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Quote: Originally Posted by mreggen I'm 41 in the chest, so bought a 42R on vintage clothing. The coat is beautiful mint kersey wool, unfortunately it's way to big. Being on the other side of the planet and vintage clothings return policy I guess I will get rid of it locally. No point in trying to salvage a coat like this at the tailor right? It would have to be both shortened and taken in a lot. Might take it to a seamstress and see what the...
I agree with Vaio. Good length in the sleeves and in the body--maybe a bit long in the body. A little big elsewhere. If you go down a size, you should be about right. Or you could go down a size and make it a long, but I don't think that will be necessary. Normally when going down a size, one will lose about 1/2" from the sleeves and about 1" from the length in the body. When going to a long, there is usually about 1" added in the sleeves and about 2" in the...
Yes, a 38 might work better for you, especially if you want a more fitted look. A friend of mine with a 39" chest got a vintage 40, and it was too big for him.
Quote: Originally Posted by PaulYAY I actually snapped up the size 34 Vietnam era coat that you linked to on Ebay. I bought my first peacoat ever in September, which didn't end up fitting (grey APC in size M, 21 p2p if anyones interested), and then bought 2 within the past 2 weeks. One is the navy Kitsune I posted, that was a bit more dressy (you mentioned the more suit-style lapels). And now the black deadstock Vietnam era coat. I should be set now,...
Quote: Originally Posted by ArsenalDan Well I tried on a 38 from WW2/Korean war-era, corduroy pockets, Naval Clothing Factory tag, the whole deal. Itll cost me $145, which is about the same after shipping from Vintagetrends (and I haven't seen anything comparable on EBay). And DAMN it's perfect. I was hoping to spring for less than $100, especially since I found a new Fidelity peacoat for $105, but the coat was amazing. I may just need to splurge on...
Quote: Originally Posted by ahjota Peacoat, you should add the link to your writeup to your signature. Thanks for the idea. I didn't want to go overboard, but since this is a thread dedicated to the peacoat, it might be appropriate. If not, I'm sure a moderator will tell me remove it. I will go back and reread the rules to see.
Also, there is a link in an above post to an article I wrote about the dating of issue peacoats. It also has a section on sizing. The post with the link is about 5 or 6 posts above.
Quote: Originally Posted by phaseshift crap...thanks *DOH* That's OK, there are 206 pages in this thread. Semper Fi.
Yep, looks pretty accurate from what I could tell. I wonder about the type of wool used in the construction, however. Probably no way to tell without actually handling it.
Quote: Originally Posted by GreenFrog Where should the cuff of the sleeves fall on your wrist when you're standing up? How about when you're sitting down and your arms are bent, as if they are resting on a table? I like mine to fit between the break in the wrist and the first joint of the thumb--where the webbing starts. About 1/2 between the two would be ideal for me. Others may want the sleeve length to be a little longer or shorter.
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