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Yeah, lower MoCo.Something like 10k people from MoCo showed up to vote for Trump in the primaries. Obviously they exist. They're just...quiet about it.
I will bet you literally any amount of money that Maryland is not going to vote for Trump. You can even have odds.
My neighborhood had a picnic, and there was a table for Marylanders for Trump. Literally not one person went to the Trump table. Nobody would even talk to them.It's not exactly a prime Trump demographic (like 50% white and all UMC), but not one person? Maybe they're just worried about becoming pariahs by looking like they're interested in Trump.
The similarities are eerie
greger sure spends a lot of time thinking about other guys' balls.
The point is that both of those policies correspond to a willingness to use military force, and not exactly in a restrained way. Yet somehow you guys believe he's the dove candidate.
Trump has certainly shown a lot of consideration for which things are considered political suicide thus far.And why are you convinced he'd be unlikely to use force? He's proposed torturing terrorists and killing their families. You think he's not going to blow up some camps full of brown people if there's a terrorist attack in the US? He's not exactly a model of principled restraint.
I'm 95% sure that Coulter is a gimmick. So many of her positions seem calculated to outrage liberals. She only really does the scripted rant thing well, she pretty much falls apart in a live argument.
I don't think memes or movie quotes can explain that, so you might be waiting a while.
It looks like China has been investing heavily in Greece. They own the biggest port in Greece, have been pouring money into infrastructure. The Chinese PM even visited Greece.
New Posts  All Forums: