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You really gotta slow your roll man. You're finding reasons to get super pissed off at all kinds of innocuous posts.Nothing brokencycle said was racist or even controversial, honestly hard for me to follow how you're reading that into a pretty straightforward post.
Bit of a distinction between an invasion and a drone bombing, isn't there? Drone bombing isn't trivial, but let's not so casually equate them. Bush's actions with invading Iraq and fucking up the invasion of Afghanistan destabilized a huge swath of the world, cost trillions of dollars, and hundreds of thousands of lives. That's the "neocon on steroids."
I've read some good stuff describing ISIS as a gang. They pull out socially isolated guy who want to feel like badasses and give them an ideology and a way to express their helplessness.You read ISIS (and AQ) strategy, and they want us to institute policies that divide and isolate Muslims. They know it'll create more of these lone wolves. Not that we should automatically let them make our strategic decisions for us, but I think they're right.
There's not all that many total, but I think there's only one that was an actual immigrant. The female San Bernadino shooter was Saudi/Pakistani, the husband was American born. The Tsaernaevs were American-born, this fucker in Orlando was American. Fort Hood shooter was American.If I recall, all the Somalis who were trying to go back to join ISIS were second generation.
Trump's gotten better at this since he accepted a speech writer, but it's the usual politi-speak. Focus group tested stuff without real substance if you dig into it (even superficially).Similar to his previous foreign policy speech.
I think it's more than overcounting "radical Islam", it's defining what that term even means. Trump's speech would leave you thinking that we have waves of immigrants and refugees committing terrorism. In reality, almost none of the first generation has been responsible for violence. It's their kids. The problem isn't that "radical Islamists" are infiltrating our country, it's that some tiny fraction of second generation Muslim immigrants are radicalizing within this...
Anyone else suspect that Lighthouse is just a bot that cobbles together Fox News talking points into a gross simulation of human thought?
Does the phrase "Radical Islam" some kind of totemic power in Republican circles? Why does it get so much emphasis? If you say "Radical Islam" three times, does a jihadist lose their forty virgins? Trump says he's going to keep "radical Muslims" out, but that appears to extent to "all Muslims." Certainly doesn't seem to be any distinction. We're still doing the Muslim ban, I suppose. How does Trump propose to wage this war on Radical Islam, especially when he's...
That was a fascinating, if terrifying, Wikipedia entry.
We've always been at war with Eurasia.
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