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The tl;dr there is "He ran as a Libertarian."
And Texas has managed to find a grand total of one case of fraud. A guy who has the same name as his deceased father, and had the voting registrar accidentally mark his father's name instead of his at the polls. He didn't even vote twice.edit: actual voting fraud. There were some other cases of violations of election laws.
You might want to try following the conversation before commenting.There are plenty of Trump supporters who aren't "deplorables." Those weren't the people Piob and I were talking about. As for "PC thought trained", the quote that started this conversation comes from a conservative being interviewed on a conservative website, so not exactly a bastion of PC brainwashing.
Rednecks are one of the few groups that's socially acceptable to mock and discriminate against.When I was going to school in the South, I noticed how it was almost mandatory for people to shed their accents as they went through the academic process. Basically nobody had one by the time they were a postdoc.
I've noticed that with some Facebook friends. There's a smugness about defeating Trump (which I get, he's awful), but they're also spiking the football on his supporters. A lot of these people are genuinely in trouble, we probably shouldn't be gleeful about it just because Trump sucks. Even with some of the "deplorables", does someone deserve to have their town disintegrate because they happen to be racists?The "deplorables" that concern me are the ones who aren't...
Need more aerosol emissions, really ramps up the color.
But Clinton is responsible for NAFTA and trade with the Chinese and etc etc.
Finished reading Hillbilly Elegy and went back to the author's interview with American Conservative. This quote jumped out at me, at this point late in the election.Distills the whole Trump thing down pretty well.All these Trump gaffes and scandals are going to let the country reject Trump without really confronting the major issue. Most of the elites, both Democrat and Republican, are going to write this off as a bout of temporary insanity and just work to prevent it...
I don't know about "spoiled child," but he didn't ask a question in the court for a decade. That's rather odd for a Justice.
I don't seem to recall any WikiLeaks emails about fraudulent votes. Maybe you can point them out for us.We might be waiting awhile.
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