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I think it's giving Trump too much credit to say it's entirely calculated. He's always been a thin-skinned vindictive asshole, going back YEARS. He still apparently sends the dude who called him a "short fingered vulgarian" pictures of his hands for god's sake.But I think he's also realized that now that he gets covered as President (and nominee, during the campaign), he can use that same impulse to Gish Gallop all over the normal news discourse.Assuming Trump didn't...
Hey guys let's quibble over the stuff some actor said rather than pay attention to the fact that the President-elect is in another dumb Twitter feud because he can't stand to be criticized. Trump is so thin-skinned. It'd be funny if he wasn't the face of the country now. I guess he's successfully distracting us from whatever current serious issue we need distracting from at this exact instant.
Trump hasn't even been sworn in yet. Given how mercurial he's been with policy to this point, maybe they're waiting for some actual policies to be proposed before fighting those battles.The Russian hacking has already happened, so it's something Obama can make noise about while he's still in office.
Are there really landlords that distinguish between a 760+ and 800+ credit rating? Most places just want to see you in that "excellent" range and you're golden. Even for mortgage rates, there wasn't a bonus over 760.
Reince Preibus came out today and said that Trump accepts the fact that Russia was behind the hacks.
Losing your Pro Bowl caliber QB to a broken leg, then your backup to another leg injury, tends to do bad things to your playoff success.
I like how small they drew his hands. Nice attention to detail.
Watching the political trends on Reddit this year was interesting. It started out with a MASSIVE pro-Sanders slant, like anything pro-Hillary would get obliterated. Almost every post in /r/politics was anti-Hillary or pro-Sanders. Then he lost and it tapered off. The_Donald kept going, the Hillary sub never really took off, but /r/politics became mostly anti-Trump articles and articles refuting attacks on Hillary. Stuff from Wikileaks would get buried,...
Maybe the Weatherman attends better parties than you do.
Are Puerto Ricans really Americans, anyway? They aren't even a state.
New Posts  All Forums: