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They need to give Kelly more time to completely destroy the roster before they can decide if he's any good.
Good ol' limited warranty. Garage doors are one of those things that's often worth paying to get repaired. My uncle lost an eye when he got hit by the spring. Was wearing goggles too. No way I'd mess with one of those things.
My wife is crazy vigilant about this stuff, like "wake up in the middle of the night and want me to check on the locks" kind of paranoid. Her parents have the alarm system, guns in the nightstands, all that. Pretty obvious how she learned it.That said, locks aren't going to stop a determined thief, but it will stop it from being a crime of opportunity. My car wasn't locked because I'm an idiot. Our other car was locked and they ignored it.You can buy that stuff, just...
Kelly's contract is a lot bigger, which probably gives him more rope. Philbin was tied for the lowest salary in the league.
Someone broke into my car in my driveway last night Fortunately I don't keep anything valuable in it, all they got were jumper cables. But still, quite a way to make you feel less safe in your own house.
Clemson hadn't kicked the field goal yet, so the two point conversion would have made it 21-11, so they'd be within a TD and a FG. With just an extra point, it's still a 2 TD game which is where they ended up after the failed two point try.I think it made sense.
How do the younger expressions hold up? The 17 is a lot more expensive than the 12, but not that much less than the 21.
I think GF has more housing related disasters per year than I've had in my whole life.
The first long run for a TD wasn't a big deal, but that long TD pass after the punt was totally on focus. They were just rattled and blew it.I usually stick up for the defense, but other teams manage to have grind-it-out style games without the D getting totally gassed in one half of football. We've blown it in all three phases of the game so far.No kidding. If Chubb can't run and set things up, we have no options.
It was awesome that one time.Saw the blocked punt. Well, we're pretty much fucked now.Three and out. Of course.Blown coverage for an easy TD. New coordinator, same ol' Georgia.
New Posts  All Forums: