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Indeed it does. Serves me right for not reading the fine print.Sounds about right. I know the peanut butter people were doing that. Rounding down is a cheap trick
Do those kind of products still exist after the trans fat bans?
It's like an episode of Hoarders for people with money.
The difficulties of handling knobs after applying hand cream is well known
Not "inherently" a problem, but it doesn't really fit what the league wants. A scrum for a loose ball is more exciting than a ball casually wacked out of bounds, especially if it could lead to a touchdown.
Anywhere else on the field, a ball fumbled out of bounds just goes back to the offensive. The touchback in the end zone creates a big incentive for the defense to just let the ball go out of bounds, or encourage it to do so. Makes it way easier for the D to recover fumbles in the end zone, which is probably not intended by touchbacks rules.
Struck out on the Buffalo Trace lottery for the year
I think she moved the "Repeat" step up a bit.
I just got a phone call from a robo-caller. All it said was "Your request to be removed from our list will be processed immediately." Then hung up. Wut.
They also tend to be really ugly or in styles that look weird on many doors.A friend of mine moved into one of these super modern industrial style urban apartment buildings, and they all have keyless locks. It totally works there, but if you have some conventional style wooden door, a lot of them look very out of place.
New Posts  All Forums: