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The Botanist is good stuff. Worth picking up.
Get the cask strength if it's available. More of everything, and you can always dilute it down to the usual proof if you want.I'm a Laphroaig CS evangelist.
If your selection at home sucks, you'll be able to find all kinds of good stuff in the US. It just might not be regional craft stuff. The national brands are still your best bets, especially if you can't get all the good ones at home.
I've got one of those in transit. Yours looks really nice, looking forward to getting mine!
Almost all of them are trying various gimmicks to keep afloat until they can properly age a supply. There's only so much you can do to make a young bourbon interesting.
I get read receipts from salespeople all the time.
Diaw being discussed for Finals MVP. What a strange world this is.
I don't have any problem with people running 5ks, just about bragging about it. Shut up and do your work, clowns....I'm not really cut out for the modern social media culture.Is it some kind of law that Crossfitters have to post their workouts on Facebook?Working off those beer calories is a perfectly legit motivation though.
The whole county sold out of 18 in the three days I delayed going out for it DE it is! I don't know how it stacks up to the 18, but it blows the 14 out of the water.
Surprised she hasn't been deleting the comments. Maybe it went viral and she's behind schedule.
New Posts  All Forums: