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Also, there is a link in an above post to an article I wrote about the dating of issue peacoats. It also has a section on sizing. The post with the link is about 5 or 6 posts above.
Quote: Originally Posted by phaseshift crap...thanks *DOH* That's OK, there are 206 pages in this thread. Semper Fi.
Yep, looks pretty accurate from what I could tell. I wonder about the type of wool used in the construction, however. Probably no way to tell without actually handling it.
Quote: Originally Posted by GreenFrog Where should the cuff of the sleeves fall on your wrist when you're standing up? How about when you're sitting down and your arms are bent, as if they are resting on a table? I like mine to fit between the break in the wrist and the first joint of the thumb--where the webbing starts. About 1/2 between the two would be ideal for me. Others may want the sleeve length to be a little longer or shorter.
Quote: Originally Posted by ArsenalDan Hi Peacoat, began this inquiry before but then dropped off the face of the earth, so I thought I'd try again. I am looking to grab a vintage USN Peacoat but am unsure how to size down/up based on the vintage. I tried on a new Sterling 38R which fit basically perfectly (if SLIGHTLY too snuggly). I measured my chest today and it is a 37. I'm 5"11, 160 lbs. Do you have any advice regarding coats from pre-79? I see a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bartlebooth So if I'm putting time and effort into caring for my new shoes, should I put a bit of effort into caring for the matching belts? I know it gets less wear, not being on my feet and all, but it's leather, too. Maybe a little conditioner every few months? Does anybody apply shoe care principles to other leather products? A quick search brought up some posts about caring for jackets and wallets, but I saw no...
If the coat fits in the shoulders, you don't want a smaller size. It would be uncomfortable, if not unusable. With your build, I imagine you have come across this problem before. Have the coat taken in where it is too large on your torso. Not a big deal.
Quote: Originally Posted by drechie They are asking $125. Do you think its worth it? The last time I was in England, I bought two of them. They were considerably more than $125, but cheaper than I could have gotten them for in the US. If unworn or lightly worn, looks like a good price.
If you live in a climate where the high temperature is frequently below 40F during the winter, then the primary consideration should be the type of material the coat is made of (hopefully wool), and the thickness and tightness of the weave. These considerations will tell you the probable warmth of the coat. That should be the primary motive for buying any heavy winter coat. In the pictures above, it is impossible to determine the fit of the peacoat, as the buttons are...
Quote: Originally Posted by zazaza right, its just to hold everything in place. (at least thats what the rep at sterlingwear said when i bought mine) That certainly is a reasonable explanation, with the fastening buttons being off center and the triangulation and all, but I have never had a problem with any of my coats getting out of alignment. Maybe someone with a looser fit might have that problem, and for them the inside button would a...
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