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Cost me $1200 to tap a new line off the meter and run it through the ceiling in the basement to my fireplace and outside to the grill. Shouldn't be too bad to route it to your kitchen, especially if you have access with the ceilings opened up.
I can't believe we need to put up with this for four years.Buckle up everybody.
I haven't really followed this because I don't want to get my hopes up in a wild goose case, but this is mostly about election fraud and not voting fraud, right? The voter ID laws and such wouldn't have mattered in that case.
I feel like I need to try duck again. I did one at home years ago and it didn't come out that well.If nothing else, duck fat = confit My turkey was awesome this year, but it was a lot of work to get something that was pretty much just as good as an average chicken.The tradition is kind of fun. Something about the big ol' bird coming out is memorable in a way that chickens aren't.
And FWIW, the recounts aren't just based on those races being close. There were some odd statistical patterns identified in the voting there. Some counties that went for Trump had extremely high turnout, like 85%. When you get results that are significant different from normal and it's a very close race, that's what the recount process is there for.Trump is pretty obviously pushing this case out of ego. He can't stand the narrative that he didn't win overwhelmingly and...
It looks like we might be hearing an awful lot about "vouchers" in the next couple years. Medicare vouchers, school vouchers. What other public institutions can be torn down and replaced with private voucher programs?
At least it's an increasingly diverse group of Swamp Dwellers....I'd be pretty happy if Mitt gets appointed to State. Trump's shown that he can be influenced by smart, persuasive people. The more sane people he has around him, the better for the country.
The Trump supporters have been awfully quiet. We didn't have all that many in the first place, but even then, it's been real slow since the initial post-election gloating.meister has a pro-Trump thread that only he's posted in, lol.
As far as policies, nobody really knows because Trump is so damn unpredictable.I think it's bad news when you have the President-elect tweeting conspiracy theories about voting fraud.He's already using his office to lean on foreign leaders to advance his business interests. He's having his kids sit in on diplomatic meetings, despite them running his company (in a supposedly blind trust that obviously isn't).He's not doing the kind of prep work that any President ought to...
My point is that a real strategic genius wouldn't have needed to take those steps.Trump won. Don't engage in hindsight bias and rational his mistakes as brilliance.Trump's already done some pretty questionable shit in the three weeks since he got elected.The whole "he's going to nuke everybody" meme is overplayed, but he could do a lot of damage to the country if he keeps on his current course. He's been ignoring intelligence briefings. He's appointing some pretty...
New Posts  All Forums: