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It's also an American thing, and most of the posters here are Americans.
It's weird, because at the same time, they're adding in all these one-day and same day shipping items. There's like a three week spread in shipping options depending on whether it's in-house or not, and it's kind of annoying having to pay attention. Even if you filter it, going through one screen of suggested items removes the filter (probably how I missed it).
I ordered something I thought had Prime shipping, and then saw that it's not going out until February 1st. Turns out some seller in Germany had it for nine cents cheaper and it defaulted to that option for some reason. Waiting a month to save nine cents, sure, thanks Amazon.I could cancel the order, but it's not something I need right away so I guess I'll deal with it.
I only really tack the PhD on when I'm emailing vendors. They'll withhold technical information if they don't know that you're in a position to need it, so it helps. Internally, everyone has a PhD, so it really doesn't matter. Nobody goes by "Dr," except for the nameplate on the door (which I still get a little warm and fuzzy seeing). You'd come off as a huge dick if you insisted on going by Dr Lastname, even to your postdocs.
It's also nice to be able to source a design you like in a fabric that wasn't available from the original maker.
In order from most reliable to least reliable:Send Luxire your best fitting pair of pants in the mail to have them copy the pattern. They can make alterations from that if needed. You can reasonably expect a dead-on copy on the first attempt.Measure your best fitting pair, strictly following the Luxire guide. Lots of room for error in how the measurements are made.Use body measurements. Expect to go through several iterations for each style of pants.
Seriously. Trump will say anything that sounds good at the moment, but it's kiddie pool deep. And he'll never back down on it, because Trump.Bomb the shit out of ISIS! Take their oil! Make Mexico build a wall! Be tough! Win! Rarr! None of it actually means anything in reality, or indicates that Trump really has any understanding of the problems. He does have an understanding of what people are frustrated about, and that's why he has support.That's a nonsense...
It's kind of funny because they made Mark Hamill lose weight (and get a haircut) to appear in the film. I think Leia was a general in the original canon, irrespective of Carrie Fischer's actual size in reality. This is well before the "you go girl" fandom came about, especially with all the Star Wars fiction being written mostly for young men. There are plenty of fatass military officers though. Not that implausible.
Did they ever make a determination about her death? Still termed a suicide? Bland is a weird entry in the ledger of police related deaths. The cop was obviously an asshole in the stop, but that's somehow gotten blown up into "and then she was killed by the police" in the narrative. I bet many people "remember" him shooting her on the side of the road, like she's gotten added to the list of people murdered by cops. The suicide is strange, but it appears to just be...
Doesn't bring up any Google hits. Either original or pretty tightly contained online.
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