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This is an exceptionally SF post, but: Did anyone else notice that buff colored leather jacket that Jaime was wearing in the last two episodes? Pretty badass. This one:
Tonight, sloe gin fizz with a splash of creme de cassis. Really nice red berry notes while maintaining the sour of the sloe Had a fun thought, based on the Kir (or Kir Royale). Sloe gin, a bit of creme de cassis, and white wine or champagne. Maybe a bit of lemon if the wine isn't dry enough. Might have to try that this weekend.
Add a note saying "Premium MOP buttons." I think they're $20 extra (someone confirm?). You can do thin buttons too, which I usually do for gauntlet buttons and button-down collars. Hard to button with the thick ones.They actually have a gigantic assortment of buttons (shown somewhere in this thread) but they're extremely hard to find. Hopefully the new site will be better.
It was unbelievable. They packed all our stuff, hauled it outside in 90F Georgia heat, loaded it up on the truck in less time than it would have taken us just to get the stuff downstairs.Even had these sweet wardrobe boxes with a rod in them. Better believe I saved those for my next move.
Work paid for my last move. We didn't even have to pack our stuff, they just showed up and boxed everything up, out onto the truck, and *whoosh* away it goes.Only downside, I ended up never going through all our crap and throwing out anything. Just unpacked it all in our new place.
Those uniforms look awful. Both teams wearing all one solid color, plus the sleeves. Bleh.
His whole schtick is acting like an asshole (or he just is a miserable asshole), seems like getting banned occasionally ought to help his credibility.
You have to pay for shipping if you're just ordering swatches, which makes it rather uneconomical.However:Place "Additional Service" in your cart.Go to cart.Add list of swatches to "Notes" field.
Put the list of swatches in your additional requests field, and then add the "Additional Service" product so you can pay for them. Add $1 per swatch.
He has such a punchable face.
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