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If the emails releases are too strategic, people might start wondering exactly why Russia wants Trump over Hillary. Built in spin for Hillary.
Why would Hillary be sending emails through the DNC?
I assume not. People have to leave the country to get their visas renewed, so I'd imagine that you can't get one if you've been living illegally in the US.For the grad school thing, I doubt it comes up very often. How many children of illegal immigrants even graduate college, much less go to grad school?
I get the sense a decent number of people are having their view of the election formed from rather insular internet communities. If you were getting your sense of the election from Reddit or 4chan, you'd think that all liberals HATE Hillary and the only reason she has any votes at all is fraud. You'd think every Trump voter was convinced by his "anti-PC" stance. The Bernie Bros and 14 year old 4chan Trump trolls have a huge voice on the Internet, but they don't tend to...
If there's a point buried in Medwed's unstructured ranting, it's that half of the illegal immigrants in this country didn't sneak across the border. They came over legally and then didn't leave. It's one of the major pipelines for "illegals," but they're rarely illegal while they're still students. It's so easy to get a student (or postdoc) visa that I can't imagine why a school would take the risk.
It's quite common for foreign students to get their tuition paid and a stipend while doing PhD studies in STEM. It usually (by necessity) comes with a student visa. The school would have dropped the ball pretty badly to have someone studying illegally.It's also really common for non-citizens to work as postdocs, and get paid for it. Again, comes with a visa and usually a non-working visa for a spouse.
I thought Mexico was going to pay for it The taxes thing doesn't seem to have hurt him, but I wonder if it's going to have legs going forward. At least with the reluctant Trump supporters.
I believe every unique order produces a new pattern. You can (and probably should, if you want the order replicated) just refer to the previous order numbers.I've never provided measurements, all my orders have been from first replicating an existing garment and then referring to that order number.
It's hilarious watching the internet Bernie Bros complaining about absolutely typical convention rules maneuvering. They're currently ranting because the DNC didn't give Sanders delegates paperwork to push for an alternate VP vote. Sore losers, holy shit.
She's not trying to get Republican voters with this at all, much less Trump partisans. She's trying to convince the reluctant Trump supporter (eg, your mainstream Republicans) to not vote in November. That's not an insignificant demographic, at least half of typical Republican voters are still not at all sold on Trump.The side benefit is convincing conventional Democratic voters that it's important to show up and vote, to stop Trump.
New Posts  All Forums: