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I'd rather have cancer than have an infestation of those flying cockroaches you get down South.
Reminds me of the Vlade-Shaq matchup in 2002.
Sending an item in for replication adds a significant delay, especially if you sent it to the NJ facility to save on shipping cost to India.
Monotonous and affected. He's in Evil Villain Lecture Mode all the time.
Wasn't that all because they sold Gendry to Melisandre? Didn't happen in the book, but gives her a reason to hate them.
They usually copy/paste because they don't speak English.Read an article about it awhile back, apparently the whole "bot" thing is quite hard to do. Like LA Guy said, easier to pay some dude from Malaysia $2 a day to do it.
This also explains the weird grammar.The copy/paste spammers (where they take a post from earlier in the thread and repost it totally out of context) are almost always real people.
All my immediate coworkers are pretty awesome but my god purchasing is awful. They just have so many layers of idiotic red tape to deal with that they take it out on the people doing the purchasing.Also, I got reorg'ed recently and we went from having an awesome admin to a terrible one. Things that used to take a week take months. It's seriously cutting into my productivity. Can't really do my job effectively when buying routine supplies takes two months (instead of a...
I had a random bottle of pastis that I've been working through for years. I use a splash at a time in things like Cocktail a la Louisiane. A pastis would probably be fine, but given how little of it I use, might as well try the full absinthe.
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