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The move to erase history bothers me. How is anyone supposed to learn from history by removing any reference to something that has any element of controversy?There was a big outcry about a statue in town that was paid for by the Daughters of the Confederacy, which was basically recognizing the soldiers from Maryland that served in the Confederacy. It's really stupid, because those people did actually serve in the Confederate army. Are we really just going to erase all...
I think eugenics is like a lot of other historical perspectives. It's horrifying as a modern belief, but you can't really judge figures from the past too hard for holding it and it doesn't discredit all their other work and beliefs. Unless you're lauding a historical figure because they were into eugenics, it doesn't really matter that much.
Eugenicists tend to be a quiet sort these days.
Science has gone a lot more Democratic since that poll in 2005. I'd be surprised if it wasn't 75%+. If I've met a Republican chemist or physicist, they're damn quiet about it.
Clemson hasn't won a championship since 1981 though.
It didn't, that was just the most politically expedient way to get a nationwide ban on alcohol. Localities can still be dry, which wouldn't be possible if there was a constitutional right to alcohol consumption.
This thread is making me feel concussed.
Fat people in space?
Well played.
That's the kind of stupid question that is just begging for a weasel answer though. It's completely dependent on how you define the terms and you're just setting yourself up for getting snippets taken out of context and used against you.Would any Republican give a serious answer to "how is the Republican party different from fascism?"
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