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Big day for the state of Mississippi.
I just copied the instructions of someone earlier in the thread who seemed to know what they were doing. I'd be interested to hear from somebody with more knowledge as well.
I sent in a pair of jeans to get copied, asked that it be hot soaked before construction to take care of shrinkage. The jeans showed up, and the material and construction were good as usual but they were just large in general. At least an inch in the waist and thighs. I decided to wash them hot and see what happened. Ended up just dead on to the original pair. I'm wondering if they didn't pre-shrink them and built that into the measurement instead. Very happy with...
This girl has like 300 in the last six months, it turns out. Fortunately I've never liked one of them so they rarely hit my feed unless somebody else I know likes one.I went to a wedding awhile ago and they had a slideshow of the bride and groom that played for the entire reception. Must have had 500 pictures, all professionally done. Dozens of locations. I don't even know. The wedding was also dry and no dancing. Lame.Yeah, some people just go nuts with kids on...
He wore a tux with a wing collar in one of the costume changes for the pre-wedding photos, so I'm guessing no Chucks.Also they both wore jodhpurs and high boots for one set hahaha. The bride looked good in them...
Buffalo Trace antique collection arrived in county today, there's a lottery for them. 306 bottles total, across all the different varieties. There are 1000 people just on the mailing list for special bottles, a million people in the county. I replied 45 minutes after I got the email, hopefully I get something.
Shit, he already has ebola. His anus is probably seeping blood 24/7 right now.
This girl on my Facebook has posted at least a hundred times about her upcoming wedding. She had a pre-wedding photo shoot with at least five costume changes and several different locations. Most of the pictures featured her horses. A horse girl going crazy over a wedding? Never would have predicted that one...
It's an accomplishment to out-crazy an NYC homeless guy. Well done, sir, well done.
Should besleep on a mammoth skin; is most natural way to slumber.
New Posts  All Forums: