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Do you have some legal obligation to add "lol" or "hahhahahaha" to every post?
I've got a bag of the Moredcofe now. It's always been one of my favorites from Stumptown.
North Korea has a large social media culture?
I lived in Georgia for seven years and never bothered to register my car there. Or change my license. Nobody appeared to notice.
javyn can't possibly lower the quality of discourse in CE.
Getting paid $20mil/year, in an industry with an anti-trust exemption and a collective bargaining agreement. There's really no comparison to regular jobs. Most people don't have to worry about the draft or getting traded either.
I drink coffee because it's enjoyable, especially the whole morning ritual aspect of it. If I just want caffeine, I'll take a pill. Why bother with those hideous energy shots?
The Pats have historically shown themselves to be a morally upstanding organization that would never push the absolutely boundaries of any rule in football to gain advantage. I cannot believe they would stoop to these levels.
New Posts  All Forums: