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Unless you live in the suburbs, and then you're just screwed for good coffee unless you make it at home.
That was a long article to basically conclude "The libs have won the culture war and Trump's the only way conservatives (quote unquote) can shake things up." The idea of the country as a dystopian hellscape only really works if your argument is purely about culture, since none of the objective measures really support it.Oh, it has to be immigration then. Couldn't be "Trump is an unprincipled, offensive, and intellectually lazy conman who would be a terrible leader." ...
My order from the Spring Sale got delayed because a couple of the fabrics ended up being out of stock. I only found out when I emailed for a status update a month later. A couple of the fabrics I had initially been interested in were out of stock too, found out when I clicked "Purchase." It kind of feels like Luxire has outkicked their coverage with the rush to offer a million different fabrics. Things seem to be out of stock much more frequently and that fact isn't...
Your heliocentrism isn't welcome here.
For whatever reason, the players union is a lot weaker in the NFL. Probably because careers are shorter and most of the players are a lot more replaceable.
You can probably leave your employer and work for someone else whenever you want though.Contracts pretty much universally work against the players in the NFL. They get drafted, they get traded, and then they don't really get much protection with contracts despite facing significant limitations because of them. NBA and MLB players are a lot better position. You get some funny situations like ARod getting $20 million/year for being one of the worst players in baseball,...
He's not hurt, I'm just saying that NFL teams can basically cut you for any reason whatsoever and face very little scrutiny or financial cost for it.
My wife broke her foot and couldn't walk for four months. It did a real number of our lifestyle. Ate out too much, couldn't do our usual activities. I had to take her to work, so that killed my gym routine. Throw in the stress and it was bad news.Getting back into a decent routine is always tough. Took me a couple months to go to the gym for the first time after the break. After that it was a lot easier to maintain the habit.Christmas season is always a disaster for...
They openly cut people for getting injured. You basically have no protections in the NFL unless you're a megastar and have leverage over your contract language.
He could sue I'm sure, but it would be hard to disprove the "cut for performance reasons" line, especially during the pre-season.
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