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That's included in the second section of the study, albeit briefly.It's not really intended as a strict analysis of pay rates. The study is more intended to address why women move towards the fields that they move into, and how societal factors influence that.
You'll have to ask Ivanka why she brought it up.On a related note though, there's a study moving around that discusses the issue with a little more complexity than the usual. Pretty good read, if you like economic and social policy analysis.http://www.epi.org/publication/womens-work-and-the-gender-pay-gap-how-discrimination-societal-norms-and-other-forces-affect-womens-occupational-choices-and-their-pay/
This Trump guy that Ivanka was talking about sounds pretty good. Why didn't he run instead of Donald? Seriously though, Trump's going to focus on affordable child care? Equal pay for women? Why are we hearing about this for the first time from his daughter, during the convention? Doesn't exactly mesh with the FEAR FEAR FEAR and trade protectionism messages.
Almost 600 posts by Ataturk in this thread, for the record.
I did a barrel aged Negroni with Punt e mes and it was ridiculously good.
I still like Carpano Antica for drinks like Manhattans, but it's too big and too sweet for my taste in summer drinks, especially those with a bitter component like Negronis or Americanos.Punt e mes is great.
Not all states of emergency are created equal.
I always found Maher intolerable when he got talking about Islam. His over the top atheism comes out as a really juvenile understanding of a big problem. He's not really interested in hearing any other viewpoint either. Talking over your guests isn't a good habit for a talkshow host, but he'll almost inevitably do it if they're talking about Islam. Haven't watched him in a year or two. Wonder how he's handling all the recent stuff.
The people I bought my house from bought in 2005. They put on an addition, redid the kitchen, finished the basement, new roof, new AC, new electric. Ended up selling it at about a 10% appreciation (after owning for 10 years). They must have lost at least $50k, probably more.Timing is everything, I suppose.
Yesterday, they're all outraged that anyone could accuse Melania. Now...they admit it. lol. I don't actually give a shit about the plagiarism (stealing from Michelle is pretty rich though), but the situation and response are just so typically Trump. It's such a careless thing to do in the first place, but then of course they have to double down on it after they get caught.
New Posts  All Forums: