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Worked that way for me too.
I saw a guy walk into a stall carrying a newspaper and a cup of coffee this morning. I don't even...
Diet Coke tastes different mostly because it's the New Coke recipe, not Coke Classic. Coke Zero is the Coke Classic formula with artificial sweeteners. I'm pretty good at telling the difference between regular sugar and the artificial stuff (been avoiding sugar a long time) and I can barely tell the difference in stuff like Dr Pepper where they use the same flavoring formula between the diet and regular.
Pretty sure he's a spammer (has a gif stealthy embedded in there), but either way:It's dumb absolutist thinking. Who says they're trying to "break even?" Maybe they want a damn hamburger and fries but don't need 300 calories worth of sugar on top of that. Makes perfect sense to me. 300 calories is 300 calories regardless of what else you've eaten.I never drink regular soda in general (on account of ze diabeetus) and it tastes weird to me when I do.
I just found out that I got a 12% raise back in May. The bosses had neglected to inform me. What a weird feeling. No wonder I had so much extra money in my account. It's even weirder because I was supposed to get a new position and a bigger raise, but it got punted back to October for various reasons. I was more than a little pissed off about it, now I find out they met me in the middle (and the new position is still going to happen) but never said anything.
There are studies about this, but we don't seem to be learning.http://www.newrepublic.com/article/118285/workaholism-america-hurting-economyOne of the more self-destructive elements of American corporate culture, especially when your job requires creativity or critical thinking.
Google seems to release new versions that are completely crippled, then fix them very quickly. They released a version of Google Maps on Android that was completely missing the Navigation function. It'd give you directly, but only from overhead. It took about two days for it to get fixed. I have no idea how they missed something that fundamental.
First World misanthrope problems.
Sexy robot bodies, like fusion, are always 30 years away.
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