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I got it for $67, and I feel the same (even for the money). I'd go Cask Strength all day long over the 18 (although 10CS is one of my top 3 scotches). The "beat you over the head with Islay-ness" is what Laphroaig best brings to the table IMO and that's the 10 CS. The 18 gets mellower and I appreciate what it offers, but I feel like that niche is better filled by Lagavulin.
I love the people who stand up and grab their bags the millisecond the plane docks. Fool, you've got 30 rows in front of you. It's going to be like ten minutes, calm your bits.
You're honestly lucky to have gotten five years. Consider yourself fortunate and go rent a carpet cleaner.
I took the radical approach of finding a job I don't loath, so early retirement loses some of it's savor. Might change my mind in a couple decades, but I'm in my 30s now and I think I'd go insane if I retired in ten years.
Most of the online MMM advocates seem to be tech industry types that start with a pretty nice salary out of school, and obviously aren't too fond of their jobs. It's got to change the calculus. You live super frugal for 25 years (21-46) and you're in good shape. For people with slower developing careers or who actually like their jobs, the strategy doesn't make so much sense. I lived like a monk for five years and saved squat because I was a grad student. Now I like...
That would explain his ongoing presence on Democratic Underground.
I wasn't trying to make the point that all MMM advocates are that extreme, rather that the extreme financial independence people tend to be MMM advocates. I do a lot of the routine cash saving steps, but I can't really process the extremists.
Betimes I can't process a Captcha and I question whether I am unknowingly a cyborg.
I asked one of them how they rationalized this lifestyle with raising children. He informed me that having kids isn't a rational economic decision.Oooookay.Most aren't that extreme, but putting deprivation as a fundamental virtue seems cultish to me. If you hate your job so much that depriving yourself to an incredible degree just to retire early seems sane, maybe you should just find another job.
There's a pretty vocal community of Financial Independence types online, mostly Mr Money Mustache devotees. It's got kind of a cult vibe to it. They all try to live incredibly frugally (saving >50% of their incomes) with the plan of retiring in their early 50s or before. I don't really get the appeal of living like a monk so you can retire and not work while still living like a monk, but they get all defensive about it.
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