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I'm taking these sweet pills that reduce my schadenfreude production.
But they deserve it, so it's cool. It's all the other lazy mooching scum who don't.
I've had a couple weddings on Fridays. Sunday isn't so bad, especially if it's earlier in the day, but man, Friday? Even people that are local get inconvenienced by that.
You have to admit, it's pretty poor luck to lose the #2 and #3 players on your team.
HRoi is on a winning streak here.
Burn the witch.
My wife has absolutely no sense of time, especially how long anything will take. "I'm wrapping something up, will leave in 5 minutes" equals at least an hour. It's worse than useless.
Pinks are tough because how they look is so dependent on your skin tone.
Interlining is an interesting thought. The waistband on my Minnis fresco Luxire trousers has been rolling up, assumed I had just gotten a little heavier since the measurements but the interlining could be an issue.
New Posts  All Forums: