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My father in law is one of these guys that can't sit still for five seconds. He started volunteering as a paramedic on nights and weekends for fun (totally unrelated to his professional skills), had to take a bunch of qualification classes to get into it. Somewhere along the line he got certified to teach the classes. He'd actually take leave from work to teach classes sometimes. I thought he was nuts, until I found out that he's making thirty grand a year teaching...
The other financial mentality that baffles me is people who monetize all their free time. Like, I understand if you have short-term financial goals and need to sacrifice to hit them. But people with decent jobs driving Uber nights and weekends, so they can stuff more money into their retirement accounts? If you honest to God have a hobby that you can make money on and enjoy, awesome, but that rarely seems to be the case. Pretty modern trend too. It doesn't even seem...
How can I put the proper moral value on how much someone gets paid when they keep changing the cap?
I think most of the financial independence types have relatively high incomes. The idea of retiring at 45 isn't something you can pull off unless you make six figures. They just all seem to hate their jobs enough that living a miserly lifestyle their entire life seems like a better option than working longer. I think it's a lot of tech industry people, working crazy demanding jobs making six figures at 25, but miserable quality of life.I'm all about financial prudence,...
That's a funny forum. Most of them would lose their shit about Styleforum-esque consumption, even if you can afford it. There's a big crossover with the frugal and financial independence communities, who basically view spending any money that isn't 100% "necessary" as a crime against nature.Bitch, I like nice shoes and vacations. I'll happily work my awesome job until I'm 65 if I don't have to live like a goddam monk the whole time.The rest of the forum is poor people. ...
And if you're smart enough to have two factor authentication for password changes, you're going to have either your phone or your email be that second factor most of the time.
With or without selfie stick?
The pink on white seersucker has the same picture as the navy candy stripe.
I can't imagine that holding your phone five inches from your face actually counts as "hands-free" though.Maybe it just boils down to "idiots."
I don't understand why people in the car use speakerphone and then hold the phone horizontally in front of their face. Why not just hold it up to your ear? Is it supposedly more comfortable or something?
New Posts  All Forums: