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I remember seeing people in Georgia driving around with pieces of cardboard that said "Tag applied for." It was pretty funny, never had to buy a car down there so I never knew if that was the real process or not.
Iceland is taking this seriously. 25k people showed up to demand that the PM resign, and Iceland only has 350k people.
No ham hocks, no lemon juice. Can't win with Piob.
Kale is pretty good if you blanch it first, then do a little saute and add some lemon juice. One of my favorite quick vegetables.
In the time they spent making that commercial, someone could have released a billion different female emojis. But you know, that might make some initiative towards actually solving a perceived problem instead of just "raising awareness."
Bowmore 15 is a significant step up from the 12.
Those cities didn't randomly decide to be pissed off enough to have major protests. It would seem likely that the same root causes that led to widespread civil unrest would have something to do with the murder rate.You didn't even provide an argument, much less proof. At best, changes in policing would be one factor among many. You can't draw meaningful conclusions from short term trends among a small number of data points (one year is bad, three months for Chicago is...
And there's no effect in the other 25 of the 30 largest US cities (for 2015). There's some effect in those five cities (add New Orleans), but attributing it to "Ferguson effect" is starting with an agenda and seeking evidence. Why doesn't it apply in the rest of the country? Five of the most fucked up cities in the country are especially fucked up this year. It's wildly reductive to say that's caused by increased police scrutiny.
Year to year statistical variation for one city, sure, we can pin that to a single cause.
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