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You vote for libertarians in local elections Harv?
Note how libertarians are orthogonal to "liberals" and "conservatives."
That's the analogy I was going to use. Capital-L Libertarians aren't all that interesting to talk to because everything devolves into a statement of principles. It's like getting a Bible verse in response to every line of discussion. I mean, that's what you believe, but what is anybody supposed to say to it?There are lots of libertarian aligned policy positions that many Americans are interested in: dialing back police authoritarianism, reducing the surveillance state,...
I don't know if Trump was "lying", but his hostility about pretty basic fact checking isn't a good sign. It would have been trivial for him to say "Hey it takes a little while to distribute money like that, so here's the statement with the amounts and recipients." Instead he went on the warpath against the "scumbag" journalists who dared ask that he actually substantiate a pledge he had made.
Pretty much everyone in mainstream politics hates Trump. I think literally every editorial writer at the Washington Post has written an article blasting Trump. Hardly a "liberal bias" thing either, with Jennifer Rubin, Krauthammer, and George Will.
Surely you're not equating Obama's pretty conventional political campaign messaging with Trump's approach?There's a cause and effect in there somewhere, but I think the order might be reversed.
Every forum needs a token libertarian who inserts their ideologically rigid views into every single discussion topic.
I feel like he'd make it worse. He's everything the original roots of "PC Culture" (back when it was sane) were created to prevent: crude, obnoxious bullies spewing hate to discount people they didn't like, based on who they are rather than on content. Now "PC Culture" has jumped the shark, but it's not really using the power of the national government to do it. Trump can't really do anything to roll it back, but he's already demonstrating that he's going to bring the...
The whole "flip flopping" thing is mostly political scorekeeping. The truly overt things hurt candidates ("No new taxes"), but your reasonably informed voters generally know that they're not going to get everything a candidate mentions during the campaign. And can't because, you know, the President isn't Emperor.Trump, though? He's not speaking the usual codes. How does anyone pull a message out of what he's saying? At least the "I'm going to negotiate ALL THE BEST...
I think there's a pretty legit conversation about how we're diluted the meaning of "hero" down to the point where it's meaningless. Everyone who served can't be a hero, it should entail something out of the ordinary.But questioning McCain? What's the point there? Dude suffered extremely in the service of his country in the military, and then came home and did it for the rest of his life in government.
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