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Trump gets asked why he spent weeks attacking the intelligence community. Responds by attacking Buzzfeed.
This big long explanation about why Trump can't practically divest himself from his company reads like a really good rationalization for why we shouldn't have elected him. Whoops.
lol you chickenshit.The only reason you guys doubted the intel in the first place was because Trump told you to. So, now that he's come around (and keep in mind, he has access to the classified intel), are you going to accept it or has the well been poisoned?
Trump "Regarding the hacks, I think it was probably Russia." So....how do you dumbasses rationalize your rigid denials now?
It's cute that you think your relentless cynicism is enlightened.
Assange personally does not have the credibility of the documents he's been involved in leaking.If he wants to produce some actual leaks showing that a DNC staffer was responsible for the leak, fine. Otherwise, he's a very obviously biased source and I have no idea why you'd trust his word on the matter without evidence.
The DNC wasn't the only alleged hack. There's a whole series of them. So, yes, let's get some things straight indeed.Kind of beside the point, but there's no actual evidence for this claim. It's not in any of the Wikileaks documents and only links back to Assange. And he gives no reason why he could have known that information.lol...did you not read my previous post or something? I mean, you responded to it, but clearly missed the whole point.Trump was defending...
Allegations that they hacked the DNC.Clinton brought up the DNC hacks during the first debate, and Trump leapt in to say that we didn't know it was Russia, it could have have been China (Gyna!) or a 400 lbs guy in his basement.He did it again during the third debate, leading to the wonderful "No puppet, you're a puppet" moment.He's been consistent about it.
Trump was defending Russia well before he won the election, so that spin doesn't really give a very solid explanation.
I'm pretty sure it ends up costing more to implement the death penalty, once you go through all the appeals and whatnot. It's a demanding legal process, and expensive.
New Posts  All Forums: