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Most peacoats have only a thin rayon type lining. Normally, the lining isn't for warmth and adds nothing to the thermal retention properties of the coat. The thick outer wool is what normally gives a peacoat its warmth.I agree with Dbear that the hype factor is reflected in the price. Nor am I a fan of the peak lapels.
I think it is possible and probably has been done, but my question would be, why?
Sorry, but I can't advise on civilian coat fitting; I have no specialized knowledge of that type of coat.
For an idea of how to get the proper size peacoat, read my guide, the link to which is contained in the my signature line below. The sizing section is toward the end. A peacoat should not feel tight or uncomfortable at any point, unless, of course, one is looking for an extreme fit.
You might call Sterlingwear and see what they say about the sleeve length on the XL. They have a pretty good customer service department. Our member ClarinetPlayer purchased a MilSpec coat about a year or so ago, and was quite pleased with it. If you have questions, I am sure he would be happy to answer them. He mostly hangs out in another part of forum, so you will want to send him a PM.
If the seller measured properly, it will fit like a roomy size 36. But one thing I have determined in checking the p2p in the smaller sizes--34 and 36--the p2p is a little larger (maybe .25 to .50) than in the larger sizes--38 and up. Especially 40 and up. I have no idea the reason for the anomaly. So, this coat may be dead on proper p2p measurement for a size 36.If you haven't done so, you might copy my instructions for measuring the p2p and send them to the seller to...
I think IronRinn's advice is pretty good when dealing with VT. I would, however, send them the instructions in my guide on measuring the p2p and see what they can do.
From the lack of response to your question, I would say that most on here don't much care for cotton pea coats. Or it could be that as the peacoat season is over, no one is checking the thread? My feeling is that if you can put a cotton peacoat to use, then go ahead and get it.
Been playing too much Angry Birds. The holes can be rewoven. A tailor can tell you where. I usually just leave any moth holes alone, as they add character.
Now it slows until September/October.
New Posts  All Forums: