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Do Cowboys fans hate the Redskins as much as Redskins fans hate the Cowboys, or is it one of those one-way rivalries? Both teams have sucked for 20 years, so it's not like there's some big relevance gap.
Part of this is the economics of having a salary ceiling. If it was an open market, the guys you're saying deserve the max would be making WAY over the max even with an overall salary cap. Defining everyone relative to them serves to artificially the push the salaries down even further.There's a decent crop of guys who "deserve" the max (bring in value equivalent to a max contract), and the very best players deserve a lot more but can't get it. If your team has the cap...
Article on ESPN: "Will Muschamp adopts a bunker mentality." My first thought:
My size was sold out before I could pull the trigger. It was only like 30 minutes after the post here too
People keep making a big deal out of the SEC West having three of the top four spots in the poll, but it's kind of stupid because each of the top three needs to play at least one of the other top 3 teams. Bama has to play both Auburn and Miss St still! The playoffs are obviously not going to end up with three SEC West school (or even two), so just shut up about it.
The people who get told to shut up the usually the ones that try to push an issue. It's fine to post flawed results, but having a back and forth with a vendor (asking for refunds, etc) is something you should do in private.But yeah, some people do get defensive of companies they like.
Even for something NIB. If I can still get it at the store, why the hell would I bother with an auction to save 5%?
It wasn't even signature only. I get that it's annoying to walk up to the door, ring, have nobody be have for the nine thousandths time for that time and then leave with the package. But just walk up and hurl my package at the door and walk off. I don't even care if you ring.
I watched a UPS driver stop in front of my house, sit there for a minute, then drive off without ever leaving the truck. Minutes later, my tracking status changed to "Delivery Attempted, No One Home." I called the office right away and I guess they forced him to turn around and come back.
Especially if you get a little too drunk early in the night. Could wake up to a $1000 credit card bill even if you weren't ordering rounds.I got their last dram of one of the bottles of Port Ellen (can't remember which variety). I felt weirdly guilty about it.Oddly enough Lagavulin DE was like a buck more a glass than the regular. Was all over that.
New Posts  All Forums: