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The answer to pretty much any question like this is "yes."
Taking the rules literally without considering the actual situation is classic Dumb New Guy behavior. Someone should just pull him aside and tell him he can't take that shit literally, and he needs to be there during core hours. Or everyone could just murmur about it and watch him fail, depends how altruistic you're feeling.Depending on the work, sometimes you just need to be available during business hours.It's probably just asses in seats culture though.
why has weighted in. Everybody go home.
He took us out to a really nice restaurant the last time, so he's not a total cheapskate.The weird thing is that he probably spent more on that dinner than hiring decent movers. Who knows.At least this time he hired the movers for the four story walkup part (and yeah, it was four floors) and the other end has an elevator.We all work together, so she volunteered as a backup option. We were hoping it wouldn't come up. Oh well.
I'm a "you get one move per year" friend. Helped him move last August, that's plenty for one year.Also, I'm still going to help, I'm just going to bitch about it.
Friend of mine is moving, for the fourth time in two years (yeah). He had some help lined up, and my wife volunteered to be a backup. He only hired movers on the front end of the move because he's a cheap bastard. Now the low budget movers he hired are going to be four hours late, so the other people who volunteered aren't going to be able to make it, so now I'm getting dragged off to unload all his shit in 8 degree weather. With snow all over the place. Yay! This is...
That's pretty much the Powerball demographic.
I bet you would.
I was in pain so I guess I didn't get high, but it was pretty crazy. Went from pretty severe pain to feeling good, to passed the hell out. Sleep for an hour, wake up in pain again, push button for nurse, repeat for most of a day.I actually developed a mental fixation on it for a couple weeks after the surgery. It was kind of uncomfortable in an existential way. I'm pretty sure I'd get really hooked if I was ever stupid enough to try opiates recreationally.
Percoset is actually stronger than Vicodin, for the same dosing. Must have gotten a weak dose before.It's really amazing how much stronger opiates are when taken IV. I'd been on Percoset for a couple months and then had surgery. IV morphine (morphine is about the same strength as Percoset) just blew me away. I wasn't on a drip for some reason, they were just pushing full syringes into the IV line once an hour.
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