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I'm slowly working my way through closing on a house. Bullshit with the inspection (HVAC wasn't permitted so gotta wait on that), and just a constant stream of documents to the lender. They keep wanting updated bank account statements. I just send them the online export statement...which is a csv file. It's a text file. It's utterly trivial to edit. They're not confirming dick by making me do this, but I've had to send like four rounds of them. This is apparently...
My wife got "Light" bread from the store. What makes it "Light"? They made each piece smaller, and thinner! Hurray for puny little sandwiches. Also, the nutrition states are for three slices. Why would you bin it up into three slices? Nobody eats three slices.
It makes sense when you already have a product and just need some capital to produce it, or want to gauge the market before you build inventory. But these "Pay for all my development costs and if it ends up working, uh, I guess I'll give you one" deals are crazy. Half of the more ambitious sounding ones are overt scams but you'd need to know something about the technology to be able to tell. I've seen some trying to build medical devices. What kind of moron thinks that...
People really ought to ask themselves why a product needs to go to Kickstarter instead of conventional investor sources. The customer is exposed to all the risk and the usual upside is "getting the product." You're just paying to buy into a dream, and surprise surprise, those often don't pan out.
Things I don't get... Why do Europeans so concerned with what Americans call soccer?
Alabama (1) vs Ohio State (4), Oregon (2) vs FSU (3). Makes sense. They avoided the Big 12 champ controversy and rewarded Ohio State for improving late in the season. Really makes putting TCU at #3 last week weird though. Urban Meyer vs Nick Saban. Weeee.
It's worth noting that Nectar d'Or is a very atypical scotch. Not what I'd usually direct a first time buyer towards, just because of the distinctiveness of it.There's a bourbon thread that's active.
Why is it supposed to matter that FSU wouldn't have won with their backup QB, when that situation didn't come up and almost certainly won't? Who cares? Ohio State doesn't get bonus points for dealing with injuries, and other teams certainly don't LOSE points for not hypothetically being able to deal with hypothetical injuries.It would be absurd if the only undefeated power conference team didn't make the playoffs. Marginal wins or not, they'd have been at worst #2 in...
Yeah but they didn't lose to Virginia Tech. I'm not any kind of FSU fan, but I don't see how you can leave the only undefeated team in the country (and the defending champ) out of the playoff. Seems like it has to come down to TCU vs OSU for #4.
It's an interesting thing because studies indicate that squatting correctly significantly reduces knee problems down the road but squatting poorly significantly increases them. If you actually do squats to parallel, it really builds the supporting musculature around the knee and is not prone to injury. Squatting deep also prevents you from loading up way too much weight If you do the quarter-squat with too much weight bullshit that many people do, it's really terrible...
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