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I'd be good for 4 bottles or so.
I can take some when I go home this evening.
I actually just received a pair in this fabric from the original VBC sale. Very nice flannel, although it's currently 95F and I haven't been able to wear them for more than a few minutes. It's a nice small scale houndstooth.
We need confirmation whether he has designer stubble or not. I always figured PB for a clean-shaved type, which would make his face a lot less punchable.
PBooth is Andrew Garfield?
You can eat all the food you want if you run a Tough Mudder. Scientifically proven fact, no argument.
The important question: daydrinking, or still drunk from the night before?
Virginia did one better. They instituted a fee for electric vehicles and hybrids to offset the gas tax, then ended up overturning the gas tax and raised sales taxes, but kept the fee on electrics/hybrids.
Most places, there's nowhere to bike except in the road. So people aren't really complaining about "bikes in the road," they're complaining about people biking in general. Usually they're the same people who would scream and shout about spending money on dedicated bike lanes/paths too. I get being mildly annoyed by having to slow down and pass a bike, but come on, it's a trivial thing. This seething hatred many motorists have for bicyclists is weird. Only time I...
My theory is that a lot of smokers had this oppression complex about being excluded from public spaces and shamed by society. Now they can vape in public and they get a little thrill of revenge out of it. Hardcore rebels, they are.
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