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They also get limited sized lots for pretty much everything, and sometimes they run out and have to order another lot.
The 770. Supposedly one of the better options for pet hair, which is like 99% of our vacuuming needs. Also it was a Cyber Monday deal, so there's that. Works pretty well. If nothing else, it's ruthlessly stubborn and will just not give up until things are clean. I wasn't really aware you could get a wood floor looking that clean just by vacuuming.It'd be better if I could run it when we're not here, but the dog is having none of it. He insists on supervision. Oh...
I have a Roomba. Where's that fall vis-a-vis cuck status?
Yeah, dumping it into the trash is a PITA. Glad I don't have to do that.
Seems to go down the garbage disposal just fine, never had an issue with it.I had to take the trap apart at some point (for unrelated issues) and there wasn't a single coffee particle in there.
I have a stainless steel one and I basically just wash it out. I coarsely wash the filter, doesn't need to be sparkly clean because it's only in the coffee at the end when I press it.I guess it's more work than Chemex et al, but not by all that much.
It really is a good excuse to stick the press by the sink for a couple hours until I can be bothered to clean it.
Seaweed Caviar
+1, was going to say. Nobody is doing metrology with their coffee. It's overkill to focus on such tight tolerances with the water or coffee dosing when the other variables have much wider variability.It's fun to nerd out with the accessories and all, but I can't imagine people are going to see any meaningful improvement in the outcome at those levels.
That's a damn good dawg.End of life stuff is always tough with pets. Sounds like she had a good run, and that's really all you can ask for.
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