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Half the people in this thread have terminal degrees and have wildly varying degrees of suck.
90% of Mereen. I don't even need to spoiler it, they already got to the city in the show. Basically none of it mattered. Politics in a city that accomplishes nothing for the plot, introducing and killing off characters that don't really matter. zomg save the slaves Dany!
I really like Laphroiag cask strength, but I love cask strength and I love peat bombs. The regular expression seemed flat to me, but at higher proof there's a lot more depth.
Pretty sure they're both in that "We're old, we're going to do whatever the hell we want" phase of life.
Some of the kids in my neighborhood like to lay on their stomachs and ride a skateboard down the street. They do this RIGHT BEHIND parked cars. All it would take is one dude backing up and they're pancaked.Well, that, or if they hit a pinecone. *splat*I hit some dude who was biking on the sidewalk (in Athens GA). I was getting ready to make a right on red, pulled out, and he comes off the sidewalk (against the red) and smashes into my car. Goes flying over my hood and...
Do you have to bite their heads off, or is that just the people on my Facebook feed?
I love the texture of Clynelish. Great malt, and it seems to fly under the radar. I've only ever seen the 14 year. Has anyone tried the DE?
Spectacular. I never heard about that, although I was there when they did the conversion. Drive through service would have been nice, better than parking downtown.Athens was certainly "progressive" enough to pull off that kind of logic.
It seemed to be working too. They were the closest spots to the door, it was raining like crazy, and half of them were open in a pretty packed parking lot. Hurray, progressives!
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