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No True Feminist, hmmm?Most traditional feminists would see egalitarianism as the majority of the goal. They wouldn't have an issue with a woman choosing to be dominated in bed, or choosing to be a stay at home wife, or whatever. The point is about having the choice. You've pretty much defined "feminism" as "rad fem", because.....why? Those voices are loudest in the right internet echo chambers?
Where exactly are you pulling your demographics of modern feminism from? The Internet isn't exactly representative, considering the loudest voices get massively disproportionate attention. The morons on Tumblr that get reposted on threads like our own "make fun of feminists" thread are far from the majority. It's pretty common to not identify as a "feminist" but hold nearly all of the 2nd wave feminist ideals. The 3rd wave people are still pretty far out there.College...
I have an LED filament style bulb in my PH5 and it works well. They don't last quite as long as regular LEDs supposedly, but the light quality is nice (even with exposed bulbs) and it's omnidirectional.
lol 20" arms are already ridiculously huge. This person doesn't show shit from fuck.
Absinthe seems to be all the rage in "speakeasy" style bars. I've seen a bunch of places do the whole ritual; the big chilled water dripper and all that. It's kind of neat, but straight absinthe just isn't that interesting to drink. Absinthe frappe is kind of fun when it's hot out.
The other thing is that most of these people don't really understand "European style socialism" all that well, or what it would mean coming over to the US. A lot fewer people get to go to university over there. We've had as many as 70% of our high school graduates do at least one semester of college. That would never, ever work with "free" college. Most of the European "free" systems are way more selective and people on the lower end just have to find something else to...
I don't usually like Krauthammer, but he's right on with this one.Trump is running as Trump! Surprise!Yeah. WYSIWYG(etting). Trump gonna Trump, and it was foolish for a lot of reasons to expect his primary tactics would work the same way in the generals. I'm not at all convinced it'll be a landslide for Hillary or anything, but Trump totally squandered any advantage he had six weeks ago and is behind again.
He has a sweet fucking mustache though.
edmorel's legacy lives on
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