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Perfect late spring drink, just as the weather is starting to get warm. I love the funk and the vegetal taste in the spring.I almost always kill a bottle in late April/May and then forget to get more until the next year.
I don't really think there's any bigger message to the events here. I doubt future candidates are going to be able to have whatever it is (along with the cultural moment) to be able to completely reject normal procedure the way Trump has gotten away with. Trump picking a fight with Fox and then getting away with it while skipping a debate has no moral in the bigger picture, it's just Trump doing Trump stuff.
Trump's success has basically been through free TV exposure. Maybe he's banking on the "controversy" from his little feud with Kelly giving more attention than the debate, but it seems strange to back out of the last debate before the caucus.
They started shutting down near the beginning of an almost two day long blizzard, sure. It's hard to say that's unreasonable. The last thing you want is a bunch of cars stuck on the road during rush hour with a foot or more of snow expected overnight. Saturday was already a disaster on the highways with semis getting stuck, can't imagine how bad it would have been if they had been trying to fish cars out of the snow all day Friday on top of it.The city has been huge...
It's sort of amazing that horrible taxi service is apparently universal. Everyone across the world hates the official taxi system and would rather use Uber.
That sucks. Half the cars parked on the street around here are completely entombed in snow from plows. I was driving past some dude trying to dig his car out of that compacted plow stuff and his shovel just disintegrated in his hands. His face had this perfect look of rage and despair.
Because the feds won't spend money on it and the localities can't afford it, mostly.The feds are the single biggest employer in the area, so whether they come in or not has a huge effect on traffic. It can be an issue of public responsibility, keep that 15% of cars off the road so you don't wreck traffic for the whole region when conditions are marginal.Also, a lot of feds telework, so they're still doing stuff from home anyway.
"Finally, an excuse to wear stockings in public!"
Might sell as a dating app in certain regions.
Right, but the question was "why does the establishment dislike him?" He went out of his way to piss off the establishment. Of course they don't like him.
New Posts  All Forums: