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Yeah but those are the ones that people keep complaining aren't sending people over here anymore.
That's why we need immigrants. A continuous supply of daughters rebelling against the conservative and regressive norms of their parent's homelands.Diversity is truly our strength.
You should tell your boy Putin about that.https://www.rt.com/news/316687-putin-interview-sovereignty-ukraine/I guess Ukraine is only sovereign when they do what Moscow wants.
It's sort of an odd stance, considering that the pat libertarian position of "the US shouldn't fuck around with other countries, let the cards fall where they fill" would have worked fine. Why cede Russia influence of Ukraine? Is there some bloc of Russian apologists that he's trying to capture?
That's a worrying statement. He's ceding to the Russian logic that they have an absolute right to control sovereign nations that are within their claimed sphere of influence.I guess you can support the idea that we don't need to be involved in countries that aren't directed interests of ours, full stop. But he makes it sound like we're dropping bombs and stationing troops in Ukraine. We were barely willing to sell them lethal weaponry.
The President shouldn't be a slave to public opinion, but at some point the President needs to have the will of the people behind him to continue a war.I don't know that you can really construct a case for any kind of "optimal" time to leave Iraq. Was there any reason, at the time, to think that an extra year (or five years) was going to make the difference?Plato wrote about techniques of abortion. The Romans were all over it, supposedly driving several abortifacient...
I, for one, am glad that we have social conservatives like greger around to be the absolute arbiters of morality, which is the unquestioned foundation of our system of laws. It's refreshing to have such clarity in an uncertain world.
75% of Americans supported the withdraw in 2011. I don't think it was really politically viable to leave any substantial number of troops there indefinitely. Obama followed the will of the American people, the will of the Iraqi people, and the withdrawal agreement established by Bush in 2008. Obama bears some responsibility for how that turned out, since it was implemented on his watch and he could have pushed to change the status of forces agreement. But, on balance...
Hurray, kleptocracy! I'm sure someone has written about this, but you have to wonder what post-Putin Russia looks like. I can't imagine it'll be a happy transition. He hasn't exactly set them up to compete in the modern economy.
FWIW, there's not any actual evidence that Putin ever said that. This myth that Putin is some strategic master greatly overstates his actual abilities as a leader. What are his grand coups in his 17 years in office? Russia doesn't appear to be in any better position in the world than before, certainly not since 2008.
New Posts  All Forums: