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The rule with controlling the ball over the goal line has always been strange. If you hit the ground and lose control on any other play, it's either an incomplete or a fumble. But with the goal line, it's an insta-TD if you had control when you went across the line.So if the ball was in his hand for one instant going across the pylon, TD. But reach for it, don't make it, drop ball = no catch.Totally rational the way the rules work, but it's always been strange to me.
I only use non-stick for eggs these days. I cannot for the life of me get an egg not to stick on regular pans unless I drown it in some kind of fat.
This thread has accelerated straight to awesome.
We've got over 3000 posts in this thread. Some level of minutiae is inevitable. It's not hard to skip for people that aren't interested.I've never really used one at the application level. I'm sure there are application specific differences, but it looks like it would work well enough for this application. You'd just have to convert the units.
I enjoyed it, but I could probably build a refractometer with parts I have lying around across the hall so I'm a little biased about this kind of nerdery.
Also the caffeine comes out early, which explains why my (accidentally) overdosed cup made me all jittery.
Why Chemex? Mostly because I'm a chemist and liked the story and glassware. The technique element is somewhat interesting to me as well.I'm fully aware that I borked the ratio. I messed up some math. Was not by design. I was pulsing it and stirred on the bloom, which probably explains why it came out rather decent in spite of my ratio.
New to Chemex, I have no idea if it's considered pourover by the cool kids.
450 mL, so ~18 oz. For that amount of coffee, you're supposed to use more like 700 mL.I'm not ordinarily this precise with coffee, but new to pourovers so I'm trying to get the concept down before I start eyeballing it.
As long as they get a national championship or two out of it, totally worth it.
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