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Corry is a bit of a different beast from Oogy. It doesn't have the sherry and is a little more of a blunt instrument, big peat and brine and all that.The first time I drank Corryvreckan was during a hurricane near the end of October, it was about 40F out and blasting rain with a bit of snow. It fit perfectly, has colored my interpretation of the spirit ever since.
I saw a distribution of alcohol consumption for the US. It's not at all a bell curve. Something like the bottom 30% doesn't' drink at all, you have to get up to the top 30% to even average a drink a week, the top 20% are drinking at least one a day, then the top 10% is averaging 7-10 drinks a day.
Socially. You're allowed to drink "socially.' You just never explain what that means.I'm all for honesty with your doctor, but lord some of them overreact about alcohol.
Maybe I'm just around a bunch of drunks, but who doesn't binge drink occasionally by the NIH standards? If you drink at all, you're going to go over four drinks in a sessions from time to time. That's like a routine casual BBQ drinking beers, probably wouldn't even get buzzed much less drunk if you're not a total novice.It also amuses me that the French standard for healthy drinking is almost double the US one. I wonder what the Russians have to say. "Less than one...
Also rhabdo.
Is that good? Do we want that?
I've done in it daiquiris with Luxardo previously, and it does pair nicely. The only problem is that the Pamplemousse is very sweet by itself, so getting the sugar ratios down can be problematic.
What was the upcharge for the overdying?
They do offer thin MOP buttons for no extra charge.
Did a little riff on a Hemingway daiquiri tonight. 2oz white rum (Flor de Cana), 1 oz Combier Creme de Pamplemousse (grapefruit for the non-Francophiles), and 3/4 oz lime juice. Came out nicely, very clean note of grapefruit and just enough sweetness without added sugar.
New Posts  All Forums: