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Not really.
What currency is that menu listed in?
I went to The Gin Joint in Charleston last week. Nice transparent ice, didn't get to see how they made it. They even have ice spears for long drinks. I got a Bartenders Choice with the direction of "bitter" and "unusual" and got something with gin, aquavit, Cynar, and Fernet (that I remember). Was quite good.
Black Tap had the best stuff, although the espresso was too acidic for my taste. Pourover and iced coffee was good. Didn't try the cold brew, probably should have. Kudu was cool but partially because they serve beer as well.The coffee at the other couple places I tried wasn't super special, but it was cool to be able to just say "Huh I want coffee" and find a non-Sbux within two minutes walk.
Yeah, exactly. All these 100k+ households and they drink grocery store coffee and go out to Starbucks. But I go another 30 minutes out to the next discrete town (independent from DC) and they've got 5 neat little independent coffee places.When I lived in Athens GA, we had like 5 decent places in a smallish town. Nothing else around though, and no suburbs.You appear to be missing a crucial clause there.Assuming you were going towards population density, yeah, I believe...
Lucky then.I think the main problem is the commuter residential communities. There's a whole band of them, and they're just generally bereft of interesting options on most things. In closer to the city, or further out, things get a lot better.
It seems like nobody thinks there's interest in good coffee more than 5 miles outside metropolitan boundaries (and maybe they're right). DC isn't exactly a coffee mecca, but you can barely find an independent coffee place past the Beltway. Starbucks as far as the eye can see.
Should have just suspended them for the first series, Urban-style.
I've never played, but my wife got roped into a league. Inevitably, I must learn how to play in order to advise.
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