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I saw a guy today with a tattoo of what appeared to be his own face on his throat. Full scale.
Are you going to eat it while flopped out in a beanbag chair?
"Screw it, I just need to average 30 ppg for another couple years to get the scoring record."
King Business at the airport is always funny. They're so damned important that they can't possibly turn off their phone until 5 milliseconds before the plane takes off. Always be closing.
Ladies, ladies, you're all pretty! Midol for all!
Did your periods all sync up or something?
Piob does have such a way with people
I live in the DC 'burbs and it's terrifying biking in rush hour. It's only 6 miles to work but I can't do it on a bike, pretty sure I would literally die.The best biking is either out in the country or in closer to the city. Even in good conditions I don't like riding the roads here, not much shoulder and people aren't used to bikes. In DC, especially on the heavy corridors like near Rock Creek, people just expect walls of bikes everywhere. I'm in more danger from the...
Princeton really that bad? Guess I'm glad I didn't move to Jersey last year.
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