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There's got to be an awesome story behind that line.
I didn't mean you were, I meant the imbecile Trump supporters going after Bill.
Why are we equating Bill's peccadilloes with Trump's, anyway? Bill isn't running for President. Trump is.I don't care if Melania is getting deep dicked by twenty Armenians a night, so why do I care if Bill banged some stewardesses?
It's funny how little "news" is actually involved in the broadcasts of the conventions. Even in the analysis sessions, they ignore pretty much everything that isn't on the script or a "controversy." You had to go online to find out what the Bernie people were chanting, for example. They're pretty just broadcasting the conventions as presented by the parties.
You realize loudmouths online aren't actually representative of the voting public, right?
I posted an article in the Trump thread that gets at some of those questions in a much more nuanced way. He looks at the problem of poverty (and by extension, violence) with a critical eye towards both Democrats and Republicans (author is conservative). I think it gets to some good points about poverty and how the right and left treat it. The right basically just waves the "culture and personal responsibility" wand at it, and then ignores it. It's your own fault, go...
Not taking the whole treason thing too seriously, but I think the point is more about a Presidential candidate advocating a foreign government to be involved in illegal activity to influence an election. I don't see why they'd have to be secure emails.
The cops will be afraid to protect us from crime if they can't murder people with impunity.
It's always weird when people complain about the number of times someone gets shot by the police. Six times is too many. But four would have been ok? Dead is dead, doesn't seem like it really makes any difference once you hit that point (within reason). If a cop reloads to shoot a corpse, that's probably worth complaining about.
The amazing thing is that his supporters acknowledge this. They're found some way to make it an admirable trait, while still blasting Hillary for flip flopping and pandering.
New Posts  All Forums: