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I quoted that number at Ataturk at some point, and I believe he was correct in noting that many of those are people turned away at the border. The statistics no longer discriminate between the two groups, so kind of hard to tell.If I remember the numbers correctly, the number of illegal immigrants has dipped slightly over Obama's tenure. I think the difference in effect on society from holding the numbers steady vs a campaign of complete removal would be quite...
Of course it's a matter of degree. Deporting criminals or people caught at the border is a hugely different story from trying to round up 12 million people. The effects on society would be enormous from the latter. Just think about how that would have to be implemented. How do you do something like that without a massively intrusive policing effort, and one that would basically be forced to target brown people?Seems like fucking with them over an off the cuff campaign...
That would be my objection to it. Trump's comprehensive solution is Wall + Deportation, which is not really tenable for multiple reasons and prevents discussion of more plausible solutions. This is a grownup problem, and needs grownups talking about how to fix it, not Pie in the Sky symbolic gestures.I also think Trump is a stubborn enough jackass that he'd actually try to force Mexico to pay, which a foolish way to damage relations with them.
You had the answer right in your post. Lack of competition means they don't have to give any shits about your customer experience.
The Wall has turned into this symbol for Trump's campaign, from both sides. It's an interesting battleground for the anti-Trump argument though, because it's not really that unreasonable a proposal. We already have walls, and fairly few people believe that countries can't define their own boundaries. it's just being held up as a proxy for the actually extreme stuff Trump has said, but loses some strength in the process.The "mass deportation" business ought to be...
Yeah, I've heard that. Sort of a five year turbo-postdoc. At least everybody knows it, so getting rejected for tenure doesn't kill your career.
Postdoc life, yo. They don't hang around that long. Four years is a damn long time, considering. We've had like five other postdocs come and go since then.
This is more of a hibbeldy-jibbeldy thing than pissed off, but I've shared an office with the same guy for four years. And he just left. It's weird. He was the only person I'd see at work some days, going to be weird having an empty office all the time
The 538 article is the sane person take on Johnson's status. It's interesting that he's polling well, and it's absolutely a response to people not liking Trump and Clinton. But it's not some presage of a sweep to electoral victory.
Isn't that what adjuncts are for?
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