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Pistons 2004!It's really amazing if you look over the list of champions how few teams have really won it. The Lakers and Celtics have nearly half the total. Also kind of points out how absurd using multiple championships as a standard for great individual players really is. Half the franchises in the league have fewer rings than a "mere" two time winner like Lebron, but we give him all kinds of shit for it.
It's certainly a step up from living in a trailer in the lowcountry of Florida, but yeah, not sure that sort of life is what I'd go for. I think I'd go crazy if I weren't working, or at least doing something productive. Maybe that's just one of those lies I tell myself to keep going in to work, but I don't think so.The extremes make for a better story. "Joe Schmoe lived a responsible life, saved 15%, bought some nice stuff, then retired at 65 and spent time with his...
Their only actual income is 40k in interest and stock income, and they're dumping the maximum into an IRA every year. That brings their taxable income down to the point where they're paying minimal/no taxes. They just can't touch the money until retirement or they have to pay taxes on it.
It sounds like they used to carry coverage in the US despite not living here so that they would be eligible for coverage if they got diagnosed with someone and if they wanted to come back to the US. Sort of a double redundancy. The wife and kid have coverage in the country they actually live in, and of course in a lot of countries you don't really need insurance to get affordable medical care.They're pretty much just living as ex-pats, and using the preexisting condition...
Wait like, he's lying about cancer over and over again, or he's using actual cancer for sympathy?
Curry does look super young, and he hasn't been getting the media attention as long as Russy. I had to look it up.
Don't complain about getting to leave early.
Westbrook is a year younger than Curry and was drafted one year earlier. Seems like a wash on the "youth" factor.
My guess would be the internal moisture levels of the beans, or possibly a false correlations and simply different humidity levels in your house. Water is very effective at removing static.
Trying out a new cocktail tonight, given name as Bittersweet Sour. Needs a little more sour (more sour orange?), but pretty good.
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