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You know your team hasn't won anything in a while when "Yeah, but at least the owners are making shittons of money!" counts as some sort of selling point.
I was totally underwhelmed by Fever Tree. I like their tonic well enough, but the ginger beer just seemed one note. Maybe the ginger ale is better.
Sure, there are plenty of people who justifiably have mountain bikes. But if you're riding nearly exclusively on asphalt/concrete/smooth dirt and you have 38+mm tires with huge knobby tread, you're working way harder than you need to. Even moreso all these bikes with suspensions. Unless you're going off jumps and over roots, you don't need a suspension.Not so many cobblestone streets in the US.I've got a road-style hybrid for road/dirt trail riding. Doesn't hold up to...
I don't know about the alcoholic bit, but I do strongly prefer a fermented ginger beer for Dark n Stormies. Not enough depth from just the ginger syrup. It's still great for Tiki drinks though.I like Reed's Extra Ginger a lot.
Time to upgrade
I do. I don't have a juicer, so the only hard part is getting the juice out of the ginger root. Gotta puree it and then squeeze the pulp through a strainer. Works fine, just some work.
When did mountain bikes become the bicycle du jour? Seemingly everyone has one these days, even if they spend 99% of their time on the road. I've been riding a common dirt trail recently and it's amazing how much more work these guys with the huge chunky tires and big heavy frames have to put in.
According to the news, he withdrew from consideration for the team. Tendonitis is considered the probable reason.http://projectspurs.com/2014-articles/kawhi-leonard-considering-withdrawing-from-team-usa.html
Unnamed Tiki Cocktail #7 Rittenhouse Rye Ron Brugal Extra Old Ginger syrup Lime juice Falernum bitters mint garnish No measuring for me, just eyeballed it. Heavier on the rye than the rum. Pretty good actually.
I have one of the Able filters. I'd be interested to know what you think about the finer mesh ones.
New Posts  All Forums: