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Oh, ok.
Hypothetically it's possible to not like Trump without being a dyed in the wool Hillary fanatic.
Hillary's just ("just") going to drone bomb a bunch of people anyway, we're not going to invade anywhere.
Actual monopolies tend to have significant oversight from the government. It's the de facto ones that get you in trouble.
Curious decision by Donald. What was the downside? Free publicity (not that he's lacking in it), and a chance to bash Hillary for two hours on national TV, if he could get Bernie on the same page. Maybe he decided Bernie was going to go after him instead of Hilldog? Trump did get a little dig in at the Democratic establishment ("rigging the elections") but that can't have much payoff. Seems like a lost opportunity. Maybe he needs more one on one debate...
lol k.This isn't debate team. I post on stuff that I find interesting enough for me to care about, and not on things that don't. "Comprehensively defending Hillary's record" isn't one of those things. Especially in a thread about Trump.But hey, Gary Johnson 2016. Have fun with that.
Are you talking about Asians from Asia, or Asian-Americans?From the stats I remember looking at when I took the GRE, foreign students have higher GRE scores than Americans. It's the only way to stand out among the hordes of foreign students applying, so they spend a lot more time prepping. I've never seen anything about "affirmative action" putting unqualified Asians, or Asian-Americans, into STEM programs.It's not like qualified Americans are being rejected from STEM...
My enthusiasm for Hillary is not great enough to spend any serious amount of time defending her or her record. So...no, I won't be doing that.
The H1b program really isn't the same question as "affirmative action." H1b's aren't displacing Americans from slots in graduate programs as a rule, we've just massively expanded the number of slots available. It's absolutely a problem of resource allocation, degradation of the domestic scientific training process, and training competing nations in how we do science. But it's not affirmative action, especially since there's a bias against foreign students if anything.
I quoted that number at Ataturk at some point, and I believe he was correct in noting that many of those are people turned away at the border. The statistics no longer discriminate between the two groups, so kind of hard to tell.If I remember the numbers correctly, the number of illegal immigrants has dipped slightly over Obama's tenure. I think the difference in effect on society from holding the numbers steady vs a campaign of complete removal would be quite...
New Posts  All Forums: