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Maybe they quit to take positions in the Trump administration.It really takes some balls to run a fake embassy. They had government people in on it too, like they were actually providing people with legit documents.
I have really high standards.
I was expecting HHS or Surgeon General. HUD is an off-the-wall choice.Maybe Trump realized he needed someone serious to navigate killing Obamacare and had to go with Price with HHS, but I'm still surprised he couldn't find some plum to foist off on Carson that fit better than HUD.
The fact that he relied heavily on government aid to do said bootstrap pulling ought to be inconvenient, but Carson doesn't seem to have any problem ignoring it.It's especially great because Carson came out and called himself unqualified a couple weeks ago.All these proxies are pretty much forced to look stupid because they have to defend Trump's stupid actions. You can only spin so much without resorting to hilarious bullshit like this sort of thing.
This is a bit of a weasel, but they weren't reporting that Hillary had been poisoned by the Russians. They were reporting some guy was claiming Hillary had been poisoned by the Russians.It's still pretty shitty journalism and I'd like to see flagship institutions do better, but it is actually journalism. Reporting the story the other way is what the Infowars types would have done, if they weren't just making things up entirely.
Never thought I'd see Republicans pushing living in public housing as a qualification. Another first for the Trump administration!
Medical device supply companies. I have been transferred seven times so far, across at least three separate companies. Grrrrr.
InfoWars types were reading the leaked DNC emails and somehow decided that emails about ordering pizza were actually code for a child sex ring. They proceeded to produce a vast web of "evidence," and have been stalking and harassing the pizza place in question.
Watching people get so tangled up in internet horseshit that they almost shoot up a pizza shop in my hometown doesn't seem very funny to me.
I didn't do Christmas as a kid, and sometimes I feel like I'm observing strange and baffling customs and just playing along. I like the tree and the lights and all that, but the gifting stuff just gets annoying to me.Watching people just swap cash gifts is so weird. Like, two people will just hand each other gift cards. You functionally just bought yourself a gift card. You could just take a $20, hand it to someone, then have them hand it back.
New Posts  All Forums: