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I'm glad too! Everybody wins!
I got paid to go to grad school. Thanks Uncle Sam!
They crawl around you know.
Aside from grit getting through the filter, is there any reason to use a coarse grind on French press? Could you just dial in the grind by selecting the finest grind that doesn't result in excess sediment?
I just watched that nut tap about fifteen times and now I can't stop laughing and I'm still at work. Thanks for that.
The only real way to confirm the appearance of a fabric is to get a swatch. Between the vagaries of photography and different batches of fabric, the colors can be rather different from pictures. With things like the denims, it's also possible that washes have come into play.They have all kinds of buttons that aren't pictured on the website. This is doubtlessly part of the motivation for the new website. If you make a fairly generic request ("metal buttons") you might...
They only have a couple people who answer emails, so sometimes it gets really bogged down and even basic questions get overlooked. They're *usually* quite good, but there are times where it's far from ideal.
Hey can you guys quote that whole thing in its entirety a couple more times?
There's a reason they all end up on Ebay. I blame Father's Day and Christmas.
Shit got all kinds of real in here.
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