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Hell, it's legal to marry first cousins in many states. Unless you grew up together, it doesn't really trigger the incest taboo.
Even the "big threads" have a lot fewer participants than they used to. I think a lot of people stopped posting during the 2012 election and never came back.Bigger than that, but there's a LOT less primary knowledge being dispensed and little and less thoughtful discussion. CE used to be interested because you'd get people who really know something seasoning the discussion, and other people putting some effort into having a conservation about it. Not much of that now.I...
You seriously should just read the books stitchy.
These boob-related spoilers are making me nervous, reading at work and all.
As the (accidental) offending party, I have fixed the post in question.
You can just tell them "Make as per order XXX" and they'll copy the measurements. Helps to repeat any special details, but they'll use the same pattern without repeating the measurements..
That is one of the weirdest fetishes.
I got an almost literal copy, and every subsequent version has been the same.You do lose your favorite shirt for a couple weeks, but mine had gotten irreparably stained (and thus needed replacing) so it was not so much a problem.
Huh, they must have added that rule since the last time I thought of this. A couple years ago there were basically zero rules on what could be called "organic."
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