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Could have them hem it and add a couple inches of seam allowance.
Those shows are more than just scripted, they're full of convenient lies.My dad did an episode of Curb Appeal, gave the people a ~40% discount since it was a promotional thing. The show reported that the cost of the job was half of the discounted cost. Every sales lead they got was basically useless, everyone was expecting them to do the work below cost.
I had some Hairbender shots and a couple pourovers of the single origins at the Dolcezza in Merrifield and enjoyed it. There's not enough options like that in suburban Maryland.
Such a perfect condensation of consultant mentality. You can't just steamroll everyone a week in. You have no credibility, even if you're right by the numbers. It's even worse if you're a permanent employee and not a consultant.Why are people always surprised when they're the new hire with a bunch of ideas for how to make everything run better and they face resentment for it? Of course people are going to resent you. You have to be at least in management to get away...
I snapped off the end of the plunger on mine. Apparently you can get replacement parts, but the whole thing is only ~$25 for I never bothered to figure out how to order them.
That's their standing policy. It's not especially popular, but that's how they do things. Many of the times when measurements are wrong, it's because customer provided measurements don't match up with how Luxire does measurements. Is it a gross error, or something that could be accounted for by this sort of error? Obviously Luxire does make mistakes, but this seems to be common with first-time customers.
The answer to pretty much any question like this is "yes."
Taking the rules literally without considering the actual situation is classic Dumb New Guy behavior. Someone should just pull him aside and tell him he can't take that shit literally, and he needs to be there during core hours. Or everyone could just murmur about it and watch him fail, depends how altruistic you're feeling.Depending on the work, sometimes you just need to be available during business hours.It's probably just asses in seats culture though.
why has weighted in. Everybody go home.
He took us out to a really nice restaurant the last time, so he's not a total cheapskate.The weird thing is that he probably spent more on that dinner than hiring decent movers. Who knows.At least this time he hired the movers for the four story walkup part (and yeah, it was four floors) and the other end has an elevator.We all work together, so she volunteered as a backup option. We were hoping it wouldn't come up. Oh well.
New Posts  All Forums: