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Trump's rustling up all the billionaires. To be fair, Obama's Commerce pick was also a billionaire (Penny Pritzker). Ross doesn't seem all that outlandish for that agency, from a quick skim of his resume. We'll see how he handles the science branches within Commerce, kind of an overlooked niche.
See if you can work out a policy to cash out some of your unlimited vacation.
I think this is the appropriate time to invoke the phrase "butthurt."
I know, right? It even pays for itself!There's something stupid like a 17x return on investment for birth control. You can pay for a LOT of birth control for the cost of one pregnancy and delivery, to say nothing of 18 years of tax payer support if the person happens to be low income. Sign me up to pay for that shit.
You're really invested in this, huh?Trump's absolutely got his finger on the pulse of a certain slice of America. He rode that to the Presidency, against a weak opponent in a weird electoral season. Now he's getting judged on the standards of the leader of the most important office in the world, and a lot of us are very deeply concerned that he's not going to match up to them.I think it's a mistake to attribute all his individual actions to brilliance, or even to...
Facts are irrelevant in the face of a good narrative.
Raising awareness of the danger of narcissists!Gotta say, I have some narcs in my family and it's kind of scary to have one running the country. You have to be more than a little self-important to want to be President, but Trump sure looks like the pathological sort.There's something to this. Perpetual outrage and scandal ends up just making you numb. Trump is just so over the top, so totally callous about his lies and bullshit that you can barely process it. Normal...
Steps 3-5 are nonsense, frankly. This issue has been discussed. Extensively. There have been huge probes into voter fraud, brought about by the Republican push for voter ID. It's already out in the open and part of the conversation. If the price of "opening that conversation" further is the President postulating conspiracies about mass voter fraud, then it isn't worth the price and I don't for a second believe Trump gives a shit about that anyway.Trump doesn't want a...
That's not really the same thing at all. Bush was the President for the previous eight years. It's kind of inevitable that his actions would play heavily on the first term of the next guy, especially stuff like two ongoing wars.That doesn't really play with Hillary. She's the person Trump defeated. Her past actions worked as an excuse during the campaign because of the binary choice we had to make (lol Gary Johnson), but she's out of the picture now. Trump supporters...
The President-elect claiming there was mass voter fraud isn't a "metaphor."This stuff has actual, real world consequences even if Trump doesn't take the leap to proposing policies based on them. This is bad for democracy.
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