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After just barely beating Nichols State and Missouri, I don't think anyone had a whole lot of confidence. 31-0 though...
Looks like firing Richt didn't fix the problem of Georgia just forgetting to show up in at least one big game a season.
You're going to get a bird picture if you keep asking Medwed to make sense.
I just got another bottle of Cynar, but now I need to pick up a bottle of sherry so I can make Tridents. The Trident works really well with grapefruit bitters instead of the peach ones.
Maybe Gary understands that he's not really a serious candidate, so he might as well have some fun with it.
They sell Aperol Spritz prepackaged in a bottle in Italy. It's, predictably, nowhere near as the version made fresh. They did introduce my wife to amaro based drinks, so that's a plus. Now she's drinking Cynar with ice and such. Score.
That article is from a year and a half ago.
That's white as fuck but it looks like it requires some talent.
Thinking about it. I've been using the top half of my shaker and I'm trying to convince myself that's not good enough.
Stop and frisk counts as good intentions, I'm sure.
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