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I have really high standards.
Medical device supply companies. I have been transferred seven times so far, across at least three separate companies. Grrrrr.
I didn't do Christmas as a kid, and sometimes I feel like I'm observing strange and baffling customs and just playing along. I like the tree and the lights and all that, but the gifting stuff just gets annoying to me.Watching people just swap cash gifts is so weird. Like, two people will just hand each other gift cards. You functionally just bought yourself a gift card. You could just take a $20, hand it to someone, then have them hand it back.
I always go through this with my wife's family. We make a lot more money than her extended family and they all have their own kids, but they always want a list from us. Anything they could reasonably afford falls in the "impulse purchase" category for me, so I don't tend to sit around holding on to a list of things I'm looking for. It's always a pain coming up with stuff that's not going to look ridiculous to ask for. I'd rather just not get anything, but I guess you...
I think some of it started happening after the forum redesign. I basically only check threads that I have saved. Navigating the forum was a mess for awhile, especially when the spambots were running rampant.CE is kind of a special case because there are so few posters.
I do seven minutes, but I mostly do lighter roasts.I have a double walled French press. Makes a huge difference.
It's a short walk. He gets a real one after work I do set a timer. My wife gets it if I'm still outside (rarely).
+1. That's a good solution from the technical side. Just make sure to measure the light source without the fabric in the way first as a baseline.razl's point about the human perception is good too. The machine is going to "see" things differently than humans. A more coarse metric based on human perception may be more useful in the end.There are some very fancy industrial fabric spectrometers out there (eg, this), but they're more for factory applications and look...
Did you do the welding or have a shop fabricate it?
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