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The term "social network" applies in meatspace. They're not just trolling Facebook.How are those quotes supposed to be making the point you think you're making? The regional FBI director is saying that 1/4 of their investigations started as a result of tips from the Muslim community. Those quotes don't reject that statement at all.Or, you know, 25% of cases. "A few."shah and I posted a whole list of examples of where the Muslim community is actively working with law...
...let's just ignore the fact that the thing you were confident you were right about was complete horseshit and focus on that one example. Yay!
You're demonstrably wrong, not that I expect this to change your mind in the slightest. The FBI and other security forces get all kinds of information from the Muslim community.http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/03/fbi-muslim-outreach-terrorism-213765http://www.thenation.com/article/fbis-good-muslims/The majority of these kids who tried to leave the country to join ISIS were also apprehended because of tips from either their parents or community members.
We don't put the burden on a community to police itself. Policing high crime areas differently is not unreasonable, but you can't condemn black people as a community for not stopping drug crime in their communities.Trump's putting some of the blame on the Muslim community in the US. That's a pretty ugly message. There's no evidence anyone else was involved here. Much like other lone wolf attacks, they're extremely isolated people who kept involvement as narrow as...
Has there been an explanation for why it took so long for SWAT to respond and get in?The club had an armed security officer, but I can't find much information on what he was doing during the shooting. Did he get shot?
So two more things that come out of Trump's responses recently: First, Trump is saying that the Muslim community in America is aware of these attacks before they happen and are covering for them. And we need to get them to cooperate "or there will be consequences." That's....scary. He's threatening the Muslim community for not adequately self-policing? We don't hold any other group to that standard. Second, is he really going to run with this conspiracy about Obama...
Except...first generation immigrants aren't the ones committing terrorism. Why's it take until the second generation for this supposed intractable conflict of cultures to show up?Not to mention that we're talking about something like 0.0004% of Muslim immigrants, so these broad sweeping statements about how "they" act are pretty hideous.
What does everybody use to store their beans? I've been using OXO containers. Is there anything better out there than that kind of standard airtight lids?
You really gotta slow your roll man. You're finding reasons to get super pissed off at all kinds of innocuous posts.Nothing brokencycle said was racist or even controversial, honestly hard for me to follow how you're reading that into a pretty straightforward post.
Bit of a distinction between an invasion and a drone bombing, isn't there? Drone bombing isn't trivial, but let's not so casually equate them. Bush's actions with invading Iraq and fucking up the invasion of Afghanistan destabilized a huge swath of the world, cost trillions of dollars, and hundreds of thousands of lives. That's the "neocon on steroids."
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