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Has anyone tried this stuff?I picked up the new decaf Arpeggio and it's pretty good, quite similar to the ordinary Arpeggio. That and the Intenso are the only decafs that I liked. Most of the others are just weak tasting.
According to ESPN, they had a call to foul, but just screwed it up and didn't do it. "We didn't execute the game plan," Williams said as he shook his head on the postgame podium. "We were supposed to foul."
That means they'll show up around 3pm.
I have issues with that issue.
You'd think that, but people keep hiring Byron Scott and Mike Brown.
The Walker Lites are nice boots, if you're looking for a very casual chukka. It suggests sizing down a half size, but I'd go TTS if you have higher insteps.The sole makes weird sounds on linoleum Can't wear 'em at work.
My success rate (defined as getting at least a phone interview) applying online: 1 out of 76. Success rate when I managed to find an actual human being to apply to 3/5. I hope to never have to apply for another job again. Come on tenure, kick in already.
Oh, I know. There's a whole generation of electronic crackheads out there. Can't imagine how they function at work when they get anxious if they can't check Instagram every six seconds.Shit's crazy, they actually get measurable psychological anxiety from being away from their devices. Crash the planet into the Sun, we're done here. (now I feel old)
Some girl in front of me at lunch was doing that. She was communicating via gestures to the employee assembling her food, while actively carrying on her conversation. You can't stfu for two minutes to have your burrito assembled? Dumb bastards.
It's actually worth paying two bucks for a couple ounces of soda?I drink the diet stuff, so I'm totally unconcerned with how much I drink. Pretty much fizzy water as far as I'm concerned.
New Posts  All Forums: