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I'm sick and have no energy, and the cold medicine I took to relieve my symptoms has made me too jittery to focus on my work. Foiled again.
Someone I know got rejected for a dog adoption because nobody stayed home during the day. The adoption agency demanded a stay at home dog parent.
I saw the University of Florida national championship team play, and Joaquin Noah looks like he was assembled from spare parts. Even weirder looking in person than on TV. He was a beast though, hustled on absolutely every play.
All the ones the search turned up were 20 oz. That seems excessive. I couldn't find any lighter than that.
Does anyone have a heavier weight cotton fabric they can recommend, for a more casual winter pant? All the swatches of cotton fabrics that I've gotten have been for lighter fabrics.
Perhaps the rankings are not intended strictly as a measure of alcohol tolerance.Those rankings are comically arbitrary anyway. UGA was #1 in 2010, and fell out of the top 10 in 2013. Nothing changed on campus, the survey just came out a little differently.
Could have them hem it and add a couple inches of seam allowance.
Those shows are more than just scripted, they're full of convenient lies.My dad did an episode of Curb Appeal, gave the people a ~40% discount since it was a promotional thing. The show reported that the cost of the job was half of the discounted cost. Every sales lead they got was basically useless, everyone was expecting them to do the work below cost.
I had some Hairbender shots and a couple pourovers of the single origins at the Dolcezza in Merrifield and enjoyed it. There's not enough options like that in suburban Maryland.
Such a perfect condensation of consultant mentality. You can't just steamroll everyone a week in. You have no credibility, even if you're right by the numbers. It's even worse if you're a permanent employee and not a consultant.Why are people always surprised when they're the new hire with a bunch of ideas for how to make everything run better and they face resentment for it? Of course people are going to resent you. You have to be at least in management to get away...
New Posts  All Forums: