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This thread really isn't about you or your venting. Take it to the "What's pissing you off" thread if you need to spew bile to relieve stress. You made your point, now let's keep the thread civil and productive.
Yes, just like you described with the rum. A white reposado? It's oak aged and then filtered.This Spanglish stuff is making my head hurt.
I had a blanco reposado tequila, Dobel. It was almost too smooth, missing some of the notes you usually associate with tequila. Worked fine straight but those extra notes made it feel flat in a mixed drink.
Attn: Facebook friend who just got married. You're doing something wrong if you are posting pictures to Facebook five times a day while on your honeymoon. Seek help for your social media addiction.
He was using his brain for thinking. Sometimes he uses it as a urinal, so he has to specify.
No dice for me on the Buffalo Trace Antique lottery. Apparently every bottle was claimed in 20 minutes. I guess a bunch of people are just sitting at their desk checking email every five minutes all day?
For those of us that aren't wine people, can you explain? I'd assume freezing wine is bad but I have little to base that on.
Does Luxire offer a hemp fabric, or are you sourcing it?
AKA "Every Article on Jezebel."I feel like getting all frothed up in feminist rage. Off to Jezebel!
Day would have been perfect if Notre Dame had lost too. Alas.
New Posts  All Forums: