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Same. It's a nice enough fabric to consider re-ordering. Frustrating having perfectly fitting custom pants shrink enough to look sloppy, but that's not Luxire's fault.I've tried instructing them to pre-shrink fabrics in the past and I've never been clear whether it works or not.
Nouns and verbs = good, adjectives = bad?
Infowars, huh? I feel dirty for having clicked on that.
To add a little levity to this thread, I present crazy teenage sovereign citizen movement girl. . I've never had so much sympathy for a police officer.
I think anybody who reaches party leadership is going to be a slimy bastard. You don't get to lead a political party by sticking to strict principles. It still boggles my mind how "not defaulting on the nation's debt" somehow became a compromise position. As odious as I found shutting down the government, it's a vastly more acceptable negotiating lever than defaulting on the debt. That's not a concession to the liberals, it's a concession to sanity.
Yup. The Senate leadership was vocal about disliking Cruz, and Cruz pretty much cost Boehner his job by convincing the House Tea Party faction to rebel against Boehner on the last debt ceiling/government shutdown. No shit Boehner isn't going to like him.The interesting thing to me was Cruz's statement that he's never had a personal conversation with Boehner.
I think it's mostly schadenfreude. Watching Republicans bash each other is fun.The Boehner case is somewhat illustrative though. I don't particularly care about Boehner's opinion of Cruz personally, but seeing someone as solidly conservative as Boehner forced out tells you something about the agenda of the Tea Party/Cruz faction.
Hypothetically there's a middle ground between the default US position of utterly uncritical and unconditional support for Israel and being an antisemite.If anyone could offer a rational case for why the US ought to be spending ~$7k billion/year supporting a First World country that hasn't seriously been facing an existential threat in at least 20 years, I'd love to hear it.
The only problem with the mainstream adopting things that I already like it that it tends to drive up prices if there are any supply constraints. Take bourbon and now scotch. Prices are ridiculous and it's hard to even find a lot of the good stuff, and it was trivial ten years ago.
I think it'll sell to people who already support Trump, but it has all the same problems that have stuck to Trump when you consider him as a "serious" candidate. If this was supposed to be the turning point, I don't know that it hit the mark.Red meat for primary voters going into the homestretch, that I could see.
New Posts  All Forums: