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That's quite a system you have imagined there.Do we disenfranchise retired people? Temporarily unemployed? Homemakers?
I think Hillary has been fighting the urge to spike the football. Gotta cut loose a little after restraining yourself during the debate, I guess.
There's a movement against those upper level classes, basically on the logic that it takes away from resources that could go to lower performing kids. One of the WashPo education columnists takes this philosophy.Maybe just because I hugely benefitted from those classes, but I hate that logic. Dragging the average up a few points (maybe) while crippling the top performers seems like an awful tradeoff. It's bad on a personal level and an economic level. Really not...
We're not explicitly allowed to filter people based on race and class anymore, so now we just use educational background and networking as proxies.Neat!
I kind of have a hard time taking an off-hand comment in an email chain that wasn't intended for public consumption as a real allegation of voter fraud.Caususes are always a shit show and I have no idea why states still use them instead of primaries. There's so much insider wrangling that very little would surprise me. So much of it is ground game and organization. The funny thing in this context is that Sanders did better than Clinton, proportionally. It's not really...
I have no idea, I'm not really going to bother wasting 16 minutes watching it. A quick skim of their site doesn't inspire confidence. Not really going to invest time in watching content from a source that looks like typical conspiracy dreck.
Charisma is the most profoundly overrated criteria for electing a President.That site certainly looks credible.Hrmmmmmm.The answer is apparently "They bus in registered voters." Quite diabolical.
Life must be hard if you "need" to spend 50k/kid on elementary school tuition. The funny thing is that those people quite frequently are also paying a huge premium to live in the areas with the best public schools, then not utilizing them.I don't have any particular aspirations for my kids to move in those sort of power circles, so it's pretty easy for me to turn down that inclination.
Their shop (prominently advertised at the top of the page) has explicitly anti-Clinton and pro-Trump items in it. But sure, the rest of the media is what's biased.Hah..That site is pretty damn intense. There's a lot of paranoid energy floating around, and I just skimmed the front page.
Would high income working stiffs really be any happier with Hillary talking about raising taxes if she had said "raise taxes on the affluent" instead of "the rich"?
New Posts  All Forums: