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Wine barrel aged gin? Huh.
Send in your best fitting shirt to be replicated. You'll be without it for a few weeks, but then you'll get an exact replica and the ability to summon more on demand. Sending in existing shirt > using existing shirt measurements >>> body measurements.
That's just next level "I never want to have a real job" dedication right there.
Coconut oil?
Death has a profound effect on fertility.
If you start getting a headache or blurred vision, evacuate to fresh air.I monoxided myself once. Blacked out (vision loss only) for about 30 seconds until I got out into the hallway. Not fun. Had a terrible headache for a couple hours.
I don't know if used humblers are worth that much effort.
I would like a method to determine a priori cold lengths.
Hey guys, my brain is working better because of Lumosity! I know because I've gotten better at doing the brain training games at Lumosity!Hurrr.
I recently switched positions at the same job, and it reset all my leave. Then I got the flu. I only had two days sick leave, and we're not allowed to carry negative leave into the new calendar leave. So...I came in for a bunch of half days, and zombied my way through. So far as I know I didn't infect anybody, but it was incredibly stupid. I got no useful work done and risked everybody's health.
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