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I feel you. I let myself go last year because of some real life complications, and it's a pain to get it back down. I'm finally back in shape strength/performance-wise, but I'd like to drop another 10 lbs at least. Why does booze have to be so awesome?
One of the comments I heard on that radio was that this would "result in people who could pay more getting better care," stated as if that was just obviously immoral and absurd. Half the point of introducing dual-tier is that the basic level of coverage provided right now is unacceptable. Do people really think having an extremely low ceiling of care is better than setting a reasonable floor and allowing people to pay extra to go over that?
I need a good source for knock-off Eames Aluminum office chairs for my insurance office. Hook a brother up.
BLM has gone international. Huh.
HM = Herman Miller? Herman Miller sells the authentic Eames lounge, as does Design Within Reach and others. If you want the real deal, that's what it costs.
His jersey has sold more in the last two weeks than all of last year. #3 of all NFL players right now. Pretty good for a guy who won't even be starting.
Did you, in fact, eat a whole goat?
I think it was the other way around. No Trump = taco trucks on every corner. Apparently that's a bad thing.Anybody catch Trump at this Detroit church? He sounds like Ben Carson now, like he's coming off the amphetamines or something. Just totally bored and disaffected.
Is their last name Shabadoo by any chance?
I was led to believe that "personal responsibility" was the only thing that could contribute to such things. Government policy influences society?SHOCKER.
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