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So all the players who were pissed off (and ready to strike during the playoffs) have a political motivation or equivalent. Come on.Some small number of current or former players might be making some hay here, but most are just legit upset.
Anyone have a favorite absinthe they'd care to recommend (widely available a plus)?
How is Random NBA Player X profiting from being faux-offended about this? I think you're making these guys out to be a lot more sophisticated and a lot less human than they really are. There's always been a (predominantly black) players vs (all white) owners conflict in the NBA, and they're understandably pissed off when one of the owners gets publicly outed like this. They're all rich, but they grew up black in America and that doesn't just go away when the checks...
Also: politics. Many states don't want to admit that their current drug cocktails aren't ideal for executions, as it would open them up to lawsuits. So they just double down on the current regime.Guillotine is supposedly one of the most humane and reliable methods.
wtf is the point is this kind of article 58 extremely disappointing facts about the class of 2018 I just don't get this stuff. "I'm so disappointed that everyone isn't the same age as me! ZOMG!"
I understand that happens for some people. The problem a lot of Millenials are having right now is that they think the default work condition should be "love what you do each and every day." It's a rude awakening when you find out that "doing what you love" doesn't pay the bills, and what does pay the bills kinda sucks some of the kind. Relatively few of us are interested in, and good enough at, the kind of things that allow you to get jobs that are deeply enjoyable on...
We had a nice spate of Presidents with good initials back mid-century. FDR, JFK, LBJ. Nothing since then. What happened? My next vote is going to whoever has the best initials. *edit, damn autocorrect
Yeah, there's a big gap between the "If you love your job, you'll never work a day in your life!" nonsense and "it should be miserable." I sure as hell wouldn't do my job for free, but I find it deeply satisfying and it adds something to my life other than a paycheck. Some days I sure don't want to go in, which is why it's a "job", but I don't think I could do something I actually hated for 40 years.
The yellow label is probably what you're thinking of, and is mediocre. The Small Batch, Single Barrel, etc, are very nice. It's very much a bourbon, so if you don't like that profile then you won't get much out of it. Don't know what lists you're looking at, but the finer Four Roses bottlings have won quite a few awards and are highly ranked.There is a scotch thread as well.
She is just a young girl, inexperienced in durdling.
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