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Nobody ever wants to yield to a bike at a four way stop.
The cult of the mom has produced some hilariously self-centered and obnoxious people.
Your dad has a very refined palate. Not everyone can taste the foreskins among the hooves, bones, and anuses.
Tonight, an Improved Whiskey Cocktail. 2 oz bourbon (used Michter's sour mash) 1/2 oz lemon 1/4 oz maraschino 1/4 oz mezcal 2 dash orange bitters 1 dash Angostura honey syrup to taste (did 1/2 oz of 1:1) It's nice. Bourbon and lemon on the front, smoke comes through, then honey on the finish. The bitters are a must, was totally flat without them.
Rumor mill is reporting that Spurrier is retiring, effective immediately. They're not citing a reason, but the 2-4 start doesn't seem like enough for a midseason retirement.
Picked up Amaro Lucano on Friday. It's pleasantly mellow for an amaro. The big cola notes are distinct from the amaros I've tried. It's a little sweet for my taste, gotta use a dry vermouth if you're doing cocktails. Also got a bottle of Old Pulteney 12. Definitely entering the daily drinker rotation. Shades of Oban 14 but more interesting than I remember the Oban being (haven't done a side by side). Now I want to try the older expressions. My wife wanted me to...
Pretty safe to assume that anything using the word "detox" is going to be for idiots, by idiots.
I went to a wedding today, ran from 4 to 9. They had "heavy hors d'oeuvres", which was pretty much tiny sandwiches and some shrimp cocktails. Not sure what was supposed to be "heavy" about it, but people were damn hungry by the end. If you're going to have a wedding and want to cheap out on the food, don't hold it at dinner time. Assholes.
Well said edina. I'm not an old school Georgia fan, but I feel like some people who were fans back in the 80s have this vision of Georgia as this dominant program. Dooley won because Herschel was an otherworldly college player, just like Mack Brown won because of Vince Young. Georgia's been damn good, but never "good enough" for Richt's whole career. Maybe damn good and fishing for that transcendental year is the best we can reasonably hope for. From the program's...
Indeed it does. Serves me right for not reading the fine print.Sounds about right. I know the peanut butter people were doing that. Rounding down is a cheap trick
New Posts  All Forums: