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That = ending up in the river Seriously though, I assume bikes are common in China. Running into somebody on a bike is quite a bit more serious than two pedestrians rubbing shoulders. Is this expected? Do they just maim each other routinely with bikes?
There's seemingly a Pavlovian response to dinging bells in Americans. You can shout out that you're passing and they won't so much as twitch, but hit the bell a couple times and they leap out of the way. Rather funny.Joggers with headphones are a menace though. Going fast enough to be harder to overtake, total lack of situational awareness, and likely to startle and flail around when you pass.
One of these days I'm going to accidentally ("accidentally") knock a Chinese tourist into the Potomac river from my bike. Apparently the concept of not walking six abreast across the trail, or moving when someone is overtaking you, is not known in China.
I went to see the cherry blossoms in the DC Tidal Basin and there were idiots everything with those things. They would actually get mad at you for interrupting their selfie. There are literally a million people in town for this and they're all packed into a small area. Don't act like you have some right to wave your stupid camera stick around.
NSA, so, uhhh....yeah.Cyber security is a good industry to get into right now. All our people are going nuts trying to recruit decent cyber security geeks, but keep getting outbid by the private sector.Companies could be more flexible because of limited supply, recruiter could be clueless, or she could just need some more resumes to hit a quota.
They do. The company actually directly addressed that question, heard it on NPR today. Basically there's not much livestock that isn't fed GMOs, and the ones that aren't are expensive. They were pretty open about the fact that it would a big markup and they'd have to limit availability, and it just wasn't worth it.
I interviewed for a technical position where they wouldn't tell me any of the details of the work to be done, as it was all classified. It was the weirdest interview, never had the slightest clue whether any of the skills I was discussing were at all relevant. They didn't give me a whole lot of direction either, was left with the impression that I was supposed to clairvoyantly determine the right topics of discussion.Must not have picked the right collection to talk...
I remember the first time I saw a guy take an elbow to the head. Split his temple right open, while knocking him unconscious. Can't imagine waking up in a pool of your own blood is fun.
I did some MMA training and had no problem getting choked out, armbared, etc, but standup rattled me hard. I was seriously freaked out after sparring the first time. Didn't help that I was against a more experience guy who wanted to show off his nuts / beat up the large dude.
On the topic of very old malts, this offering showed up in my email today, for only $7,493.45.
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