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I took a look at this jacket. It isn't a surplus coat, and it isn't made by Sterlingwear.If you haven't already, take a look at my peacoat dating guide which is linked to in my signature line below. it will tell you how to distinguish the issue peacoats from the civilian copies.
Current US Navy pea coats aren't sold in civilian brick and mortar stores. Nor are they available in small, medium and large sizes. What is probably being sold is a civilian version of the peacoat.Fitting of civilian "pea coats" is all over the board. Probably best you go in person to see how they fit. To give you an idea of proper fit, see the guide linked to in my signature line below. The fitting section is toward the end.
Yes, I have had that done before. Can't remember what the tailor called it (maybe a bias?), but in construction it is called "scabbing on." Worked well and allowed the sleeves to be extended an inch or so, which is all I needed.
If you don't like the color, or something else about the coat, exchange it now before it is too late. The Authentic should have that black (or almost black) color and might be just a bit more fitted than the Navigator. The Authentic is fitted about the same as the current issue peacoats.
It is quicker if I fix it myself.It's OK to go through the lining of the peacoat, but you should not go through the pocket to the inside of the coat. Sew through the shell into the pocket, but not through it. A thimble is necessary when sewing through the heavy material of a peacoat.See this link for instructions and a video. Make sure you follow the instructions to make a shank in the thread.http://www.wikihow.com/Sew-a-Button
If it feels too tight, it probably is. It looks long in the torso, but that could be the angle of the pictures. The wool shell will stretch and break in over a few weeks. So, if it is just a little tight, it may fix itself. Otherwise it will remain too tight.
Here is a size 42 WWII peacoat on a 42" chest (mine). That is as slim fitting as I want to wear. A size 40 in a WWII would be a bit tight for my preferences. I can wear a size 40 in the post war vintage models.as they are just a bit larger. EDIT NOTE: For my tastes, the sleeves should be another inch or so longer. There is enough material in the cuff to lengthen the sleeves, but it doesn't bother me that much, so I just leave it. Actually, this may be a coat I gave...
If the seller measured correctly, it ought to give you a nice trim fit. Let us know how it works out.
That is the problem when a seller gives a "chest measurement," we don't know what they mean by that term or how the measurement is taken. It is best to ask the seller to give you an accurate p2p measurement. If they use my instructions for measuring the p2p, all subjectives are removed from the equation, and we know how the coat will fit in the chest.Yes, you can shift the buttons, but it can lead to asymmetry if the buttons are moved more than just a little. The proper...
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