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People believing in dumb shit is one thing, but escalating to real life action is another. There's a rising trend in some internet circles to project the kind of harassment and abuse that's nominally tolerable online into the real world. The Boston Marathon bombing investigation on Reddit is one example. People put together clues (based on nothing, essentially) and it culminated in hundreds of harassing and threatening phone calls to a completely innocent family. I'm...
Also:The interesting thing about the Trump wave is that it wasn't really poor white people who pushed him over the top. He did best among the middle class people in and around those communities. They're people who see the rot in the town around them and are still engaged enough with the political system to want someone to blame.The uneducated are fucked in the upcoming economic climate. One of the only solid middle class jobs in these communities is trucking, and that's...
I read the book a few weeks ago. It's absolutely an interesting perspective on a culture most of us coastal elite types don't have much access to. It's not a political book though. It doesn't really even get into politics. It's the story of Vance and his family, and their town and culture. Vance really made the name for himself by extending that argument to the political season in articles like the one in American Conservative. That's where it really tied together....
How is that really "in fairness"? Does everything really need a "well, on the other side of the partisan aisle" comparison now?
More DC gentrification.
I don't think the GWB analogy has a whole lot of value, aside from "incumbents rarely lose." Bush had a lot of credit from 9/11 and nowhere near Trump's initial negatives. It's obviously way too early to read the tea leaves for the next election, but you'd have to think that if any incumbent were set up to lose without the economy being a factor, it'd be Trump. He won by a thin margin against a historically disliked candidate, with some deus ex machina events falling...
I guess this is a micro-detail. This #pizzagate stuff is fucked up. The business is getting harassed, people almost got shot there, and you still have imbeciles (like some CE posters) saying there's "probably something to it". It's nuts. People are in the grips of some kind of mass delusion on the Internet, but it's hurting real life people.
Trump basically won by 100k votes in the Midwest and 100k in Florida. It doesn't take too much to tip that, even if you give him an incumbent's advantage (which I'm not sure he'll have, considering how he is). Does the 2020 election happen under the current census, or the new one? Seems like it'd be the old one, but I can't find a source for that.
Certainly especially any laws that preferentially target certain demographics, but just in general.I don't think the national level voting turnout numbers are going to give you any meaningful evidence one way or the other for this issue. You'd have to look at the states with and without voter ID laws.
I haven't been paying much attention to the more hysterical types with the recount. Most of the people I know have basically been taking a "oh lord you're reseting my five stages of grief back to denial with this hail mary bullshit" tact to it.
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