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What, you mean asking the same questions that everyone has heard the answers to 50000 times already won't make anyone switch sides?Town hall debates are the worst. People ask stupid questions that will, at most, provide an opportunity for a "gotcha." There's rarely any insight there. Most people are pretty obviously leaning one way or the other and just want an opportunity to fuck the other.
Trump looked pissed walking out. And no handshake. These town halls are terrible. Undecided voters at this point in the race are either lying or morons.
What exactly makes you think Trump is going to do anything to keep the good and make positive improvements?Conversely, he's shown us a LOT to demonstrate that he's not Presidential material. The guy can't even be bothered to prepare for a debate or hold off on making Tweets at 3:30am, you think he's going to really think hard and use restraintabout how to make the best decisions to guide the country?
I guess it depends on how harmful you think another four years of status quo would be. If you see that as "literally the worst thing ever" like some of our ultra-conservative posters do, then maybe that's a reasonable read. Otherwise, I really don't think so.You don't have to live here tho.I'm going to have a minor existential crisis if it turns out our country is capable of electing this fuckwit.
It's neat that you believe this without the slightest bit of evidence. You've totally sucked down Trump's con.Trump is not brilliant. He's got a salesman's gift for working a crowd and figuring out which of the thousand sales pitches he tossed out stuck. None of that translates to governing or policy.
Lots of Presidents have been coarse in private. Trump is stupid enough, and vulgar enough, to do it as part of his public persona.This particular incident wouldn't be that big a deal by itself. But he has a long history of deliberately making similar, if somewhat more toned down, statements in public venues. It's a character and judgement issue. Play nice for the hoi polloi if you want to be a leader. Or at least be charming about it. Trump can't pull off either.
The media has done a bit of a disservice by acting like this is about coarse language. Trump is bragging about sexual assault, not just "ayyyy I fucked some bitch!"
It's dramatic because the Democrats are not in any way in favor of "open borders." The difference between Trump and Clinton is about numbers and country of origin, not "open vs closed."
Can we go back to that question about whether or not Trump is a sexist?
Clearly this wouldn't happen if the West would just stop antagonizing Russia.
New Posts  All Forums: