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I bet you would.
I was in pain so I guess I didn't get high, but it was pretty crazy. Went from pretty severe pain to feeling good, to passed the hell out. Sleep for an hour, wake up in pain again, push button for nurse, repeat for most of a day.I actually developed a mental fixation on it for a couple weeks after the surgery. It was kind of uncomfortable in an existential way. I'm pretty sure I'd get really hooked if I was ever stupid enough to try opiates recreationally.
Percoset is actually stronger than Vicodin, for the same dosing. Must have gotten a weak dose before.It's really amazing how much stronger opiates are when taken IV. I'd been on Percoset for a couple months and then had surgery. IV morphine (morphine is about the same strength as Percoset) just blew me away. I wasn't on a drip for some reason, they were just pushing full syringes into the IV line once an hour.
I had that happened with the FIOS guy a couple weeks ago. They showed up four hours late. I could have gotten away with an extended lunch break, but missing a whole afternoon means I gotta take leave. What stupid bullshit. And you know they'd leave in five minutes if you weren't there when they show up.
My quarterly property taxes are higher than that.
My wife really likes watching our alma mater play, but has a very low level of understanding of the actual game. Her commentary usually sounds something like "RUN RUN RUN! FORWARD! NO NO FORWARD AHHHHHHHHHRHHHHH!!"It's entertaining if nothing else.
Inflation is a bitch.
Or run a fade/back of the end zone route to your 6'5" receiver who had been killing it all day.
Thought I recognized that scene; it's from The World is Not Enough and they photoshopped out Pierce Brosnan. Weird.
I actually write a decent amount these days (couple hundred pages in my lab notebook a year), but damn I was out of practice for a long time and it never really came back. Everything is typed these days. It's embarrassing to not be able to read your own hand, but I'm not about to take the time to do exercises to get better at it.I work with a few people from France and their handwriting is seriously impressive. The women especially.
New Posts  All Forums: