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It's pandemonium in here!
Holds true on my Facebook!
The crowdsourcing of moderation is one of the interesting consequences of a Reddit-style upvote/downvote system. They have pretty sophisticated spam blocking (and all kinds of weird algorithms to deal with vote manipulation), but the typical spammer gets effectively eliminated if one person downvotes his thread. Wouldn't really work here, but it's a fun consequence of that system.
My grandparents have been lifelong Redskins fans, and they've always gotten geeked up for the Cowboys in a unique way. I can get the respect vibe though.Maybe it's because my grandpa is from Texas. There's no zeal like the convert.
You just haven't experienced summer in a NYC subway. You don't even know.
Rape culture?
Do Cowboys fans hate the Redskins as much as Redskins fans hate the Cowboys, or is it one of those one-way rivalries? Both teams have sucked for 20 years, so it's not like there's some big relevance gap.
Part of this is the economics of having a salary ceiling. If it was an open market, the guys you're saying deserve the max would be making WAY over the max even with an overall salary cap. Defining everyone relative to them serves to artificially the push the salaries down even further.There's a decent crop of guys who "deserve" the max (bring in value equivalent to a max contract), and the very best players deserve a lot more but can't get it. If your team has the cap...
Article on ESPN: "Will Muschamp adopts a bunker mentality." My first thought:
My size was sold out before I could pull the trigger. It was only like 30 minutes after the post here too
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