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The convention is going to be extremely interesting politics. They could certainly come up with a more apparently viable candidate (Cruz doesn't have much chance to win the national race either), but you really have to wonder if Trump and Cruz voters would actually vote for the final nominee. They're coming out to vote for these guys because they're not party mainstream, and if some establishment figure who didn't even run gets the nod, I could see many of them being...
That's explicitly been their strategy for months now. Mathematically, Cruz can't win and certainly Kasich can't. I think they're required to do the brokered convention if no one gets a majority, so having the other candidates stay in is a tacit acknowledgement that brokered convention is the plan.They have people openly wondering whether it would be better to lose the election than to nominate Trump. They see nominating him (and almost especially if he wins) as being...
Working out and gaining a bunch of mass totally messed up my throwing motion. It was like my body totally forgot the motion, had to retrain everything to get it back.Swinging a bat still felt natural though.
I love that "Oh shit they found out" look he has when they ask him about the company.
I remember seeing people in Georgia driving around with pieces of cardboard that said "Tag applied for." It was pretty funny, never had to buy a car down there so I never knew if that was the real process or not.
Iceland is taking this seriously. 25k people showed up to demand that the PM resign, and Iceland only has 350k people.
No ham hocks, no lemon juice. Can't win with Piob.
Kale is pretty good if you blanch it first, then do a little saute and add some lemon juice. One of my favorite quick vegetables.
In the time they spent making that commercial, someone could have released a billion different female emojis. But you know, that might make some initiative towards actually solving a perceived problem instead of just "raising awareness."
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