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They had some VBC fabrics at discount, which also stack with the 20% coupon. That would be optimal, if any of those fabrics worked for you.Otherwise, I think the 20% off coupon is the best available.
That seems like one of the scriptures that's dangerous to take literally.
I did a sous vide coq au vin. Fabulous.I really need to do a sous vide confit in the near future. Gotta get some duck fat.
I grabbed a couple of the Loro Piana fabrics at $100 before Luxire added the maker label to them
I have a standing policy of just avoiding physical stores if at all possible, but especially this time of year. Online for everything except food. Nuts to dealing with traffic and crowds of idiots.
Just select the fabrics and in the notes put "details to follow by email." They'll honor the price and you can fill in measurements and styling stuff later.I already confirmed with them earlier in the thread that they'll do it for this sale.
@luxire The email flyer says the doorbusters are open for three hours. You had said one hour earlier in this thread. Can you confirm the three hours? I'd hate to miss out.
Thanksgiving always seems better for wine and/or beer than cocktails. I had friends over last weekend for a Friendsgiving thing. It was warm, so I ended up doing a Fish House Punch. It was quite good. Gotta use the recipe where you rub the lemon peels in sugar beforehand, really gives it a nice flavor. It's lethal stuff though, pretty much 50/50 liquor and tea (before it dilutes with ice), but sure doesn't taste like it. Keep Grandma away from it.
How are the timed sales going to work? Can we make purchases and then send in details later?
Ponds are neat. A lot of work, but they're really a nice feature in a garden.My dad has a number of them in his garden. This is the big one (of five).He never seems to show the waterfall in photos. I don't know why.
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