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The question of hypocrisy is kind of silly because this is a Presidential election between (realistically) two candidates, not a referendum on Bill or Trump's sexual perfidy. You're stuck voting for one of two choices unless you want to play the protest vote game. That means you frequently end up making choices you're not entirely happy with. That's just the nature of Presidential politics in a two party system.If someone was 100% on board with Clinton's actions but...
Nonsense. We'd be hearing the exact same defenses, except without the context of Trump admitting to the general practice.
The first domino was Trump on video. You guys are really reaching for straws to rationalize this stuff. Is it actually hard to believe that Trump groped some women? I mean, come on. He's not exactly the "delayed gratification" type.
My country just did the lottery for Four Roses Limited Edition and Old Forester Birthday Bourbon. They had 12 bottles of Four Roses and 15 of the Birthday Bourbon. For a county of a million people. I hate the bourbon game these days.
We'll see, of course, but polling for something like a Presidential election ought to be more reliable than a single-issue vote like Brexit.The Clinton camp has been hyping up how horrible Trump is exactly to drive turnout. They want people horrified enough to go to the polls, even if they're not enthused about Clinton. The Democrats also have a vastly superior ground game than Trump, which ought to damped any tendency to stay home.
Trump +4 in Georgia is still terrible. Romney won by 16. It should be a dark red state, not a squeaker.
That was pretty much my point. All civilizations have their own problems. One of them for democracy happens to be "the voters can vote themselves free shit."
It's an articulation of one problem with democracy, but democracy is still better than all the alternatives. In the long run, every civilization has failed. I don't think the conclusion is "civilization is doomed."
The original setup of the Founders barely lasted 50 years, so it's rather hard to say that it was a "common sense sustainable solution." Nearly the entire history (and success) of our nation happened with the ideal of elections by the common man.But I'm sure I'm just being a contrarian .
That's quite a system you have imagined there.Do we disenfranchise retired people? Temporarily unemployed? Homemakers?
New Posts  All Forums: