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So....every SEC West team except Arkansas lost their bowl game.
If Keurig is your standard of excellence, you probably don't need to both with the coffee-nerd level considerations in this thread. If you want to really try good coffee (which is not automatically a hugely expensive process), you might be interested.I just got some nice coffee for $12/pound, local roaster.If you want anything approaching "good" coffee, you gotta buy whole beans. Pre-ground coffee will go stale rapidly, not really a matter of opinion. That makes a...
I feel better about Georgia losing to GT now. They're a legit team.
Had what ended up being a Berlioni last night, although I didn't know it was an existing drink at the time. 2 oz gin (used barrel aged gin which really gave it some depth) 1 oz Cynar 3/4 oz dry vermouth (Dolin dry) Really good.
Chubb is ridiculous. Louisville was a legit rushing D too, not like he lit up some chump team. I'm interested to see who they replace Bobo with. Having this rushing attack should help the new coordinator out. Make his life easier, that's for sure.
Oklahoma was ostensibly a national championship contender at one point in the season. You can always talk about motivation etc etc, but great teams don't get curbstomped like that.
Diet Dr Pepper is awesome, but Ed likes the Cherry version which is just weird. Too much going on.
I'm closing on a house tomorrow. Getting all the utility stuff taken care of, call up the electrical company. "We're not processing any service requests until Jan 7. Call us back then and we can schedule you to get your service started." Just....what? I'm supposed to go without electricity for TWO WEEKS because these idiots are upgrading their computer system and have no possible way to turn on my damn power? edit: and as expected, called back and got a different...
Christmas parties kill me. Go to ten different parties and every one of them has to have a giant spread of super rich food and cookies. And booze, to reduce my self-control for eating said food.Throw in being sick and generally tired (thanks time change!) and my activity level has gone down. That + more food = not good.
The Brenne any good? Seemed like a gimmick when I read about it.
New Posts  All Forums: