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I jumped around through some of Milo's sections, and it was all libtard trolling. Even if you're in on the joke and want to make fun of SJWs, his shtick required there to be SJWs in the audience to mock. Odd dynamic.What ideology does SJW and this brand of feminism fall under, anyway? It's not really mainstream liberal, it's not really progressive. It's pretty much an internet and college campus only movement, with little portions creeping into the mainstream.
I feel like they were the intended audience. Watched a couple clips of the "comedians" in that presentation, and they're basically just trolling the libtards. The one guy walks on stage (you can hear it in the clip), and his intro is "Feminism is cancer." They're not exactly going to highbrow discussion there, riling up the overly sensitive types seemed like the whole point.Maybe the female presenter was trying to be more serious, she's an intellectual of some sort...
"Stop talking to us like children." "Stop acting like a child." lol. Burn.
If you give your microwave tenure, can it take sabbaticals?
Gotta get dat tenure somehow.There aren't any summaries And I actually have to write an evaluation for each of them, which gets sent back to them.
Depends on the fabric. Some wrinkle more than others.
I agreed to review some proposals for a device we want developed. We ended up getting six proposals, and they're 30-50 pages each. I have eight days to review them all. Hurray for reviewing a book worth of material on top of my usual work!
Furries.Furries for Bernie, apparently.
Are there supply limitations on Martin Miller gin or is my county liquor supply just incompetent? It's never in stock around here.
It's a failed state and has been for basically a generation. Probably bad for developing civilized behaviors.
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