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What always surprises me with high rep sets is how badly I do on the later sets. Either the first two sets are way too easy, or I just die on the third set.I don't need any more volume (don't want to have to buy new clothes!), so I mostly focus on 3-5 rep sets anyway.
I think they like having something to grip on to when they're doing their horrible businesses.
Oxygen levels also tend to be low underwater, which really slows decay. Especially things that end up covered in mud.
There's a new coffee place around here that serves exclusively Ethiopian beans, Black Lion Coffee. I sampled their drip Yirgacheffe this afternoon. It's not the best I've had, but it's a damn nice change of pace from Starbuck's in the desolate coffee wasteland that is the suburbs. I'll go back and try their espresso at some point. They also had Harrar and a Sidamo beans, along with the Yirgacheffe. Seems to be a medium roast, not super light.
I like how they had a several minute long review on the last play to end up giving Clemson the ball so they could take a knee.
I hope not...Years ago, some genius decided that they were going to search every car (like they do at some other federal buildings). It resulted in an hour long line, and people threw an absolute fit. Never happened again.
It took me 40 minutes to get through the line for security at work this morning. It normally takes about 10 seconds. What the shit.
A lot better than the first two CFB playoff games, at that.
Can you find an example of what you're talking about for the mid-century style?All the houses in my 1950s neighborhood (not Midcentury style though) are stuffed full of knotty pine paneling. It'd been painted in my house, and ended up looking pretty nice.
Are there really landlords that distinguish between a 760+ and 800+ credit rating? Most places just want to see you in that "excellent" range and you're golden. Even for mortgage rates, there wasn't a bonus over 760.
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