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It mostly comes down to density. Low density lowers crime rates pretty much universally. But like harvey said, there's an absolute epidemic of meth, moonshine, welfare fraud, etc, out in the white trash rural parts of the country. We just don't spend that much time policing it, probably because they're not shooting each other (just themselves).Crime rates are a weird thing though, because it turns into a self-reinforcing cycle. You lock up a generation of young people...
Going to be a closer election than some people want to admit, but I don't think this is all that surprising for this point in time. Republicans are making a push to consolidate support after Trump wrapped up the nomination and the Democrats are still neck deep in the primary process. This is the upside of the Republican rules changes, they get a winner before the Democrats do. But it should move back the other way after the Democratic race is over. Big question is...
Fixed that for you.
It's just a completely nonsensical way of making a Venn diagram, unless many of those gun owners aren't also Americans. That said, I doubt this has bearing on Hillary's intelligence unless you really think she's directly involved in creating her social media content.
I like to think you have that image saved on your computer, just waiting to be used.
And 99% of the time it boils down to not budgeting for fairly predictable expenses. Any medical expenses is a WOE IS ME event.Usually it's the same people that are always posting vacation pictures and have a sweet boat in the driveway. And magically they need to beg when predictable but not routine expenses come up.
Police are like a box of chocolates. [[SPOILER]]
Expedited screening is such a joke. They're basically acknowledging that those security measures are meaningless, but you gotta pay that fee to get around them. Just more security theater.
Two party system is a natural extension of the electoral system that we have. It's not explicit to the Constitution, but it's just structurally infeasible to have a different result until that structure gets changed.Oh so other countries with different electoral systems have different results. Neat.Changes to our electoral system would probably be good for our democracy, but until that happens, you have to accept the reality of how the system works.
I think he meant scientists are rationalists, so they're less likely to go for the utopian Sanders vision.I think it boils down to the fact that we have a two party system. Until there's some significant structural changes, it would take the collapse of one of the two major parties for a thirty party to play a serious role. So they get ignored in the normal horserace conservations.Libertarians are getting a little more traction, mostly as a counter-movement in the...
New Posts  All Forums: