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I have heard from others, but have no first hand information, that the Schotts are built like a sack.Welcome to the Forum.Can't help you on #1 & # 2, but the answer to your third question is that it is just another model in the collection. The Authentic's pit to pit measures the same as the issue coats, so it may be a little better fit than some of the other models. If you haven't already done so, read the fit section in my peacoat dating guide. The section on fitting...
Thank you for your kind words. Glad you found my research helpful. PCThis thread is pretty much limited to peacoats. There are probably other areas on the forum where you might find a more accurate answer to your question. But if you post photos, someone might give you some comments.With the proportions you have given, and the description of the pockets, it might be better to start over with something that is a better fit for you.
Good, I hope it works out for you. Also hope you have read my guide on fit and sizing so you won't have any surprises about the fit.
When I was younger, much younger, and spending time in your area and in NYC, I found a peacoat and a sweater were sufficient to keep me warm. Today, I need more than that when the temps get below the 20s.As an aside, thank you for editing your post to correct what I am sure was a typo!
The collar and the lapels on the 1962 are not oversized; they are basically the same as the other years. If all else is within your parameters, pull that trigger!Oh, and looking like a vampire is not always a bad thing. I have found that many females are intrigued by them.
No. The collars are designed to be large so they can be turned up and block the wind.
You might try bending the collar back against the outward curve. Then mist it, keep it in that position and let it dry. That is the way I usually train unruly collars and lapels.
And there is a very good practical reason for not buttoning the bottom button: It keeps stress off of the thread when seated. I will say though, that when I was in NYC, the bottom button would be left undone while seated on the subway, but when I got out in the 18 degree weather, that button would be closed as well, with the collar put up against the cold and the wind. Just seems warmer to have the collar up, even when out of the wind on the subway. I never really...
Looks like a good fit to me. Try misting the collar to get wrinkles out. Don't worry that it looks boxy when unbuttoned; peacoats aren't made to be worn that way. Use a one way fabric brush to clean it. The brush will have two sides, each side will be for brushing one way. But first get it dry cleaned. That will get rid of any unwanted bugs, and will give the coat a very nice finish. Is the tag size a 36? Surprised to see a WWII coat with a p2p measurement that...
Sleeve length is OK, torso length may be a bit short. Hard to tell from the pictures, though. As long as it covers your butt it is OK.
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