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I do seven minutes, but I mostly do lighter roasts.I have a double walled French press. Makes a huge difference.
It's a short walk. He gets a real one after work I do set a timer. My wife gets it if I'm still outside (rarely).
+1. That's a good solution from the technical side. Just make sure to measure the light source without the fabric in the way first as a baseline.razl's point about the human perception is good too. The machine is going to "see" things differently than humans. A more coarse metric based on human perception may be more useful in the end.There are some very fancy industrial fabric spectrometers out there (eg, this), but they're more for factory applications and look...
Did you do the welding or have a shop fabricate it?
I never do pourover on work days. Throw hot water and grounds in a French press, walk the dog, come back and it's done and reliably good.Only bother with pourovers if I want coffee after work or on weekends. Kind of a nice weekend ritual.
It's kind of funny, they always ask if it's ok to do pourover. Like I'd rather have coffee from the big vat instead. I guess it takes an extra minute or two and some people care about that.The best pourover I ever was one I did at home when I had no idea what I was doing. I have no idea why it came out so well and it's irritated me ever since.
Oddly enough, I've had some really good pourover at Starbucks. I've only ever gotten it in the middle of the afternoon when it's really slow and they don't have the blonde roast prepared. By far the best non-Clover coffee I've had at Starbucks.
That seems like just the worst arrangement. Get halfway through a root canal and then wait two weeks?
See if you can work out a policy to cash out some of your unlimited vacation.
Cost me $1200 to tap a new line off the meter and run it through the ceiling in the basement to my fireplace and outside to the grill. Shouldn't be too bad to route it to your kitchen, especially if you have access with the ceilings opened up.
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