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I'm sure they work at least until 4:30 to make up for it.
They're all comically overpriced these days. I went through the series years ago when you could find them ignored and covered in dust on any decent liquor store shelf. Remember being pissed when the 15 year went from $56/bottle to $61.This discussion inspired me to pull out my bottle of van Winkle rye, which is fantastic.
The 23 year isn't the only Pappy. There's a 15 and 20 year as well. I actually liked the 15 year the best, never got to try the 12 year "Lot B" though. The difference is supposedly just which barrels were chosen to continue aging.
Yeah, I've noticed it. Would love a suggestion on how to fix it.
Ah, gotcha.
What are you looking for? I've got one of both. The fresco is more refined, tighter weave and holds shape better. The hopsack has more surface interest and is probably cooler wearing, also extremely comfortable to wear in general.
All my graduate papers were "do exhausting original research for a couple months, then write that shit up and send it to a journal."Maybe I was doing it wrong. Or maybe that's why I have a job now.
You've earned those beers.And besides, nothing tastes better than a cold beer and some greasy food after a long bike ride.
The people who previously owned my house failed badly on forwarding their mail. They apparently don't want to give us their address either; he wants to come pick the stuff up from us. I've just started throwing it away. Eight months is too long to be dealing with this nonsense. Better than my old place, anyway. The previous tenants had been evicted and disappeared, and I kept getting stuff like child support notifications and custody hearing scheduling. I had no...
Corry is a bit of a different beast from Oogy. It doesn't have the sherry and is a little more of a blunt instrument, big peat and brine and all that.The first time I drank Corryvreckan was during a hurricane near the end of October, it was about 40F out and blasting rain with a bit of snow. It fit perfectly, has colored my interpretation of the spirit ever since.
New Posts  All Forums: