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What idiot staffer thought it was a good idea to get into that kind of direct sparring match with Trump on Twitter? Let the 9713967012 Clinton proxies handle it.
I feel like I need to know why the banner is the Twilight kids along with a velociraptor.
PA has some of the weirdest liquor laws.
My dog really like the Blue Buffalo stuff for some reason, so that's what I've been getting for the last couple months. I might have to get the gator stuff just for a laugh.UMC privilege in action, buying overpriced alligator dog just for amusement.
That sounds awesome. Is it a premium price or something?Humans: so badass that we make pet food out of apex predators.
Buying and selling aren't the same thing. We widely regulate sales, and simply as a practical matter it would basically be impossible to regulate consumption. How could you claim to know a consumer's motivation for a purchase, or not making a purchase? It's not hard to process a "No Irish Need Apply" sign.The only one on your list that's interesting is sex-based establishments. I'm not entirely sure how that holds up legally. There's more than a little hypocrisy there...
We are?I'm still trying to figure out how my life is any worse because some shop owner can't refuse refuse to somebody because they're black or gay. Certainly my life is better because it's harder for my wife to be discriminated against in the workplace.AKA within the margin of error rounds down to zero.
Protecting minorities from the abuses of majority rule was built into our system from the beginning. The tyranny of the majority and all. It doesn't work perfectly, but the mechanism is there.Has that ever been litigated?Clearly affirmative actions programs, designed to compensate previously discriminated against groups, have to come at the expense of somebody else. It's a thorny issue, although I think a different one from discrimination protection itself.I don't think...
The point isn't that you need to buy from that particular store, it's that you shouldn't have to face discrimination while engaging in routine commercial activities.
One person's "Loot a private citizen's bank account" is another's "Enforce a judicial ruling for illegal discrimination." I don't see it as "vengeful," I see it as using the powers granted the government to enforce laws designed to protect people from discrimination.Is someone measurably hurt by "having" to sell cakes to anyone who requests one? What's the downside here?The Civil Rights Act allows for the government to enforce penalties for discrimination. We've run...
New Posts  All Forums: