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He could just shout at them every time they ask a question. Although apparently that works with front row news outlets too.
I think that goes to the discussion I was having with Mario. There are legitimate complaints about the state of the media in this country. I don't know that we need to hash that out to hit the "fake news" aspect specifically though.There's a whole second semantic discussion about how you define "MSM," especially in light of Fox News' success.+1.
The right wing war on the MSM has been going on for a long time, but they never called it "fake news" until the MSM propagated the term in relation to a fairly clearly defined phenomena. It's pretty obviously done directly in response.Nobody seems confused about what counted as "fake news" until the term was co-opted.
So what do we call "news" that's made up and not intended to be taken as fiction? Fraudulent news?I think The Onion and such were the progenitors of fake news, but it's not really limited to that anymore. People saw that the fake stuff from The Onion kept getting taken as real, and just ran with it.Stories like "HRC had FBI agent killed" or "Pope endorses Trump" were intended to be taken as real news.
Depends on the doc.My wife had foot surgery last year and they were parsimonious even with Vicodin. Shit's weak, yo, but she had to really lobby hard to even get refills.
That sort of thing really highlights the issue with the overwhelming financial push to break stories first, to get the viral stories. The old-guard news organizations are competing with a lot of outlets that don't maintain the same standards, but they're competing for the same eyeballs and clicks. So they rush to publish...and it leads to them fucking up a lot more often than they ought to. As long as we have corporate news (and I don't see that going away), I'm not...
Well. It could, but I haven't seen evidence for it.The MSM has fallen for fake news before, stuff like re-tweeting fake stories. They end up catching it and retracting the article, but it does look bad. And they do get things wrong, but that's part of reporting the news. No news organization in history has ever been right all the time. I wonder if their accuracy might be diminishing with the effort to chase clicks. Certainly the quality of reporting is going down,...
Even Buzzfeed didn't claim it was real. They noted that they couldn't verify it, but wanted people to make up their own minds.Kind of punting on the normal journalistic routine of verification, but it's not "fake news" when you openly acknowledge that you don't know if it's real. Unless you made it up and then said that, I guess.
Bean boots are trendy again, apparently.
I mean, you have people who openly want an authoritarian strongman to come in and "fix things." Apparently even a corrupt authoritarian strongman is ok, as long as he fixes the right problems. Hard to make sense of things in that kind of environment.
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