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Most of these people don't even appear to be Donald supporters, they're just bashing Hillary. You could say the same about those of us who are here to bash Trump, but you know, it's a thread about Trump.I don't think we really have any big time pro-HRC people in here, just people who really hate Trump and aren't hysterically anti-Hillary.
Are those supposed to be related statement....?
The sad thing about this is that there are plenty of real grownup critiques of the US default interventionist foreign policy, of which Hillary is a strong advocate. But the "which of your children are you willing to sacrifice!" or hysterically inflating the list of HRC's policy failures isn't a grownup discussion.
Not clicking on that link because it seems to have malware.Are you just ignoring the "if Iran attacks Israel" part of that statement?What a warmonger, claiming the US will protect our allies if they're subject to an unprovoked attack. Obviously that's exactly the same as wanting to attack Iran just for funsies.
Now people are blaming Hillary for stuff Bill did too.Hillary is demonstrating the problem in the modern political climate with actually having a substantial political record. You have actual decisions that you need to defend. Anything short of a full fullback from international involvement is going to result in some ugly decisions. Either you intervene and deal with those consequences, or you watch people die and regions get destabilized. Hillary might (almost...
Dude, learn to use the quote function. You're burying all your comments inside the quotes and it's impossible to follow.I'm making fun of your hysterical tone, which seems to be pretty common for the anti-Hillary types. Hillary is obviously pro-intervention, with all it's consequences. But it's a limited form of intervention. Acting like she's going to invade half the world is not doing any favors to your argument.Huh, I don't see anything about "Putin invading Crimea"...
The history behind the Iraq War vote has been hashed out ad nauseum. Hillary doesn't get a pass for it. But, Bush was the one that actually proposed the war, carefully parsed the evidence for it, and pressed for Congress to approve it. Hillary simply voted for it.I'm not a fan of political dynasties, but that is a remarkably dumb article.Oh neat, Ukraine is Hillary's fault now. That's....novel.
So Bush actually invades two countries on his own initiative, but Hillary is the neocon warhawk on steroids. K.Hillary's pretty far right on foreign policy hawkishness for a Democrat, but you guys take this shit to absurd levels.
PTSD has turned into "I felt scared/stressed/unhappy over something and now I can't get over it." You've got elementary school kids with "PTSD" because their parents got divorced.
Probably low T.
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