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I really want to read that paper now.
I doubt it would make a difference in Manning's case anyway, unless she was going to flee the country. Felon or not, any potential employer is going to know her history.Monica Lewinsky hasn't been able to get a job since Clinton was in office, and she didn't even commit a crime. Notoriety is not good for your career prospects.
He needed the extra space for his hat.
Maybe he likes the cocaine.
The whole thing is weird because Obama has been harshly criticized from the left for being too harsh on whistleblowers.Also, there's this:
I'm just aping an oft-repeated claim from Trump supporters.I think that ought to be true of foreign policy as well. Americans tend to think that we ought to be able to directly influence every major event that happens in the world, but that wasn't true even at the height of our foreign power. Something overt like "we started a war that wasn't necessary" can be directly tracked back to a Presidential decision, and blame apportioned. But there are so many other things...
Weird naming from Brisbane Moss, for sure.
fwiw, this is the Red Rust twill picture on the Brisbane Moss website I can't really find out that looks like the picture on Luxire's site, doesn't look like they just used the wrong picture. edit: it looks a lot like the "tan" from some lines.
Or the fact that we had to recover from a recession starting on Day 1.People tend to exaggerate the role of the President in the economy, but I think one of the better arguments against the "Obama was a disaster" meme is looking at the overall world economy. The financial crisis hit everybody pretty hard. Would we really trade our situation for anybody in Europe? Nobody is seeing rapid growth. Even China is slowing down. Goes against American exceptionalism...
Expecting some basic standards of human behavior is why libs lost!
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