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If you don't order swatches, the texture or color can be a surprise when you get them in person.I've been a bit surprised with some pants fabrics at how different they come out as a complete garment vs just a swatch. The weight and texture can come off very differently in a 2" x 2" swatch. Haven't had as much trouble telling with shirts.
My FIL grew up in Jersey. He described it as "A great place to be from."
Uh oh, looks like trouble is bruin'.
"Point and laugh?"
Isn't that the whole point though? People are arguing because they don't like the current system. It gets into a circular argument to say that the current system does it this way so this is the right outcome under the current system.When did TS become the ultimate metric of performance? The Heat had way more offensive options, so Lebron could shoot fewer shots and get that higher %. He wasn't in the MVP race because nobody watched those games and said "Holy shit,...
Ain't nobody got time for that.
Too much work to stand up that long.I get it in the winter. Nuts to standing out in the cold.
Correct on both counts (government, not university).It's honestly amazing how often that happens and how it doesn't seem to slow down our hiring of new Chinese postdocs. It drives the information security people insane.Right now we're not allowed to accept money from China to travel to conferences, probably because of the OPM hack although nobody will say that. But we're still allowed to hire Chinese researchers and have them come learn all our cool shit. Totally rational.
I'm reasonably sure it's no longer legal to hunt Chinese people for sport.They seem to have disappeared this year. Maybe someone else trapped them for me.
I had some people who would leave their own building to walk laps in my building, talking loudly in Mandarin the whole time. Drove me crazy, every couple minutes they'd loop around for another lap and I could hear them coming all the way down the hall. For an hour. I have no idea why they were even in my building, there's like twenty better places to walk.
New Posts  All Forums: