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I would like a method to determine a priori cold lengths.
Hey guys, my brain is working better because of Lumosity! I know because I've gotten better at doing the brain training games at Lumosity!Hurrr.
I recently switched positions at the same job, and it reset all my leave. Then I got the flu. I only had two days sick leave, and we're not allowed to carry negative leave into the new calendar leave. So...I came in for a bunch of half days, and zombied my way through. So far as I know I didn't infect anybody, but it was incredibly stupid. I got no useful work done and risked everybody's health.
It's really weird, but a pretty common practice apparently.The worst part was having to write multiple letters for myself, "from" different people, and making them all sound different. It was a creative writing exercise for sure. I did get the job though....
Half the people I had to ask for letters asked me to write the letter for them and then they'd sign it.
I wear a watch purely as an aesthetic thing, but it doesn't get in my way either. Wearing nice clothes/shoes, you're going to be wearing something, so might as well make it nice, right? Flashlights and knives are extra things that you gotta carry around with you.I have a couple decent knives and I enjoy using them, but I don't EDC them. I honestly have no clue wtf I'd use one for 99% of the time. I mostly use it around the house. For flashlights, what situations are...
I don't know why ordinary people would carry a flashlight anymore either. Just use your phone light, they're bright as hell.
Or, you know, get in decent enough shape that moving around a little isn't completely exhausting.
No, you're right. But Dez was "reaching", so breaking the plane would likely have made it a TD and he wouldn't have had to worry about maintaining control through hitting the ground.
His daughter looks just like him too.
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