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Christmas parties kill me. Go to ten different parties and every one of them has to have a giant spread of super rich food and cookies. And booze, to reduce my self-control for eating said food.Throw in being sick and generally tired (thanks time change!) and my activity level has gone down. That + more food = not good.
The Brenne any good? Seemed like a gimmick when I read about it.
If you haven't had the 16, I'd just start with that.It's not such a huge difference from Oogy, just more subtle peat (and that's just because Oogy is a huge peat bomb).This taste profile map might be helpful. See what kind of stuff you've tried before, what's similar, and where you can branch out. I had another version with more malts, but can't find it anymore.This guy gets it. I'm finding that I just prioritize cask strength stuff in general. A'bundah is cask...
Like Jubei said, what are you going for? You have an unusual expression of a Highland in the Nectar d'Or, a sherried Islay in the Uigeadail. More smokey Islay stuff? Maritime?Lagavulin is a great expression of classic Islay, Talisker more maritime. If you're looking to sample a wider variety of styles, something Speyside (Aberlour A'Bunadh for example) would be a good addition.I don't have numbers for the 18 specifically, but HP is almost as peaty as Talisker (20 ppm...
I got a bottle of the rye and I'm going to drink it, but I'd flip any of the others. I've had them all before and they're great, but not $1k+ great or even close.Also I'd sell 'em ASAP, no reason real to wait. The markup is already absurd, and who knows, the trend might die out if you wait.
Which Kilchoman did you get, Machir Bay?
I've been super unproductive this week. I have plenty of work to do, I actually like being productive and it makes the day go by faster, but I just have no motivation. Between the short days, crappy weather, half the office being gone, and the holidays....just turn into a zombie. It happens every year, and I always beat myself up over it, but never seem to eliminate it.
No, not so much.My other QB was Jay Cutler, so....
Fantasy rant: started Peyton and AJ Green tonight in league championship game.
I'd set them before I went to bed, and they usually got set off before I even fell asleep. Critters come out within like 15 minutes of the lights going out. Would get multiple rounds per night sometimes.
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