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It wasn't even signature only. I get that it's annoying to walk up to the door, ring, have nobody be have for the nine thousandths time for that time and then leave with the package. But just walk up and hurl my package at the door and walk off. I don't even care if you ring.
I watched a UPS driver stop in front of my house, sit there for a minute, then drive off without ever leaving the truck. Minutes later, my tracking status changed to "Delivery Attempted, No One Home." I called the office right away and I guess they forced him to turn around and come back.
Especially if you get a little too drunk early in the night. Could wake up to a $1000 credit card bill even if you weren't ordering rounds.I got their last dram of one of the bottles of Port Ellen (can't remember which variety). I felt weirdly guilty about it.Oddly enough Lagavulin DE was like a buck more a glass than the regular. Was all over that.
I was honestly overloaded at Jack Rose. Went into choice paralysis, just stared at the menu for about 20 minutes. I think need to make a list before I go next time.
I was making a right turn at a red light and some kid came flying off the sidewalk and just blasted into the side of my car. He would have run right through the intersection on the red (with pretty heavy traffic) if he didn't hit me, so I don't know wtf he was thinking. Dude goes flying across my hood. He leaps up, runs across and grabs his crumbled bike and sprints off. I never even got a chance to get out of the car. Fortunately he hit the wheel and there was no...
His facial symmetry is likely superior to yours.
"I fucking love science", bunch of vaguely science related blog posts that get relentlessly spammed on Facebook.Few of my actual science friends post them, but the humanities types are all over it. The interesting thing about it, for me, is that the IFL "science" is just factoids. They're the products of science, not really "science." The people posting this stuff really have no idea what makes science work, they just like cool shit.
Come on Piob, we should listen to the 19 year old autist when he tells us how it is. I'm sure you've just been doing it wrong your whole life.
Odds are shifting towards Autistic on the line here folks. Better get your money in now!
Can we play "Troll or Autistic" with Kira?
New Posts  All Forums: