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My older dog has started showing similar symptoms. The vet put him on Trazadone. A dose an hour or so before dark, especially combined with a pre-dusk walk, seems to take the edge off pretty well. It also lasts about seven hours, so it gets them pretty well through the night before wearing off. Good luck. Dementia is no fun.
I just noticed a listing for "Fresco Cotton" with seven different color offerings. It looks like a continuation of the old Apple Fresco offering that many people raved about. Anyone try this out?
It tends to add a month or more to the delivery timeline. I just got an order from the Black Friday sale that had Brisbane Moss fabrics, maybe a month after receiving my other Black Friday order.
That's the spirit.First drink for me in two weeks!
Cheater.Only authentically green drinks for me. Last Word it is!
That doesn't sound very green to me.
It's very good but it's basically impossible to live up to the hype. I think a lot of people end up paying a thousand dollar or whatever and wondering what the big deal was, when in reality it was a great buy at $55/bottle ten years ago and has been living in fantasy world since then.As for how to secure one, get real friendly with some liquor store owners or be prepared to drop a ton of money on the grey market.
I've picked up some luxury fabrics (Albini, VBC, Loro Piana Minnis, etc) when I wouldn't have on sale, especially the first release and Black Friday things. It's also gotten me to try out some new patterns that I wouldn't necessarily have tried at full price. Got my first polo and popovers done on sale, and had ordered several more since at full price. I've definitely ordered something and then had it go on sale before I received it. That's always fun.
Lame. Nothing beats sitting around the waiting room for hours waiting for surgery.Good luck with the procedure.
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