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+1, was going to say. Nobody is doing metrology with their coffee. It's overkill to focus on such tight tolerances with the water or coffee dosing when the other variables have much wider variability.It's fun to nerd out with the accessories and all, but I can't imagine people are going to see any meaningful improvement in the outcome at those levels.
That's a damn good dawg.End of life stuff is always tough with pets. Sounds like she had a good run, and that's really all you can ask for.
Alas, green.
I ordered groceries online and somehow ordered one solitary banana.
Piob uses pre-ground coffee. 100% cuck territory.
That's a good system, but it makes it hard to take advantage of the sales.Ends up being a tradeoff. You basically trade the risk of getting a fabric that wasn't what you expected for a discount. Depends on your risk tolerance, I suppose.
Had a couple fun experiences with Charter down in Georgia. One of their field guys came out to disconnect my neighbor's cable, and accidentally did mine instead. I didn't know that was what happened, just had an outage. Called tech support four times and they kept telling me it was a "local outage." They weren't even bothering to check the signal strength, just lying to me. I finally ran into the field guy and got him to check it, boom, fixed in five minutes.Some...
Maybe he likes the cocaine.
Weird naming from Brisbane Moss, for sure.
fwiw, this is the Red Rust twill picture on the Brisbane Moss website I can't really find out that looks like the picture on Luxire's site, doesn't look like they just used the wrong picture. edit: it looks a lot like the "tan" from some lines.
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