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You had a trainer make you crawl on asphalt? Yikes.
How many times have you refilled your martini already?
Yeah, homemade. I don't have a standard of comparison, but it seems like it came out well. It's hot, very spicy. I usually use less than cocktail recipes call for or it gets overwhelming.
You're making me regret never getting around to laying down any casks this year. Tonights drink: Corsair Triple Smoke Lemon juice Allspice dram Agave syrup Luxardo Cherry (not maraschino) Zippy.
It's a tough industry for obvious reasons. Seems like a lot of these guys are trying to do gins and white dogs to keep product moving while they age. Some of the gins are interesting but always feel really overpriced. I really don't get why anybody is going to pay $40+ for white dog, "artisinal" or not. Even the decent aged products tend to be 50% more expensive than their quality tier, and I'm really not about to spend $50 on more or less decent whiskey just to give a...
Girl I went to grad school with faked having cancer. She was supposedly "flying to New York for treatment." It turned out she was going on vacations instead and got found out because she posted a bunch of beach pics when she was supposed to be having chemo.Her boss let her stay on. If faking cancer doesn't get you kicked out, I don't know what does.
I lived in the same place in Athens for seven years; they got bought out by a new management company right before I left. Said management company was a bunch of dickbags and tried to screw me out of my deposit. Their office goon ignored my calls for awhile, then they started pulling the "check is in the mail" schtick. Sent them a registered letter with a form letter from a lawyer informing them that they were liable for triple the deposit if they refused to pay it. I...
Got that one on mine too!
That's probably not good for your teeth.
I bet every language has a unique word for "hooligan" too. You guys really ought to work on that shit.
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