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The Navy quit using Kersey as a cost cutting measure back in 1980. I'm not aware of any other company using it.
Looks good CP. Hope things are going well in AA. Need to make it back up there some day before it gets too late. Lots of good memories.
Looks really nice. A good score.
I agree it doesn't need to be taken in anymore. Looks a little long in the body and a bit short in the sleeves. I like for my cuffs to end an inch or so below the wrist joint. But everyone is different. You only have to please yourself.
Not too interested in the coat, but that girl . . . .
You were extremely lucky to find a long size in the vintage series. The 40 won't be a trim fit wearing just a shirt, but it will allow room for a sweater or a vest. If you read my guide, and know how to find the date embedded in the code, you ought to have the right year. With the pewter buttons, it sounds as if it were placed in service before the late 70s.Good luck.
You are a tweener, which makes it a little more difficult. But I think a 38 would give a fairly decent fit probably as good as you will get. Won't be that trim, though. Might even have room for a sweater. I think a size 40 would be a little large on you, but a sweater would fit.A size 38 p2p should be about 20.25 to 20.75. For you I would shoot for the smaller p2p; however, trying to find a long is going to be a struggle. Whichever size you can find a long in, get it.
I think the coat looks fine. I would keep it. That's my opinion. But the only opinion that matters is what you think.
Now, you are going to have to get the same answer out of the Sterlingwear customer service rep before you can make headway on your return.Odd that the company would have erroneous information on its website. Could be they changed the material from Melton to Merino, but never updated the site.If you had described the collar in your first post the way you described it in this more recent post ("collar folds onto itself,") I could have told you it wasn't Melton.Good luck...
Maybe my answer was a bit oblique. If Sterlingear says your coat is Melton, it is Melton--whatever they mean by the term, "Melton." I don't think it is Merino. So, the chances are slim Sterlingwear made a mistake and made your peacoat of Merino. Do they even advertise any coats made of Merino on their website? The salesperson you spoke with may have been misinformed. I just compared my Sterlingwear Classic (80/20 blend) to one of my current issue peacoats (100%...
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