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How much demand is there to immigrate to the US from EU countries? European immigration has been damping down for decades, and I don't think our immigration policies are the source of that trend.It doesn't look like any of the top 10 countries of origin are primarily Muslim, and that's just legal immigrants. Very few illegal Muslim immigrants. There's only a couple even in the top 20. Not sure how that works to "favoring the Islamic third world."Certainly looking back...
"Substance" is approximately the last word I would have picked to describe Trump. Even the positions that people think he has an insight on, he's never really fleshed out in any depth.
I'm surprised Rowan's Creek doesn't get more love. It's been a favorite of mine since the big names became impossible to get ahold of.
I'm pretty sure it's only the media and leftists creating a false narrative. Those black people can't be expected to form their own opinions.
Helicopter firing on an unspecified target in the city. https://mobile.twitter.com/dutch_osintguy/status/754051463488372736/video/1
I get a bunch of the last-mile shipping people these days, LaserShip and the like. They're just some dude in a minivan most of the time, and they'll deliver until like 11pm. USPS is doing some of the last-mile stuff for Amazon now, including Sunday deliveries. Weird seeing the postman on Sunday.
I hate UPS because you need to pay money to have them hold a package or reschedule a delivery. Who wants to actually sit at home and wait for a signature only package?
He was not, however, driving a stolen car. How many white Senators do you think have ever been pulled over on vague suspicion of driving a stolen car?Anecdotal stories are always limited in scope. But the perception, and the narrative, are important things to understand if we're going to try to address the issue in the black community. Is it a group delusion like Ataturk seems to think? Or is there really something going on?There's a near-universal perception that...
While this isn't restricted to shootings, I think it gets to the point of why so many blacks are willing to immediately believe that the shootings are motivated by race. Racially slanted policing is just expected in the black community. http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/07/the-senates-only-black-republican-opens-up-about-being-mistreated-by-police/491435/ This is from the only black Republican Senator.
Pence has to announce whether he's running for governor by today, so it'll be fun if Trump makes him wait and/or yanks the rug out from under him at the last minute.
New Posts  All Forums: