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That's a nice sweater on Lebron.
I read a lot of news, but I only see TV news in the gym. It's horrible, can't believe people willingly expose themselves to it. I guess I can understand the older people, get in a habit before it was totally intolerable and just never break it off.Fortunately it fills me with enough anger to get through my routine and GTFO out of the gym.
The buffalo chicken finger sandwich at Wegmans (grocery store, not fast food) is pretty damn good. I was hungry yesterday and got the 14". Eyes were bigger than my stomach, felt like I couldn't move for the rest of the day. Only like $7 too.
Maybe if you ate less fast food, you wouldn't clog toilets
Oban Distiller's Edition is a really nice step up from the 14 year. The DE has moved up to one of my favorites, and I found the 14 very run of the mill. I'm looking forward to trying the 18.
Superglue that shit, yo.
So he's just built like a twink then?
I've gotten in a habit of stashing a thermos of morning coffee for the afternoon, and it's always been good. Only tastes weird if it starts to get cold. This is French press too, so there's plenty of sediment in there. Maybe I'm just not that sensitive to whatever is happening to old coffee. Reheated coffee tastes like ash though.
You really think "dozens" was the right word for how many times people in their 50s have seen each other's junk? This may say something about your relationship expectations.
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