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I wouldn't move the buttons so you can wear a sweater with the size 34. You have the 36 for the sweater wear. The shoulders look fine.
If you can try on the small, do so and see how it fits. Based on how the medium fits you, I would say the small would be a better fit than what you have now.
It is a couple of sizes too large for you. Go to the link in my signature for advice on sizing and fitting. That section is toward the end of the guide.
Not really sure a "market value" can be assigned to an item such as that. Depends on how badly you want it. I would say $250 to $500 would be a fair price.I had two WWII coats a few years ago. One wasn't in perfect shape, but it was in pretty good condition, all things considered. A friend of mine had been looking for a WWII coat for over a year without success. He wears the same size as I do. I gave it to him. Now he has one and I have one (WWII coat, that is).
I think the overall length is fine as is the torso fit. As you noted, the sleeves are a bit shorter than I would like, but still doable. There is probably enough material at the cuff for a seamstress to let it out a bit if it is going to bother you.
Yes. Will cost about $45 depending on where you are located.
Glad you got to wear it, and that you guys won.We had a little over 12" of snow in the mountains Friday night, so peacoat weather is here. The Tennessee mountains are about 2 hours to the east of me, so I wasn't affected by the snow, but it was a cold and windy day here in Middle Tennessee.
I would shorten the sleeves and leave the rest alone. Looks good.
Yes, I am sure acclimitization plays a part. Also important in my situation is the fact that I am, as my wife says, "easily chilled." Whether I am on a motorcycle, on horseback while fox hunting or sitting in a football stadium on Sunday afternoon, I usually feel the cold more than most. Don't know if it is due to lack of substantial body fat or internal temperature regulation, but I am sensitive to the cold.
There is no way to know if this coat will fit you without knowing your chest measurement and if the seller has measured correctly--usually not. Below I have provided you a link to my peacoat dating guide. Toward the end is information on proper fit, and instructions to the seller for the proper method for measuring the p2p of pea coats. http://www.thefedoralounge.com/showthread.php?35824-PEACOAT-DATING
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