you love, but find has deep and significant flaws.Lots of people believe that "American values" include doing things because they're morally right, not simply because they directly benefit the nation. We have a...
Did you read that article I linked to? The "issues person" thing isn't a statement on how she's run the race, but what people who know her and have worked with her say.The fact that you can't find those things in this campaign is kind of the point I was making. Politicians make this calculation to not discuss details, but if you're an "issues person", that kind of leaves you without a natural stance to campaign.
Yeah, it's not really "porcelain." It's some kind of sintered composite material. They can make it thin enough to not crack if it bends a little.
This rant of Trump's about the judge on the Trump University case is quite something. Spending 10+ minutes as a major party Presidential candidate personally attacking a federal judge? Sure, why not! Is this a deliberate campaign strategy, or are Trump's advisers cringing in the corner while Trump does Trump? Amazing stuff. Ends up concluding in the WSJ that the guy has a conflict of interest because he's "Mexican" and so he can't rule on Trump University because...
New Posts  All Forums: