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Those things generally cause the release of NO2, which is a vasodilator. Also causes euphoria.Also works on dilating the burthole, for those who are concerned with such things.
Pretty hardcore trick, given what the thing ends up doing. R'hllor can provide some very real powers. Look at Thoros resurrecting Dondarrion. Would make more sense if the smoke babies were real.
Oogie is really strange about the water. I haven't found another scotch that was so sensitive to getting the water right.It is very good though.
HR. I'm in for a promotion. I have to "apply" for a position that was created explicitly for me, with the job description built exactly around my resume. HR came back to my boss (the one "hiring" me) and informed him that I am not qualified for the position. I am literally the perfect candidate for the position listing, but nope, not qualified. Now I need to re-do my resume just so I can get past the HR goons, so I can be "promoted" to do the same job I'm already doing.
Hurray, chemophobia!
I wish more GoT fights used shields. It should be integral to the way they fought, but I rarely see them using one at all.
They didn't include "add value." I'm deeply disappointed.
A number of official style guides are allowing "data" to be used for both.
I used to live in Georgia, where they have industrial sized and occasionally flying roaches.Maryland ain't the South.
New Posts  All Forums: