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Whether you were serious about it or not, people certainly make that attack. It's coming up against with Hillary this year, with Trump saying he'll be the 'candidate for coal miners" whatever that means.
Someone make a running count of all the times Nick has reminded us that technically third parties exist. It gets more insightful each time!
Apparently Ann Coulter released a book entitled "In Trump We Trust" this week. She states at one point in the book that "there's nothing Trump can do that can't be forgiven, except change his immigration policies." Perfect timing! She went on a huge rant on Twitter as he talked through his supposed pivot.
Yet another stirring success from Kickstarter. I'm sure all the people who funded that two or three years ago are really excited.
The coal industry was boned regardless of regulation, especially with their failure to adapt to changing market conditions with the natural gas revolution. Kind of funny watching so-called personal responsibility types bitch about "Obama killing the coal industry."It was never just coal anyway. There were lots of one industry towns in Appalachia. When the mill (etc) closed down, they had nothing else there and the government really didn't do anything to offset that.
That's how you end up with MechaGodzilla.
My FIL always wants me to talk about my research. He's not content with my 30 second layperson elevator speech, but he doesn't have the physics background to understand wtf I'm actually doing. It's probably a good exercise in communication.
I keep banging this drum because I like the analogy, but look at Appalachia. They weren't even actively discriminated against. The government just ignored them while natural economic forces wrecked their local economies. Let it run a couple generations, and you end up with the same cultural factors of dependence, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, low marriage rates, etc.The black (and Native American) communities were discriminated against, then ignored...
Even then, that's a trivial fraction of the overall number of Chinese-Americans. If we had brought up 10 million Chinese laborers and then isolated and mistreated them for 300 years, maybe it would be a good analogy.
Where are you trying to go with that? Different cultures produce different outcomes, I don't think that's a surprise.The point people are trying to make about the culture in the inner-city black community is that it's a product of environment over history. It didn't just happen as some kind of natural product of too much melanin in the skin. Asian immigrants are bringing over their homeland culture and adapting to the modern US, they're not feeling the discrimination of...
New Posts  All Forums: