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What are the last two? 17 year something? (you bastard)
Send them an email along with the order, attach photos to the email.The latter works. Refer to a previous order and specify changes. They still have the old patterns so you don't need to send anything back in physically.
Can you imagine anyone blowing in Jordan's ear He'd have made it his life's mission to drop 50 on you for the rest of his natural life.Anyone read the article on ESPN about the Dream Team scrimmage, Team Magic vs Team Jordan? Interesting picture of how ruthlessly competitive those guys were, even when no one was watching and the game didn't matter.
I made a Negroni last night with half Punt e Mes and half Cinzano for the vermouth component. Very nice, had a really deep and full bitterness between the Punt e Mes and the Campari but it wasn't overwhelming or muddy like straight Punt e Mes.
Because Apple.
I'd figure the dislocation would be worse, ligament and tendon injuries tend to be the hardest to recover from. Some guys come back from broken bones in less than a month.
I assume you're disappointed in the fit? Did you sent in body measurements, shirt measurements, or what? Online MTM is always a bit of a crapshoot on fit until you get your measurements dialed in, especially if you're going off body measurements.
The old Myrcella was barely on screen. Maybe they thought they needed a better actor now that she's going to have more of a role.
New Yorkers are so funny about heat.
That's a classy looking woman.
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