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Tullamore Dew Phoenix is surprisingly good. 55% ABV, sherried finish. It's a perfectly serviceable daily drinker entry. Not on the same level as Bushmills 21, of course.
That stuff is really good, really nice texture too. The 16 year is good too. Not in the same league as the 21, but a big step up from normal Bushmills offerings.
Does anybody really believe teachers are working 70-100 hour weeks on average? I don't want to discount the difficulty of the job too much, but come on. The first couple years are rough while you get your feet under you and build lessons, but the time requirements go way down after that unless you want to be a martyr and pour all the extra time in. They also get a ton of time without students during the school year. Just counted for my hometown school system, 29...
The narrative on higher income wage earners is one of my least favorite parts of the Democratic party. Conflating "anyone who makes six figures" with "millionaires and billionaires" is irritating. It's hard to tell if it's deliberate (selling out to the fatcats pulling the strings) or just pandering to low information voters who don't understand that the Koch brothers (etc) aren't living off a salary.You see similar stuff with the Facebook types ranting about the "crazy...
I wonder why they didn't have anyone in the $100k range. There's a material difference from $65k to the $100-150k range, depending where you live, and there are a lot more people in that range than at $250k. You get all the aspirational spending dynamics from people who wish they made $250k, then the millionaire next door types. There's that study that says happiness doesn't increase past ~70k/year, but I doubt that includes COL. It was a huge boost going from 70k...
I feel like I was one of those decent-but-not-spectacular students who all the undergrad professors are surprised went on to get a PhD and land a research job. Hurray for getting your shit together in grad school? It's interesting going back to my alma mater. Totally different interaction, just straight up accepted as a peer. Weird realizing that you know more about some things than the people who taught you the basics.
Definitely a "welcome to Georgia" moment when you hear a waitress ask someone what kind of "coke" they want, and they respond with "Dr Pepper."
Alcohol, mostly.
That is a remarkably stupid article. I'm not even close to convinced that transgender is a pressing issue, but yeesh. That's like Democratic Underground comments section quality writing right there.
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