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They ought to use a leave-in, because they're super paranoid and pull the bird out a million times. And still overcook it. They've also got one of those super old-fashioned thermometers that takes like a full minute to register, so everything is cooling down while it's registering. Drives me nuts, but I'm not going to burn a bunch of in-law points fighting that battle.
It's weird how many people treat cooking turkey like it's some kind of magic ritual instead of a rational process. My in-laws will not use a leave-in thermometer. Grandma went by time and so by God they're going to go by time.Maybe I should be happy, at least the timing approach gives some possibility of edible food. These are the same people who cooked a prime rib and put it back in to cook "because it was still pink." The horror.
Add in a fabric swatch or three if you need to pad an order by a couple dollars.
Shoulder problems suck. Good luck rehabbing it.You do any preventative work, stretching and rotator cuff strength? I spent a couple months adding rotator cuff exercises in and it made a big difference in reducing shoulder pain.
Decided to riff on the Yellow Chartreuse tonight. Brandy, Yellow Chartreuse, Domaine de Canton. 2:1:1. Two dashes of lemon bitters. I just swapped the Benedictine of the Widow's Kiss out for Domaine de Canton. The yellow Chartreuse and the ginger play nicely together. Brandy and lemon is the opening note, the yellow chartreuse sweet herbal note comes in, then a wave of ginger heat finishes with lingering sweetness. It's a good drink. Might try a rye version later.
Widow's Kiss is the obvious choice. Fits the season too.I haven't found a lot of standout uses for it other than that though.
They had some VBC fabrics at discount, which also stack with the 20% coupon. That would be optimal, if any of those fabrics worked for you.Otherwise, I think the 20% off coupon is the best available.
That seems like one of the scriptures that's dangerous to take literally.
I did a sous vide coq au vin. Fabulous.I really need to do a sous vide confit in the near future. Gotta get some duck fat.
I grabbed a couple of the Loro Piana fabrics at $100 before Luxire added the maker label to them
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