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Meh, pretty similar most places. Not great, not terrible. I was up at Lake Como for a work thing for most of it, so it's probably not the best coffee scene. Had a bunch of Nespresso at the conference. One place in Florence was pulling really good shots.I had a Nonino Eight Year reserve which was fantastic.
It turns out that jet lag and a windowless basement office are not a good combination. So. Tired. I was fine going east, pretty much just stayed up 28 hours straight and was fine by the next day. But coming west and coming back into the office is brutal so far. Was easy getting up this morning but I'm dying by lunchtime.
Menta is sweeter and the mint really tamps down the bitterness. Some of my favorite Fernet Branca cocktails have mint in them, so it's probably not surprising. Branca Menta is a lot more approachable. My wife liked it, and she hates most amaro.
I was in Italy for the last couple weeks and went on an amaro binge. Basically tried anything I've seen in the States and never sampled, along with any local variety that was on offer. It was always fun watching the bartenders blink at the American ordering amaro, must not be that common. Had a couple actually double check my order. Drank a lot of Montenegro. Seemed to be the most common choice for the Italians too. Really enjoyed Branca Menta, hit the spot in the...
No True Feminist, hmmm?Most traditional feminists would see egalitarianism as the majority of the goal. They wouldn't have an issue with a woman choosing to be dominated in bed, or choosing to be a stay at home wife, or whatever. The point is about having the choice. You've pretty much defined "feminism" as "rad fem", because.....why? Those voices are loudest in the right internet echo chambers?
Where exactly are you pulling your demographics of modern feminism from? The Internet isn't exactly representative, considering the loudest voices get massively disproportionate attention. The morons on Tumblr that get reposted on threads like our own "make fun of feminists" thread are far from the majority. It's pretty common to not identify as a "feminist" but hold nearly all of the 2nd wave feminist ideals. The 3rd wave people are still pretty far out there.College...
I have an LED filament style bulb in my PH5 and it works well. They don't last quite as long as regular LEDs supposedly, but the light quality is nice (even with exposed bulbs) and it's omnidirectional.
lol 20" arms are already ridiculously huge. This person doesn't show shit from fuck.
Absinthe seems to be all the rage in "speakeasy" style bars. I've seen a bunch of places do the whole ritual; the big chilled water dripper and all that. It's kind of neat, but straight absinthe just isn't that interesting to drink. Absinthe frappe is kind of fun when it's hot out.
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