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It's interesting how many Westerners buy into the Putin mythology. Reading too much Russia Today, or maybe he just taps into the desire for an autocratic, overtly masculine strongman that some people seem to have.
Risk is fun if you don't physically roll the dice. I played a bunch online. There are auto-dice rolling apps and such.There are still like a million better board games though.
Cheaper than Wellbutrin.
The result has been a lot less GMO food in the stores. Whether that's "harm" is up to interpretation.
That's what happens any kind a political polling firm calls me and finds out that I actually live in Maryland and not Virginia.At this point, I almost want to do a poll just so I can be included.
I applied for a government job some years back, and they sent me a "we do not have any opening for someone of your qualifications" response nine months later. Got an interview with the FBI something like six months after I applied. I was already working at another job by then. I don't know how they hire anybody, who can wait 6+ months for an interview?
That shit is hilarious.Fareed Zakaria gave a pretty solid description of how Trump keeps doing that stuff. He's used to being a salesman, working the crowd, seeing what gets a reaction and running with it. Only now...he's being filmed the whole time and he's trying to represent a country instead of making a sale. He gets into these town halls and he can't help himself once he starts riffing and the crowd is loving him.
I don't think it's a self-evident thing that the US is on a trajectory to become Europe at some point in the future.The biggest difference is just the fact that Muslims can't walk here. But there's all kinds of other stuff. Culture, history of immigration, our welfare system, the fact that we're one country instead of 28.
I think almost all of them were non-violent drug offenses.Granted many of those were stuff like "selling three kilos of heroin", and not "sold a joint."
My point is that it's too simple to say that you can just ban Muslims without any costs. It may still be worth it, but lets not pretend it's something we can do for free. You're going to prevent X terrorist attacks and inspire Y new ones. It's hard to know what those numbers are, but neither is probably zero.Depends on which "we" you're talking about. I don't think the US needs to do much of anything at this point in time. Easing up on drone bombing people might be a...
New Posts  All Forums: