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It's fun that we have the same conversation (with duplicate posts even!) in the Trump and Hillary threads.
Also, if she stepped down from her Senate seat, it would cost the Democrats a seat since the Republican governor would get to appoint her successor.
It's doubtful Warren would have accepted.
I've been sending them to Portland (and before that, New Jersey). I think it takes a little longer since they bundle shipments going back in India, but not much. Never had any problems.
People on the street are kind of distinct from selected delegates on the convention floor.
We can't really expect cops to handle angry and aggressive people. Escalating the situation and shooting is really quite reasonable. It's a very stressful job, after all.
They're obviously going to bash the hell out of Trump, but it's going to be the usual language and conventional tactics. You might see liberals howling for Trump's blood on the streets in protests, but it would be very unusual to see it on the convention floor. It was pretty jarring to see at the RNC.They really hate Hillary, kind of out of proportion to anything she's actually done. I can understand thinking she's not fit to be President, but hatred seems over the top.
They didn't want to run another Romney this time either. That was the whole point of the autopsy report after Romney lost. The party establishment wanted to branch out, sell a broader base on Republican ideals.Now they have Trump, who is pretty much completely off the reservation in terms of "Republican ideals." Where they go post-Trump is going to be very interesting. Who leads that party?
The guy who got shot was saying he wasn't being threatened, so the cops shot him to protect him from the guy he said he wasn't being threatened by.
So...what's the excuse for shooting and then handcuffing the wrong guy again? And uh...not handcuffing (or even disarming) the guy they supposedly thought had a gun?
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