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Liquor after liquor, you get there quicker.
That's a weird looking martini.
I dunno, getting drafted by the Bucs is kind of a consequence.
Was she upset that her name was not spelled mit umlauts?
It seems worse without the horse/gun thing. Getting put out of your misery vs more than a little rapey.
Most of these examples look like an exotic bird is trying to consume their head from behind. Without being framed by a jacket, it's an odd look. But hey, shows like Luxire can take all sorts of concepts and make them work to the customer's satisfaction.
Best by a long shot is to send in your best fitting shirt to be copied. Next best is measurements of an existing shirt. Body measurements are very hard to get right
I just realized that "A_Y" is archetypal_yuppie. How did I not make that connection earlier? I feel dumb.
What look are you going for? I just received my pair in the Tan Linen Pant and it's nice, although somewhat more on the casual side.I used the same measurements as a previous order with wool. Came out fine. Like razl said, it really depends on what looks you're going for.
Porque no los dos?
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