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NCAA rules are so dumb.
That escalated quickly.
I was at Costco last weekend and some old ass Asian couple kept parking their cart perpendicular to the aisle every time they wanted to look at something. Like they'd just crash that shit into the shelf and stand there. I asked them to move but I'm pretty sure they didn't grok the English.
I meant more like a Mr Coffee when I said "traditional."
Yeah, part of the fun was the shifts from bungling to badass. Now it's 95% bungling, from everyone (except Cyril, oddly). Hasn't every episode this season ended with them getting screwed? The FBI, the guys in Miami, the Yakuza, the crooked cops?
First you get a goat, then you wait for a full moon....
I find that asking someone to describe their average day is a good way to get a picture of the working culture.Really depends how badly you need the job. If you need it at all costs, don't ask unless it's pretty obvious that they value work/life balance. If you don't, by all means ask away. If they reject you for asking and it matters to you, then you don't want to work there anyway.For companies that expect complete dedication, the whole phrase "work/life balance" is...
I doubt anyone in this thread would be caught dead using a standard drip coffee machine, if that's what you mean by "traditional."
I've enjoyed each episode, but it does feel like they're building up to the season actually starting. They're working on rebuilding roles for the characters but it's taking awhile. Season 1 suffered a bit from this, but they clearly defined the agency, Archer, Malory, and Lana enough that it didn't matter. Now, the whole setup and a lot of the characters are in flux. I think they're doing something very interesting with the huge swing in setting. The spy agency thing...
I did a batch of Negronis in a cask previously used for Manhattans. It was wonderful. I suspect the Boulevardier would play equally well.I have a couple blood oranges at home, but I don't generally stock Grand Marnier. Seems like it wouldn't work with Cointreau. Seems interesting though...
New Posts  All Forums: