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I've never played, but my wife got roped into a league. Inevitably, I must learn how to play in order to advise.
That game was insane. The runout with the black jerseys, then the late 3rd quarter sideline dancing. Crowd was just bonkers for the whole 4th. Barely slept that night I was so amped up.I miss being at games.
3/4 of your average CE posters are misogynists. You're perfectly safe.
You guys get reamed on alcohol prices.
Why you throw rollseyes?
I herniated my L4/L5 while weightlifting some years back, had to have surgery. My back never hurt before the surgery, but I had paralysis and nerve pain. Replaced it with really severe back pain and spasms after the surgery, took more than a year to get over. I was on Valium and Percoset the first couple weeks. Felt great! Then they phased me off. Boo.
Tried this tonight after the recommendations.Really works well, probably the first Fernet heavy cocktail that I've really liked. The spice from the rye and mint complements the Fernet really well, and washes over some of the rougher notes in the amaro but leaves the complexity.
You could eat bagels for lunch!I skip breakfast, but I'm just not that hungry in the morning. Drink some coffee and I'm ready to roll.
You mean eating breakfast out is cheaper than eating lunch out? Doesn't make much difference if you're packing'/eating at home. Could eat breakfast foods at lunch even!
I've got a Paul Stuart doublebreasted model that weighs an absolute ton. I wore it out on some dog walks (so out for an hour or so) during the Polar Vortex a couple times and I was actually overheating in 0F weather. Couldn't even feel the wind, aside from my face which felt like it was being flayed with dull knives.
New Posts  All Forums: