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So, pro-Trump new guy, are you even American?
Which VA election was that?
Maryland already voted yo. Trudging up that Hill.And I'm a registered independent, so no primary voting for me. Probably ought to change that, especially in this blue wonderland.
I assume you mean "you know a third party isn't going to win"?My guess would be that they're just lazy. The media pushes the horse race version of politics, and that's easier to package as Dem vs Rep than a multi-candidate event. Look at how they switched gears on Trump. As soon as he won the nomination, the media mostly just switched into Trump vs Hillary Horse Race 2016 mode and dropped any serious scrutiny. With the polls, they're asking "Trump vs Hillary" because...
Terrible hairstyles of America annual convention group photo?
As of earlier this week, that sub had a picture of Elliot Rogers as their banner. I guess he's some kind of hero for them. There was a mini Reddit scandal about it, looks like they caved. Pretty funny, if gross and disturbing.
Which question was that?Oh, ok. That's clearly a reasonable logical extension.
Seems like this is more a political statement about hate crimes.
Dat artisinal banana creme pie.
Serious question: do you honestly think a libertarian candidate has any meaningful chance of winning a Presidential election in this country, even if he were given "fair" media coverage?The media focuses on the major party candidates because they're realistically the only ones who can win. Maybe that's a self reinforcing system, but it's realistic. I think it's hard to say there's some huge groundswell of libertarians waiting for enlightenment. A lot of Americans want...
New Posts  All Forums: