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Only if you want them. I would have nothing else. But that is just me.
I think the coat is just too big for you. Before you start cutting it, you ought to send it back and try a size or two smaller.
The p2p measurements are taken across the front of the peacoat. They are not doubled as more error is induced by doubling the number.The p2p on your size 38 coat should be 20+- inches, probably about 20.25 for a 1962 peacoat. Please see my dating guide for the most accurate method of measuring the p2p.
Difficult to tell exactly from the pictures, especially Laymanx's photo, but I would say both of them are decent fits. Laymanx, please let us know your chest size, the stated chest size of the coat, and the exact p2p of your coat. That will add to the body of knowledge of the fit of these coats.
The tailor will be able to use almost all of the excess material, if needed. He will add a piece of dark material to the excess, and that will allow more of the original fabric to be used. I think of it as "scabbing on" in the construction business, but I think tailors refer to it as a "bias," perhaps because ot the use of bias tape.
There should be enough material inside the cuff to lengthen an inch or so, and more if the seamstress left the excess material when she shortened the sleeve length.
Appears to be a good fit through the torso and the sleeves. Might be just a bit short in the body length. Hard to tell from the picture. If it covers your butt, it is a good fit in the length.
I have heard from others, but have no first hand information, that the Schotts are built like a sack.Welcome to the Forum.Can't help you on #1 & # 2, but the answer to your third question is that it is just another model in the collection. The Authentic's pit to pit measures the same as the issue coats, so it may be a little better fit than some of the other models. If you haven't already done so, read the fit section in my peacoat dating guide. The section on fitting...
Thank you for your kind words. Glad you found my research helpful. PCThis thread is pretty much limited to peacoats. There are probably other areas on the forum where you might find a more accurate answer to your question. But if you post photos, someone might give you some comments.With the proportions you have given, and the description of the pockets, it might be better to start over with something that is a better fit for you.
Good, I hope it works out for you. Also hope you have read my guide on fit and sizing so you won't have any surprises about the fit.
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