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From the forum meta consideration, it's kind of interesting how basically none of the usual crop of arch-conservatives really supported Trump earlier in the process. They all kinda quietly came around, and only as he's been imploding have they gotten loudly supportive.Maybe it's just proximity to the election.
The gap between "could be a political issue" and "actual real things the candidate is going to try to implement as President" is pretty big.If Clinton personally believes in open borders, but doesn't do anything to implement them, does it matter? There's exactly zero chance that Congress would pass such a thing, even a Democratic Congress. Clinton assuredly knows that, and wouldn't expend political capital even proposing it. It's basically a philosophical question.Oh...
It's almost like different countries have different electoral systems or something. This is more fun since he blocked me.
I believe we're legally obligated to inform you that Gary Johnson is also running for President and you should strongly consider voting for him because reasons.
You know Trump's not really pro-life, right?Keep buying the con.
That, or hypothetically some people have different values than you do.greger's views = the lawI wish I could do that.
That's one hell of a weekend.
Is it really all that clear? "My dream is to see a unified hemisphere at some point in the future" is pretty fucking vague. "Dream" and "in the future" don't exactly point to that being a policy proposal.I think we can reasonably expect Clinton to continue the free trade agenda of the last couple decades. Open borders, though? Can't imagine. Clinton's way too much of a pragmatist to propose that, especially since it would be political suicide. Certainly Obama didn't...
Oh neat, now Nick is reminding us that the Libertarian Party existed in the past too!
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