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You remember what brand that was? I had a quote from Porcelanosa, was like $350 for a 8' by 4' piece.I was looking at it for a fireplace surround, so durability is pretty much a non-issue. My dad's looked into using the stuff for landscaping applications, like patios and even driveways. They make a thicker version for those applications, but apparently you can beat the hell out of it.
If you're looking for a product like marble for a backsplash and want a budget alternative, look at thin porcelain tile. You can get sheets that are up to 10' long, and they're like 6mm thick. I was impressed by the look. It's pretty reasonably priced, something like $8 a square foot for the big sheets and less for small sheets.They tell me that you can even install it right over existing tile, although I'm not sure if that's really wise.
Probably not the best thread to discuss Luxire's competition...
I always get the added turbinado. Everyone knows that raw sugars don't count, especially when you mix them with fruit juice.Bonus points if you get an Enhancer. That negates even more sugar.
Everybody knows that shakes are the healthiest way to consume 1000 calories of sugar. Gotta pay a premium for that.
That guy carries more stuff around with him than I have in my desk at work.
It sure looks like a Leek. According to my Amazon history, I bought my Leek five years ago. It's held up pretty well, think I've only had to sharpen it twice.
My one neighbor's yard is overrun with English ivy, which I'm constantly pulling off our fence. The other is full is creeping charlie. Fortunately we only share the front yard with them (retaining wall shields the back) and my front yard seems much more resistant to it than theirs. More sun, I think.My comparison, my yard looks good!Once cucked, you stay cucked.
I've accepted that my lawn is always going to struggle because of the dog, but I'm still at war with some of the weeds that the previous owners let infiltrate all over the place. I mostly removed the creeping charlie last year, just ripped it all out manually with a rake. There's still a ton of wild violet, I think because the lawn was too thin. I overseeded in the fall, hopefully I can crowd out most of the wild violet this year. It's pretty resistant to any of the...
I feel you. The Christmas season wrecked me. Missed a couple weeks in the gym with travel and all that, and ate way too much.I reluctantly gave up booze a couple weeks ago and I'm down like eight pounds already without it impacting my lifts. It's a lot easier than cutting the equivalent out of my diet, but I like booze
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