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I would leave it the way it is and not worry about it. When I get home, I will check and see if any of mine do that.
Probably the size 38 would give a decent fit and still allow a sweater underneath. When you call to order (and, yes, they will know that you want the Navy issue if you ask about the Mil Spec) give them your measurements and see what they say. At worst you would have to pay return postage to get a smaller size. Not only does Sterlingwear make a good peacoat, but it is a good company to deal with as well.One of our members, ClarinetPlayer, has a Mil Spec and is quite...
I would say 1965 or before, but the lack of corduroy in the hand warmer pockets is anomalous. Everything else points to mid 60s or earlier.
Probably the original sailor's name followed by his service number.
Not really. If one has filled out--say over 18--and with a standard American body build, it is pretty simple. Your problem, Wang, is your very slim build. I mean when a size 32 is large on you, there isn't much you can do. I will say that your size 32 peacoat is so rare, I hate to see you sell it. You will never find another one. Just wait a few years, and you will grow into it. You will need it later, especially if you go to school in the northeast.My chest size is...
It looks like a good fit, in the body length, sleeve length as well as the torso. I wouldn't change anything.
It has gotten down in the 30s here at night, but warmed to the low 50s today (Middle Tennessee). Not quite there for me. But I have a bunch of high end leather jackets that need the exercise.
If you want to add some length to the sleeves, there is usually extra material inside the cuff that can be let down for a longer sleeve. Take a look at it and see if there is extra material there. If so, take it to a tailor, or seamstress, and see what the professional opinion is. A seamstress is usually more reasonable in pricing for a job like this.
The length looks OK in the body, but the sleeves are shorter than I like. If you feel too constricted, don't wear a thick sweater.
Based on other reports I have received about Vintage Trends, you may be exactly right.
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