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How's the 21 y compared to the 15y?
People who go to the beach and spend the whole week at the hotel pool are even better.I went to the Dominican Republic with my parents when I was in high school. There was this Russian couple who spent pretty much the entire week on the beach (including at night), drinking straight vodka from a glass. The guy went from ghost white to beet red in one day, but kept going out and putting on tanning oil. It must have been incredibly painful. Maybe that's what the vodka was...
I'm always a little amazed when people go to "the beach" and just spend the whole vacation sitting on the sand. Don't go in the water at all, don't do any water activities. I like the beach environment and all, traveling just to sit in a chair/on a towel on some sand for a week?
I had to laugh at everyone whining about how the DNC was biased towards Hillary and against Bernie. You mean the Democratic National Committee is biased towards the career Democrat and not the guy who just switched in 2015? NO WAY!
That last one was hilarious. Most backhanded endorsement ever!
Rubio is obviously knowledgeable, but he strikes me as that smart kid who stayed up too late studying and ends up just reciting bullet points. It's way too formulaic. He's still the only chance for the establishment wing of the party, but I don't think he'd come off well next to Hillary on a debate stage. Trump and Cruz can dodge a lot of the issue and focus on emotion, but Rubio's going to look like a robot next to Hillary (which is really saying something).
I love the three young guys facing the camera who are obviously falling asleep. Bush might have had a chance in a different election cycle, but this sort of low-key moderate conservative thing isn't going to attract any voters this time around. Plus Trump is just pure kryponite for him, that "low energy" jab was deadly.
Jeb! bringing the energy!
"US fencer wears hijab under lamé jacket and beekeeper's mask, nobody notices."
I had some of those people show up, and foolishly let them inside. The supervisor left, to go harass other houses presumably. His assistant clearly had no interest in being there, probably had realized the whole thing was a scam and just wanted to go home. She went through this totally desultory demonstration, basically telling me that it was ok to ignore her and do other stuff. She just needed to do the demo or he'd yell at her.I was stuck between feeling bad for her...
New Posts  All Forums: