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He has taken to calling idiotic statements "sarcasm" after a day or two of criticism.Which part is valid criticism?
The difference is that Trump has no background at all in foreign policy and has never demonstrated any knowledge or even interest in learning. Why should anyone give him the benefit of the doubt? Lack of foreign policy experience was one of the criticisms of Obama back in 2008, he won mostly on having not voted for Iraq. But he had still at least been in the Senate and exposed to the issues. Clinton was Secretary of State, it would be absurd to question her...
Trump has been surprisingly classy about this so far. I bet he's written up like five hundred nasty tweets only to have some PR person talk him down. They have to be on high alert, he's got to be fighting his nature instinct to pounce on weakness in the least classy way possible.
It would be interesting to detangle the cause and effect with this Clinton tendency. I'm pretty sure they were doing it before they got to the White House, but the Gingrich led effort to just destroy both of them absolutely hardened and reinforced it. I'm sure it's hard to be transparent when any information you release is going to be pounced on and used to attack you. Probably is very tempting to just obfuscate everything and release as little as possible under as...
They're supposedly there because they were trying to get in Switzerland and the border was closed.That's a beautiful area. I was there for a couple weeks for work.
I didn't see any at Milano Centrale when I was there in July. Was this Malpensa?There's supposedly a cluster of migrants up at the city of Como. I didn't see any around the Lake itself, didn't get over to Como though. None of the smaller towns (Bellagio, etc) had any.
How does "age testing" work, exactly? Do they cut 'em open and count the rings?
Italians seem to love Nespresso, they're all over the place there. Went to a conference where they had three big ones pulling shots at all the breaks.It's kind of an apples to oranges comparison. Nespresso is producing espresso, not drip coffee like Keurig.Even on that basis though, I'd say Nespresso produces a higher quality result. It's at least decent espresso, rather than the profoundly mediocre coffee from Keurig. It's trivially easy to get better coffee at home...
M E T A ! E T A !
In the US, everyone is still at work on Friday afternoon, they're just farting around on Facebook.
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