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I haven't seen one with that kind of numerical analysis, but I just read an article where his plans got totally panned and described as "pie in the sky nonsense."http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/2016/05/17/Experts-Weigh-Donald-Trump-s-Tax-Plan-and-Find-It-Wanting#galeThey weren't exactly kind to Hillary either, but described it as "basically a wash."
Most analysts agree that it would have been highly unusual for someone at her level to face prosecution. At most she'd have been asked to resign if she were still in office.A mid-level career bureaucrat would have been fired, but executives have always played by different rules.Given the number of racist and bigoted statements Trump has made in a non-debate format, you're probably right to be concerned.What is "looking Presidential" supposed to mean?Trump has a history of...
I was looking at the other link. Gotcha.I never know how seriously to take these economic analyses. Seems like you can pretty much pick your results by selecting different studies, since the results are almost entirely predicated by your starting assumptions.
Where are you getting that? I just searched for "GDP" and didn't see anything that seemed to say that.
Trump takes it to a different level though. I think you have to be more than a little self-centered to run for President, but Trump is pathological about it.
The thing that's jumping out to me while reconsidering the debate after the fact is just how many unforced errors Trump made. He has to get the last word in, all the time, and it really led him into some bad places. He got these "zingers" in, like how he didn't pay taxes because he's smart.His campaign made this point about how he wasn't preparing. Everyone thought they were just trying to manage expectations, but apparently it was for real.He let himself be led around...
You'd have to check the list of questions, but it did seem like Trump got asked more direct questions.The sexism thing, I mean, voters are concerned about it. Trump should have had a canned line about that, wouldn't have been all that hard to weasel on if he wanted to. Instead he goes and attacks Rosie O'Donnell, which was just baffling.
I can just imagine some editor trying to figure out how to punctuate that "sentence."
Let's not talk about looks though.
I've been drinking heavily.I'm not sure it's legal to drink this much on Monday unless you've passed the bar.
New Posts  All Forums: