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Cold brew without dilution is like free based coffee. I can't imagine drinking it straight unless you're doing little espresso-sized cups. I made a pretty strong batch my first time out and didn't adequately diluted it, and got the same deal Booth got, dizziness, racing heart, etc. Also had to race to the bathroom like two minutes later, so there's that.
That adequately describes my expression whereupon ordering of Starbucks.
A lot of people "step up their coffee game" by getting a Keureg. A decent swatch of the country that "likes coffee" is still buying pre-ground beans from the grocery store in five pound bags. People don't know any different. Starbucks is the good stuff for a lot of people.Alternatively, there just aren't better options in much of the country. I'm right outside DC in a rich county, and there are barely any local coffeeshops around where I work. It's Starbucks or making...
Liquor after liquor, you get there quicker.
That's a weird looking martini.
I dunno, getting drafted by the Bucs is kind of a consequence.
Was she upset that her name was not spelled mit umlauts?
It seems worse without the horse/gun thing. Getting put out of your misery vs more than a little rapey.
Most of these examples look like an exotic bird is trying to consume their head from behind. Without being framed by a jacket, it's an odd look. But hey, shows like Luxire can take all sorts of concepts and make them work to the customer's satisfaction.
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