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I'd give him more credit if he wasn't running for President. It's a meaningful message, but he has no answer or even the vestiges of an answer. Unless the people he's harnessed can mobilize and get heard by more serious voices, nothing is really going to change.And speaking as one of those Coastal Elites, a lot of this stuff runs directly in contrast to my interests. I'd be happy to fund some programs to bring those parts of the country into the 21st century, but I...
Related example there. Trump responds to claim of sexual assault by calling the woman ugly. Holy shit Donald, way to both miss the point ("I'd have sexually assaulted her if she was hot!") and double down on the sexist trope. Dude simply cannot help himself.
Goes to show that professional politicians develop some skills that are useful in politics. Carefully parsing messages vs LOUD ANGRY 3:30am TWEETING. Not exactly a surprise which one is going to end up getting 24/7 media coverage.Hey look, the cautious-to-a-fault candidate isn't saying stupid things. Also, dog bites man. News (about the other candidate) at 11.
Trump is certainly not the "Hope" candidate. More like "Fear and Change."I have a certain amount of sympathy for the disaffected people who make up a lot of Trump's support. He wouldn't actually do anything to help them, but they're right to feel abandoned by the government over the last 30 odd years.
But "the media" is biased towards liberals.
It's literally the first thing listed in "Top Stories" if you go to CNN.com.See:
They were just talking about it on the broadcast station too.As far as I can tell, there hasn't been much coverage of the recent email leaks (or the speeches) because they're boring as fuck. It's all inside baseball, politics shoptalk. There really aren't any smoking guns, and reading hundreds of emails doesn't exactly make scintillating television.
Hillary's emails have been covered ad nauseum for literally years now. What does it prove that media sources talked more about something else in a particular news cycle?And fwiw, I happened to see some numbers for this morning's coverage on Fox News. They spent 37 minutes talking about the Wikileaks emails, and 4 minutes talking about Trump. Media bias?My position is that Trump is losing because he's a shit candidate, not because of some coordinated campaign from "the...
It is a fact that women are accusing Trump of sexually assaulting them. How is that a "lie" from the NYT, exactly?The tape is still the big news story, and that's unambiguous. I don't think these stories would have gone anywhere without it, might not even have been published at all.
That's not even remotely my point.Reporting on events like Trump's dumb Twitter feud with the Khans is exactly what the media ought to be doing. They're reporting on a candidate's actions. That isn't bias, it's 100% business as usual and the same as they'd do for any other candidate. It is explicitly reporting on the actions of the candidate. What else are they supposed to be doing? What journalistic standards are being relaxed there?But hey, Trump apparently thinks...
New Posts  All Forums: