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There is no way to know if this coat will fit you without knowing your chest measurement and if the seller has measured correctly--usually not. Below I have provided you a link to my peacoat dating guide. Toward the end is information on proper fit, and instructions to the seller for the proper method for measuring the p2p of pea coats.
Yep, this is not the coat for cold weather. Even the vintage US Navy pea coats have a limit on cold weather wear. What helps them out in temps much below freezing, is to layer with a sweater. I find that for me, that is about the cutoff. Below about 25, I find I need a sweater if I am not going to be walking.
Most jackets and coats that have a trim fit will pull when one is reaching forward or overhead.
I don't even try.
The WWII models are the slimmest. They got a little larger post war in the 40s. Only a little difference between the 50s and the 70s, but some. Many people wouldn't notice the difference.If one is filled out to one's adult size, with normal proportions, fit shouldn't be a problem. If, however, the buyer still has the skinny frame of adolescence, the coat will be too large. As an example, I have a chest size of 42" and weigh 190 lbs. with an athletic frame. A size 40...
Well, they aren't making anymore of them, and it is the finest material made for peacoats. Probably find one less than that on ebay, though. If I didn't have one, I would gladly pay that much for a nice one.
The Navy quit using Kersey as a cost cutting measure back in 1980. I'm not aware of any other company using it.
Looks good CP. Hope things are going well in AA. Need to make it back up there some day before it gets too late. Lots of good memories.
Looks really nice. A good score.
I agree it doesn't need to be taken in anymore. Looks a little long in the body and a bit short in the sleeves. I like for my cuffs to end an inch or so below the wrist joint. But everyone is different. You only have to please yourself.
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