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I made a couple hundred bucks because I badgered some forum idiot who was predicting that Romney would win by a landslide to put his money where his mouth was. I think I got him to commit at 320 electoral votes on one of the political betting sites, which was basically mathematically implausible for Romney even if he won.I totally forgot about it until after the election when a check showed up in the mail.
If you're looking at two glowing steel bars and your concern is "Will it burn the fuck out of me," then neither is "relatively cool." Either one is hot as fuck as far as you care. If you're an astronomer looking at planets, or you care about the blackbody radiation curve, then it would make sense to talk about being "relatively cool." I feel like this analogy might have lost meaning at this point....
There's a certain intent to racism. You're refusing to fund a black school because they're black.If I lobby to have a park built in my neighborhood, I'm not deliberately taking money away from the black section of town. It just works out that way. That's self-interest, not racism.
I know a ton of salespeople with STEM PhDs. You know how to speak the right language, know which shit people in the industry care about. And like JDs, there's a big surplus of qualified people in the industry, so they have to end up somewhere. Most of them make more money than those of us who are still doing science.
Well, Democrats were the racist party until the 1960s.There's also that whole problem with national idealism vs local pragmatism. Lots of people like the idea of helping out poor black folks, but then they don't want subsidized housing being developed in their neighborhood. Or poor kids coming into their schools. Even passively, it can just be about people with more influence (rich white people) driving development patterns. It's not "racism" at that point, just...
Seems like a lot of that probably just comes down to population density. It's safer to stay in the rural south than to have been the descendant of someone who moved into a city in the north. Probably the same reason that Appalachia has fewer murders than the inner city, despite having endemic poverty and drug abuse.There were plenty of racially motivated policies outside of segregation too. Housing discrimination happened in most (if not all) the northern cities.
I'm looking forward to the next couple months of comments from Trump now that he doesn't have to be "boxed in" by his advisers who actually wanted to win an election.
The Trump campaign is in full "Baghdad Bob" mode right now.What can they say, really? You can't come out and say the campaign is a dumpster fire. The funny ones are the network shills, especially the ones that flipped to Trump during the primaries. They're not even being paid by Trump, but they have a role to play on TV, and by God they're going to give it a go.
One of my buddies is a field engineer for a laser company. Half his job is trying to compensate for lies told by the salespeople to get a sale.
Primary polling is never that good. They don't run as many polls, if nothing else.It'd be a much bigger story if the general election polling was significantly wrong.
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