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People tend to be pretty settled in who they're voting for by this point in the race, so it tends to get pretty repetitive. This year especially, there's not a whole lot of substantive policy being proposed, so people are just going to bash the candidates. Anyone who's going to engage in that sort of thing has already picked a side, so what are you really going to say?It is kind of interesting that a apparently a larger than average fraction of voters than usual are...
What people view as "fair" is basically going to come down to which team they want to win. You're on Team Alt Right, so of course you think "the media" (whatever that means) is biased.Trump has done an awful lot to ensure this outcome. He's made a point from Day 1 of attacking every media outlet, mostly to win cheap political points but sometimes just to protect his ego. He set up a dumb feud with Fox News because....reasons. His whole worldview is outside the...
There's a false narrative of "fairness" in these arguments. The media doesn't exist to give equal time to the flaws of each candidate.Trump has received unprecedented attention because his behavior and "policy" proposals are unprecedented. The fact that this has hurt him is his own damn fault, not the media's for pointing it out. He's addicted to media attention. It got him through the primaries, but it's ruining him in the generals.A lot of the imbalance in media...
Is Pence still running for VP with Trump, or is he running for 2020? He's openly contradicting Trump now, saying they won't contest the election results, rejecting the pre-emptive fraud claims, calling out Russia for the hacking. He's coming off well, if only by comparison.
He's got multiple legal issues going on right now. The Trump University thing, the civil suit with the 13 year old girl he's accused of raping, investigations into improper use of his charity. The wheels are already in motion.
It's kind of funny because lots of people are (half seriously) accusing Trump of using coke before the debates because of all the sniffling.
Yeah, but like, does it take 20 minutes to post your shitty Dry fit and weight belt combo?
The great thing about this election is that I wasn't 100% sure if you were serious or not.
ITT: gregor
"Hey, we have an issue that guarantees us ~40% of the vote. Let's actually fix it so we can move on to something else"said no politician ever.
New Posts  All Forums: