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Should besleep on a mammoth skin; is most natural way to slumber.
My cousin plucked her eyebrows when she was 11 and they never grew back in. Had to get tats.
Hard Arnold Palmer Firefly sweet tea bourbon homemade limoncello lemonade Pretty tasty.
I honk in approximately five milliseconds if I see the person in front of me is on their phone. Ain't nobody got time for that.The scary thing is just how often they'll blindly mash the accelerator without even looking up. You could totally convince some of these people to drive into traffic if you were so inclined.
Tap water with sulfur is the worst. Western Virginia and West Virginia are rampant with it. Nice rotting egg smell when you're taking a shower, mmmmm.
Would make sense for USD/bottle. I thought it was per dram and couldn't think how that would make sense.
Not really.
What currency is that menu listed in?
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