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I'd love to get some news from outside the West, get some insight on the prevailing attitudes and implicit biases that are baked into the Western perspective.But you really can't. Anything from Russia and China is so heavily biased, if not explicitly government propaganda, that it's useless. I'm sure there's scholarly work out there, but it's not exactly accessible.
I think that slur is probably archaic at this point. Most American wouldn't even know what group it was referenced to.
Putting RT up as a counterweight to Western media is buying into Russia's game. Equating "free press with a Western bias" and "state run Russian media" really gives the Russia propaganda outlets far more credibility than they deserve.
These Buzzfeed lists like "57 things that are tragic for 90s kids", and it's all basically "stuff that happened 20 years ago actually was 20 years ago!" Ok great the kid on Home Improvement isn't a kid anymore. Fascinating.
I was trying to think of what's happened over the last eight years and Googled "Obama scandals," and man, that really brings you into the alt-right looney bin section of the Internet.
I think it's funny how Obama's approval ratings keep going up throughout the election. People are like "Oh yeah, he wasn't really all that bad compared to this shit-show, was he?"
The Clinton shenanigans are a big part of the reason why I voted for Obama over Clinton back in 2008. But I think it matters that it's A) alleged B) behind the scenes. Transparently using your power for political gain is a lot more corrosive than being subtle about it. The latter is obviously not a good thing, but that's the nature of our binary choice here. You put up with some stuff that you don't like because the other option is worse.I'm completely resigned to the...
He explicitly said that he'd appoint a special prosecutor to bring charges against her. That's not a throwaway line. Using your political power to prosecute rivals is not something that's done in the United States.We're not electing Trump dictator, so clearly his powers have limits. It's still discouraging to hear a Presidential candidate have such little respect for the legal process, especially from supposed party of the Constitution and the "rule of law".
I think greger is having a stroke. Someone should check on him.
I thought it was because three million more people voted for her than Bernie
New Posts  All Forums: