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You gotta love intellectuals who think the real world should mirror their study, and not the other way around. I had figured poly sci people would be drooling over this election. There have got to be hundreds of low hanging PhD thesis topics to come from it.
The Rise of Trump has been pretty well diagrammed, but nobody really talks about how we got stuck with Hillary. I guess everyone just assumed the fix was in and it wasn't worth thinking too much about.I'm curious who the Democrats would have come up with if Hillary wasn't the Anointed One.
Hillary and the DNC aren't the ones who blamed Russia for the attack. Private US cybersecurity firms have analyzed the attack and say it's consistent with Russian state actors. They could be wrong, but it's the general consensus in intel circles. It's not like Clinton just made it up.Why would you expect evidence would be released? That's not a thing that happens, especially in ongoing investigations. It's not like it would be anything to anybody outside of a small...
The intelligence community seems to think that Gufficer 2.0 is an artifice of the Russians.I listened to it live and have read the transcript and I have no idea wtf his point was.That would be kind of a weird attack anyway. The DNC or Hillary aren't the ones who concluded that Russia was involved.
Assange openly loathes the Clintons and Wikileaks in general has a pretty strong incentive to keep these hacks going. Why would you trust them for the source of the hacks?
Did you actually watch the debate, or are you just watching/reading clips?Clinton has a whole prepared remark on cybersecurity, that features a comment about state actors. The example is Russia hacking the DNC. That's the line Trump chose to pull out to address in his response. Not anything about policy, but "Russia didn't do the hack." How is that anything but defending Russia?You mean letting Trump interrupt Hillary 25 times in the first 24 minutes?Hillary's not a...
I'm going to assume that you didn't actually watch the debate? Because you've got the context completely wrong.Like otc said, the question wasn't about the DNC. It was about cybersecurity.It doesn't really matter in this context whether Russia was behind the hacks or not. The point is why would Trump defend them? He has limited time, and he chose to use some of it to defend Russia. He's not up there to be Russia's advocate. So...why? You foreigners have a reason to...
This sounds like one of those "the plural of anecdote is not data" moments.The polling has Clinton up something like 50 points among Hispanics. Romney only got 26%, and I can't imagine why Trump would do better, especially considering his disastrous favorability ratings with Hispanics.
That exchange is hilarious in text. Trump makes absolutely no sense at all. It's just complete word salad, he's stringing together random phrases with no connection at all.I'm really wondering why Trump reflexively defends Russia. Like...why? What's the upside to Trump to claiming Russia wasn't behind the hack?
You're doing some really fucking weird micro-analysis of this. Body language? Who gives a shit. Trump was a scowling jack o' lantern for 90 out of 90 minutes and you find five seconds of Clinton laughing to point out? How about the fact that Trump just blatantly made up an anecdote about Clinton as some kind of defense for the "temperament" question? It was such a bizarre statement, it's really no wonder Clinton responded strangely. On a less serious note, I was...
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