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All of the issue coats will be too big for you. Go another route.
That is a short single breasted overcoat. They were popular years ago, but went out of style because they weren't long enough to keep the wearer warm when the temperatures dropped in cold climates. Looks like some designer is trying to revive them.If you live in a warmer climate, that length and type of coat should be fine.
Peacoats are not made to be worn over a suit jacket. You could do it by getting an oversize peacoat, but peacoats are cut at about the same length as a suit jacket, so it may well be too short to cover the jacket.
If you mean the brand name, I don't know, but the style is a WWII vintage peacoat. Can't tell if it is the real thing, though.
The Mil-Spec is the one issued to the sailors. It probably is cut a little differently and may be made from higher quality materials. Probably warmer as well. If I were to get a current, non-vintage peacoat, it is the one I would get.
I checked my peacoats, and one has a pucker similar to what you have on one of the sleeves. I had not noticed it before. Nothing to worry about.
I would leave it the way it is and not worry about it. When I get home, I will check and see if any of mine do that.
Probably the size 38 would give a decent fit and still allow a sweater underneath. When you call to order (and, yes, they will know that you want the Navy issue if you ask about the Mil Spec) give them your measurements and see what they say. At worst you would have to pay return postage to get a smaller size. Not only does Sterlingwear make a good peacoat, but it is a good company to deal with as well.One of our members, ClarinetPlayer, has a Mil Spec and is quite...
I would say 1965 or before, but the lack of corduroy in the hand warmer pockets is anomalous. Everything else points to mid 60s or earlier.
Probably the original sailor's name followed by his service number.
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