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Or they just forgot about it because they have lots of different balls in the air.My immediate supervisor has something like 20 people working for him. I'd be extremely impressed by any manager who could remember even half the accomplishments for each of 20 different people.
Shouldn't that stuff get spoilered?
I'd hope so. I've ordered a number of the "nice" fabrics, but probably never would have gotten into Luxire without having the $60-70 options available. I'd suspect that's the case for many people, they want a custom fit shirt with a "nice" but not necessarily luxury fabric. $100 is kind of a mental barrier for a shirt, and if they lose too many options under that, I'd suspect it'll cost them a good amount of business.Obviously they have the stats on what fabrics are...
Wine barrel aged gin? Huh.
Send in your best fitting shirt to be replicated. You'll be without it for a few weeks, but then you'll get an exact replica and the ability to summon more on demand. Sending in existing shirt > using existing shirt measurements >>> body measurements.
That's just next level "I never want to have a real job" dedication right there.
Coconut oil?
Death has a profound effect on fertility.
If you start getting a headache or blurred vision, evacuate to fresh air.I monoxided myself once. Blacked out (vision loss only) for about 30 seconds until I got out into the hallway. Not fun. Had a terrible headache for a couple hours.
I don't know if used humblers are worth that much effort.
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