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Appearance of effort and how loudly you complain about how busy you are.
It's a good solid fabric. Seems like it will take a beating. I haven't worn mine too many times because it's been too warm, but looking forward to it for fall wear. Nice texture to it.
Dawgs looked impressive all around. Honestly can't remember them playing this well against USC in the last ten years. Usually South Carolina and Spurrier give us fits, even if we're decidedly the better team, but this was a straight ass kicking the whole game. And shit, Greyson. Wut. 24 of 25 for 330? Nobody predicted that shit after last week. Also, goddamit Arkansas. You're making the SEC look bad. Need to give my Razorback buddies a hard time.
How deliciously American.
The last pecan pie I had tasted like unadulterated Caro syrup with a thin layer of pecans on top. My wife's family really needs to learn how to cook
Which ecru linen is it? A couple have similar names.
Got this error today: Error 503 All backends failed or unhealthy It went away when I reloaded the page. Mostly it's just a funny error.
Or just get a shirt tailored locally and mail it in. They do a really good job replicating garments if they can actually see them in person.I've done it three times, for shirts, casual style pants, and trousers. Spot-on in each case, even with some adjustments requested.
You make it at home?
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