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That site triggered the filter blocker at work. I hope you didn't just get me fired for linking to a porn site or something.
I'd imagine they're largely decoupled problems. It might be easier to get new craftsmen to expand their offerings than higher level people who speak English and can handle customer service and worksmanship questions.They did a small test batch, something like five people. Not up for routine sale yet.
I hate Ohio State and I hate Urban, but I'm still feeling a little guilty about this.
If you place them all as one order, they'll ship everything at once. I believe they'd ship separately if you ordered them separately, but am not sure.
I just hope Georgia can get through a season without a grab bag of freak ACL injuries.
It's the newspapers too. The Washington Post is a hollow shell of what it used to be. They still do some good stories, but each section is thinner and less substantive on average than it used to be.I hadn't subscribed to a newspaper in 10 years and picked a Sunday-only sub this year. Going to let it lapse, just not worth it. I throw half of them out unread anyway, since I read half the stories online.
They have pajama sets listed at $129.99http://luxire.com/products/luxire-pyjama-2-piece-set
I binge watched South Park my freshman year of college (no cable at home) and it did real bad things to my language choices for a couple days.
1g water = 1 mL. 15 mL = 0.5 ounce Hard to say for grams of coffee to tablespoons, since the grind size and how packed it is matters a lot.
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