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I keep seeing items that look nice and then thinking "Nah, I could get something custom from Luxire for the same money." Has to really be something unique, or else why bother when you have to worry about fit issues, features not being what you want, etc?
[Hipster]The only acceptable candle is soy candles[/Hipster] edit: table? Wut?
Nobody is expecting NBA quality ball, but the game is much worse than it was even in the fairly recent past. One and done and rules changes have really made it hard to watch if you like decent basketball. They can't even pull the "at least they have fundamentals" card anymore.
Also the quality of the game is not very good. Look at all these early round tournament games where teams weren't even scoring 60 points. Teams would barely run an offense, just pass around the 3 point line without much movement before either taking a wild drive or jacking up a contested 3. It was an event to see a pick and roll.I guess it's hard to run serious offense given the rules and how long the players stick around. Either way, it's pretty ugly basketball until...
Also would be interested in this.
You going to see if Luxire can source decent greyhound? Wonder if that counts as an exotic skin. My greyhound just gave me a weird look. He's on to me.
In the end, she's the parent and not you. She's risking hurting her kids by bringing this new guy around so early, but there's nothing you can do about that whether you keep yourself involved or not. It's going to be painful for you to hang around this situation. You're going to have to extricate yourself from the family dynamic sooner or later, so given the context, you might as well start doing it now. Probably just pull a fade so that it's not so abrupt for the...
I think their phrasing just bothers me because it's like they don't want to admit they were sacrificing. It's totally fine to lower your standard of living to the minimum level that's tolerable for you to save more money. But it's disingenuous to pretend that it's not any kind of sacrifice, which is pretty much the case they were trying to make. Sure, say it's not that big a deal and it was worth it to them. But the "zomg I can't possibly process why anyone would want...
Say "rim protection" one more time and idfnl will appear.
Good thing you're not somehow publicizing your mistakes to the world.
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