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Trump has some mad resting bitch face during this thing.
I doubt he literally believes everything he says, but I don't really think he's capable of critical self-reflection.Nah. The people who like Trump for "not having a filter" or being "anti-feminist" are already firmly in his camp. He's picked up mainline Republicans by managing to present himself as a vaguely sane person who is capable of restraint. That's really the main place he can damage himself, especially if he follows it up the next day with one of his classic...
I guarantee Obama was kicking himself after the first debate with Romney.I'm pretty convinced that Trump is actually a narcissist, so he'd be pretty much pathologically incapable of thinking he lost if he does. He probably genuinely believes that it's a media conspiracy or whatever if it doesn't go well for him.
You think? The bar has been set so low for Trump that it's going to take him calling Hillary a cunt or something to really lose any support. All he has to do is "act Presidential" and not have any massive fuckups and that'll be the narrative.
I get searched literally 100% of the time because of my insulin pump, but it's usually pretty cursory.The thing at Heathrow was a pain in the ass, they made me totally unpack my carry on twice and I got patted down thoroughly both times. And I was 20 hours into a trip, so that made it doubleplus fun.My mom does that kind of shit. She just can't help herself being stubborn about stuff she doesn't think she "ought" to have to do. It's like, seriously, you're just making...
This stuff with Trump's charity is fun. He was basically doing everything he accused the Clintons of doing with the Clinton Foundation, except without the "actually spending money on charity" part. Now he's supposedly having personal income direct to his charity. He claims he paid taxes on it, but right, he won't release his records. Top kek.
My last flight, I got fondled at Dulles and then twice in a row at Heathrow. Once at security and then "randomly" at the gate. I thought blonde haired blue eyed white guys were supposed to be immune to such treatment.
If it works anything like our structure, the change in job position might make her ineligible for performance and COLA raises from her previous pay. The promotion could even cost her money.
I hear Harambe is putting up good numbers. We should post that in every thread so everyone knows.
We have people posting links from lunatic fringe blogs about Clinton's supposed health conspiracy, but that's the thing you feel the need to call out.lol
New Posts  All Forums: