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Are you still in India emptym, or just slow playing us on the photo narrative?
I have a low opinion of financial planners in general, at least the ones who peddle to the pleb market. The whole industry seems predicated on convincing ordinary people that finances is really damn complicated and cannot possibly be handled by anyone but a skilled professional. Seriously, it's not complicated why you're 50k in debt. Paying some dude in a suit to draw up a budget wouldn't be necessary if they weren't helpless idiots in the first place.Also, they want...
Have enough money to pay for the shit you buy. That kind of advanced advice is why we need financial planners.He has clients who are 50k in debt because they're imbeciles who overspend, not because they're "procrastinating."
You're not losing gains, you're just covering them in fat
This kind of stuff happens all the time with Too Good to be True Deals (tm). The seller either has a not-so-obvious safeguard built in, or cancels the sale after the fact. If you want to be safe, you don't try to double up on discounts. Yes, it would be nice for everything to be laid out in nice neat terms, but it's an easy oversight for a short term sale like Black Friday.
Most stores specifically exclude gift cards from sales. Luxire just did a different system to prevent people from double-dipping.
Flight attendants do that all the time. I had one yell at me for having the wheels on my carry on pointing out. I informed her my bag didn't have wheels. She stuffed it back in the bin with great force and huffed off.Hurray, Air Canada regional flights! Grouchiest crews I've ever seen.
For some reason I envisioned a person wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt, the mouse ears, and no pants.Thanks Internet!
I got it for $67, and I feel the same (even for the money). I'd go Cask Strength all day long over the 18 (although 10CS is one of my top 3 scotches). The "beat you over the head with Islay-ness" is what Laphroaig best brings to the table IMO and that's the 10 CS. The 18 gets mellower and I appreciate what it offers, but I feel like that niche is better filled by Lagavulin.
New Posts  All Forums: