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You have some problems with context homie.
Why the shit would you bin that into "45+" and "under 45"? Hillary lost among everyone in the Millennial demographic, including women.There are plenty of dumbfuck male politicians, so I don't think that demonstrates anything.
Mine have always come back with the new item.
He's actually repeated the "we should just take all their oil" line recently. And people call Trump the "non-interventionist."This is one of those places where just Trump talking is doing damage to the US. People in the Middle East hear this stuff, and you have a guy talking about literally annexing oil fields. That's the conspiracy theory we worked pretty hard to reject when Bush invaded, and now it's a serious policy proposal from the Republican candidate. Unbelievable.
There's no way being a woman is a net positive in a national election in the US.People who are going to vote for a woman because she has a vagina are going to vote (D) no matter what, and lots of people are going to hold a female candidate to a higher standard than a male one if not refuse to vote for a woman entirely. It might have helped in the primary but even there I doubt it. She won among older voters and lost among younger ones, including women.That says as much...
I seriously considered buying a Cthulu Tiki mug yesterday. I might actually go back and get it.
At least Todd Gurley will have a bigger audience.
He's certainly not running as a progressive, so I guess that satisfies suited and his ilk.
I think it's ridiculous to call out Obama for not following the Constitution and then vote Trump. Why do you think he's going to be inclined to act less autocratic once he's in office? This is something Republicans have called Trump out for, it's not just some partisan thing. You can't act like you have some principled concern for limiting the power of the President and then elect a guy who's running on a cult of personality.But we're pretty much back to the "literally...
I don't know how much anyone should trust the guy, but Trump's ghostwriter from The Art of the Deal was pretty scathing about Trump's complete lack of intellectual curiosity. Like, Trump's is gleeful about the fact that he's never finished a book. Apparently he never spends more than a half hour focusing on any particular issue.That might work if he could get good advisers, but Trump has also demonstrated that he likes to surround himself with yes-men. He came right out...
New Posts  All Forums: