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Princeton really that bad? Guess I'm glad I didn't move to Jersey last year.
I think he meant "12 oz curls" as in 12 fluid ounces.
Huh. I already threw it away, so I guess I can file that under "useful information for the future."
I guess DC has a pretty good cycling community. The average biker around here seems to be a lean, weather looking 40-50 year old. They ruin me on the roads, that's for sure.
My Aeropress broke earlier this week (end of the plunger just snapped off) and I already replaced it. Bah!
I always get that, but I never register that I'm stressed at the doctor. I think I just get stressed rushing around in the morning in general, and I always do appointments first thing. If they redo the BP at the end of the appointment it's always fine.lol they need to use the fat guy cuffs on me these days.
Biking in a nice warm light rain is awesome. I just need to get sunglasses that don't fog up.
I'd rather ride farther and faster to burn my extra calories. I guess it might make sense if you had a fixed distance, like a commute, and wanted to maximize calories consumed.I'd probably look like Zane if I cut down to 195 lbs.Bo knows bicycling.I'd consider myself fortunate to be 1/500th the athlete that Bo is, even with the new hip.
You know your team hasn't won anything in a while when "Yeah, but at least the owners are making shittons of money!" counts as some sort of selling point.
I was totally underwhelmed by Fever Tree. I like their tonic well enough, but the ginger beer just seemed one note. Maybe the ginger ale is better.
New Posts  All Forums: