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Sometimes you just want a Last Word or Widows Kiss and nothing else will suffice.First World drinking problems.
Someone taught me the initialism "JANS", but it's kind of limited since three months start with J.
He did win one back in 2010.
This thread is the #1 result on Google for "hibbeldy-jibbeldy."
It went completely through the roof last year because the Yamazaki Sherry Cask was named Whiskey of the Year.The 12 and 18 had been sitting around on the shelf at my local stores all year, then they disappeared (along with every other Japanese malt) within weeks of the award being given. Now they're back with 50% price increases.
Ever try fat-free American cheese? I think it's made entirely out of petroleum products. It doesn't even melt.
It's like catnip for insurance salesmen. They're lured in to defend their choice of career.
I like the idea of getting more days off and being able to use them whenever, but in practice I'm terrible at actually using them. Holidays force me to take a three day weekend, and there's no guilt because everyone else is gone too. Works out better for the accidental workaholic. The enthusiastic workaholic types might not like it.
Over or under 400 lbs?
I didn't do it deliberately, but found myself with much more scotch than bourbon as well. The bourbons I could get weren't that interesting, and the interesting ones are impossible to get. Meanwhile there's a treasure trove of great scotch available, with more diversity (if not absolute higher peak of quality) than you could get in bourbon-land anyway. Shame too. I always used to direct whisk(e)y novices towards bourbon because the value was so much higher. Not really...
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