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50/50 Amaro Nardini and Cocchi Americano, on ice. They play nice together. Good stuff.
What always surprises me with high rep sets is how badly I do on the later sets. Either the first two sets are way too easy, or I just die on the third set.I don't need any more volume (don't want to have to buy new clothes!), so I mostly focus on 3-5 rep sets anyway.
I bet they make bombs in factories! Good old fashioned American manufacturing jobs!
Don't let Trump hear that number, he'll think it's a high score to beat.
Forestalling another typical round of intransigence, yes, he does.
I remember reading columns about Trump before the primaries had started (back in late 2015) and really being irritated about the approach taken by most writers. They couldn't restrain themselves from throwing insults and just straight scorn at Trump. They could easily have just stuck to whatever legitimate point prompted the article, but no, they had to drop down and bash Trump on his level with the extra wrinkle of smug condescension. I have to think it contributed...
I guess circle jerking is only fun for so long. Gotta have the sense that you're offending "the libs" to get that boner going.
You figure an engineering doctoral student fits the (supposed) likely demographic there?
That's one of those chicken-and-egg questions.I don't think a lot of people want to be jumping around between jobs, they just feel like they have to in order to be fairly compensated. When the only way to get a decent raise is to leave, well, people leave. Turns into a cycle that neither side is going to break.I've got a weird cohort because of grad school, but I see the same thing. Some people are still doing postdocs (in their mid-30s), or they're playing the adjunct...
lol, you really think black people are all just fishing to get beat up or killed by the police so they can win lawsuits.
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