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You are a tweener (between sizes) and more difficult to fit. I would try a size 42 from Sterlingwear. If it is too large, you can send it back and get a size 40. I would be concerned that the size 40 would be too short in the sleeves. As you already have the size 44, you will have a good idea how the size 42 will fit.
If you lose enough weight to reduce your chest to 38" a size 36 peacoat ought to fit you OK. P2p of 20" or a little less in a size 38 ought to give a good fit.A short size may have been made, but I'm not sure I have ever seen one. If you get a good fit everywhere except the sleeves, they can easily be taken up. Tell the tailor to not trim the excess so the sleeves can be returned to original if the coat is sold.A size 38 ought to give a good fit, especially if you gain an...
For the sleeve length, about half way between the wrist and the knuckles. Some like them a bit shorter. For the body length, it should just cover the butt, probably not more than an inch or two below.
There is a size 36 on ebay the seller is saying is in excellent condition. The p2p is 20.5", which is a little large for a 36. Probably will fit more like a 38. Although this is the second 36 we have recently seen with a p2p of 20.5". It is a 1966 peacoat, so it has the nice Kersey wool.
Yes, that is actually the p2p of a size 38, and a large 38 at that.I can't find the measurements I have for the size 34 and 36 peacoats. I remember the size 34 coats have a p2p of 19", which is larger than we would have thought. And I think I remember the size 38 coats had the standard p2p of about 20.25" to 20.50". That would mean the size 36 coats have a p2p of about 19.75". That is what I would expect to see from those three size peacoats.Maybe someone with a size...
Now I am confused. I thought the coat you got was a size 36? For a size 38, a p2p of 20.75" is just a little large. I would expect to see about 20.25" to 20.50", but it is still in the normal range.
Interestingly, the size 34 and 36 coats have different p2p than we would normally expect. As I remember, the size 34 coats have a p2p of 19", and the size 36 coats are close to 20". I have three size 34 coats, both vintage and current issue, and they are all at 19". Can't remember the exact measurement of the size 36 coats, but I think they are almost 20". Yes, please post the p2p of your coat when it comes. Try to be accurate to 1/4".
Looks like a good fit to me. I am surprised you have enough room for a sweater, having gone down to a size 36. When I drop a size for a tighter fit, I don't have room for a sweater. That may be a "large" size 36. Your tag should be a U. S. NAVY label, which is my favorite label. Don't you just love that Kersey wool? It is top of the line.
Finita: It is a loose copy of a WWI peacoat.
Jhnkago: I'm not that familiar with the Schott products, so I can't give advice there. Didn't even know they had a 751 that was slimmer fitting than the 740.
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