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It's the next best thing to a beanbag chair that he has at home. Gotta improvise.
The people dumping ice on their heads were making a choice between nothing and nothing. They didn't make a choice between labor, money, and dumping ice.The campaign as a whole certainly resulted in more money getting donated to charity than would have otherwise, so I guess it's a net good even if we had to be subjected to a lot of dumb self-serving Facebook videos.
Taking the bus to work is charity?
And you managed to respond but not alleviate the confusion...I assume you were talking about Broker's originally?
Broker's is my standard mixing gin. Haven't found anything that really doesn't work for.
That site triggered the filter blocker at work. I hope you didn't just get me fired for linking to a porn site or something.
I'd imagine they're largely decoupled problems. It might be easier to get new craftsmen to expand their offerings than higher level people who speak English and can handle customer service and worksmanship questions.They did a small test batch, something like five people. Not up for routine sale yet.
I hate Ohio State and I hate Urban, but I'm still feeling a little guilty about this.
If you place them all as one order, they'll ship everything at once. I believe they'd ship separately if you ordered them separately, but am not sure.
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