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I'd say to start relatively simple. They'll make pretty much anything, so the options can get overwhelming if you don't restrict yourself. Pick a piece you want and a fabric you need, and get a staple make up.If you have anything close to a good fit in your closet now, send that in as a base garment. It's easier to copy and modify and existing piece than to go off measurements. I nailed my pants fit first try by sending in a 95% of the way there pair and making some...
Most hacks are social or customer service engineering and not brute force password guessing. It's pretty easy to get a human on the phone, use common knowledge password reset queries, and say that you lost your old email and now you need the reset sent to hackers@gmail.com. Alternatively, phishing.I use a password manager with a different random password for everything, plus two factor authentication for important stuff. I have a couple critical passwords (Gmail, bank...
I'm not at all a fan of Cuervo, but everything else is pretty decent. I'd recommend bumping your price point up a bit in the future and getting something like Espolon or Milagro in the $20+ range. Funny that you bought the top shelf curacao and cheap tequila The Flor de Cana is great, especially for the price.
Packers have obviously lost three in a row, but the core of the team is still there. I don't see how the Broncos can win with this version of Peyton, even if he comes back from the foot injury in ok shape.I don't know if they're a Super Bowl team, but they're for sure as good as anybody else in the NFC. Already beat the Packers, Falcons are tanking, who else is there?At 4-5? Nah.
Russel's Reserve single barrel rye is pretty good. It's not Pappy/Sazerac 18/Thomas Handy/etc tier, but it's widely available and it's not made from Midwestern rye distillate.
I swear there was a GE commercial like this recently.
I have the feeling you're going to be disappointed about Utah, even if they win the Pac12.
From what I understand, this has gotten a lot more difficult recently. Plenty of Mexicans used to basically work seasonally, send back money during the year and then go back in the off-season. Now the odds of getting caught at the border and the cost of crossing are a lot higher, so more are just staying here year round. Really makes you think that a more extensive guest worker program would be very successful.I've seen remittances described as a form of foreign aid. ...
The rankings really must not respect the Big 12 much. Alabama at #2, Notre Dame at #4, Iowa #5, then the Big 12 teams. Even Stanford is ahead of OK State.
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