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Other than 2012, what other examples are there? Everybody in 2008 and 2000 had political experience.
A much less extent though. Sanders is still a career politician and he's espousing largely standard progressive views. The "democratic socialist" thing is a new wrinkle, obviously, but he's an enormously better candidate for the primary demographics than Carson.I think the general election matchup polling stuff comes down to the vagaries of how those polls are done. People get a binary choice (that assumes they're showing up to vote), they don't know much about Sanders,...
"Imagine a world where biological research is subject to gender equality!" That's a bizarre article because she's complaining that nobody is developing male contraceptives after leading with the fact that researchers are announcing a breakthrough in male contraceptive along with other failed/delayed prior announcements. Biological research is hard. Some problems are easier than others. It turns out that it's easier to suppress ovulation than sperm generation. Once...
Fixed. The fact that a garbage candidate like Carson had any support shows how much the Republican voter base is dissatisfied with the establishment right now.
Facebook is basically BabyBook now that I'm in my 30s.It's like 50% kids, 30% politics (mostly from the people without kids...), and 20% stuff from my older relatives.
Don't forget bragging about how stressed and busy you are."I haven't taken a vacation in two years because I have sooooooo much work to do! Look at how important and busy I am!"
Mine too. Underwithheld again. My fault for not checking the estimated taxes, fortunately no fine. The hazards of having two reasonable incomes in a family, I suppose. I was hoping the mortgage and such would offset it, but nope. Next year, more into the 401k!
The El Diamante is quite good as well.
Reading that picture as "annoying Millennial hipster" is reasonable. The stuff in the Politico article is silly, and reads more like a cranky old timer critiquing the younger generation. A picture of someone in silly pajamas means they're a man-child who can't possibly be self-reliant and responsible? K.
They could have just shown a MacBook on a coffee table and he would have been a tech nerd instead an inkblot for how people feel about Millennials.
New Posts  All Forums: