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This is my big complaint with the approach the Democrats have been taking of late. It's all on higher income working people, while talking about "millionaires and billionaires." Some lawyer or doctor isn't "Wall Street," but that's where the policies are going. It's all income taxes and stuff like estate taxes, because that's what voters understand.
Is she capped out, or is there potential for a grade increase along with the promotion?Promotions can be a weird beast in government. My boss got promoted last year (into a spot basically nobody else wanted). He was already capped out on salary, so he basically doubled his responsibilities and got a lot less attractive job duties in exchange for a new title.
I'm ok with blaming everything on global warming.
This is always my objection when people talk about making driving tests routine. I don't want to lose my ability to drive because some idiot didn't mail out my reminder letter, or didn't process the form, or failed me for trivial bullshit because they were in a bad mood. I'd rather have more terrifying drivers on the road than have to deal with that.Like a lot of taxes, the estate tax turns into an idiot tax. You can always find some legal structure to minimize or...
They'll make a totally custom pattern if you can figure out the right adjustments to make. That latter bit is the troublesome one. Luxire will be happy to help adjust your measurements, but that iterative process can be a pain.The best way is to get something tailored locally and then send it in to them to replicate. I have a couple patterns dialed in now, all starting from a garment I mailed in.
These greger posts are like reading a transcript of a Trump rally speech. It might have sounded fine out loud, but comes off as word salad in text.
Once you consider the lifetime gift exemption, it's really more like $11 million. That's pretty solidly wealthy.It seems to me like normal people have a really distorted picture of estate taxes. I'd bet the average middle class voter probably thinks that estate taxes would apply to them, when that's almost certainly not the case (at least at the federal level).
Half the national increase is just from Chicago. Pretty crazy.I don't think anyone is arguing the fact that there's an increase, it's more the "why" that's up for debate.
I think it's more of a "clarity of thinking" problem and less of a language problem.
He did the greger --- Mandarin --- Esperanto --- English translation route.
New Posts  All Forums: