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Sexy robot bodies, like fusion, are always 30 years away.
Most of High West's offerings are pretty good. Michter's US#1 rye is very enjoyable.I like Rittenhouse a lot for mixing.
My wife does the shouting thing, then gets mad when I don't hear her.I employ this novel technique called "walking down the stairs."
Back in college, my roommate and I played the same online game. We commonly used voice communication to play with the rest of the team. One time, everyone else had left and we continued talking to each other. Over comms. While in the same room.
We just need to combine Fang and why for some sort of titan of arbitrary American hatred.
My water bill always say that I'm using way more water than average, despite only having two people in the house and never watering my lawn. I'm not sure who these "average" people are, but they must not bathe much.
I see that in the lab a lot. You've got people who just try something and see if they can get it working, and people who want confirmation on everything. Ups and downs to either. When you group 'em up, every combination has something going for it except two people who want confirmation. It slows work to a CRAWL, because they're now independently raising separate issues that need confirmation, and neither is confident enough to act as confirmation for the other.
Other than seriously poor people, I never really understand skimping on heat/AC. Some of my friends in Georgia kept the AC off all summer, but always had money to go out to eat and go drinking. Skip a couple meals out a month and you can pay for your AC. A couple meals are worth being miserable at home all month?My in-laws are just terminally cheap (despite being pretty well off). They keep the heat at 62 all winter. I have to wear hiking socks or else I can't feel my...
That article is pretty damned insulting to anyone outside of their demographic of
Hoist on his own pedant(ery)
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