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Jhnkago: I'm not that familiar with the Schott products, so I can't give advice there. Didn't even know they had a 751 that was slimmer fitting than the 740.
I have never had one, but have heard the Schott fits like a box.I agree with Spaghetti that the SterlingWear would be a better choice for a trimmer fit.
You got a keeper. Congratulations. PC.
That is a beautiful, probably unworn, 1949 peacoat. I give it that date because of the style of the tag and the N140 prefix. I have one just like it, and it is a confirmed 1949 issue coat. That year has the best Kersey of all the years I have had. Congratulations. Every now and then even blind root hogs find an acorn. You did well. See my link for dating these coats below, and I believe, also in my signature line. And, BTW, welcome to the...
Peacoats should cover the butt. Not sure yours does. Also looks a bit full in the torso.
Having two coats in different sizes is a good move. Allows more flexibility and provides for a more fitted look, whether with or without a sweater.If you can find a WWII in a size 38, it might give you a good, fairly tight fit. They are the most common of the WWII coats, but not as common later on.My wife has reorganized all of my research materials, and none of it can now be found. Because of that, I can't put my hands on the actual p2p of the WWII models . But I...
if you go with a size 38, it will be a fairly loose fit with enough room to layer a sweater or a vest underneath. If you go with a size 36, it will be a closer fit, with probably no room for layering.
The smaller sizes are fitted differently. I have three size 34 peacoats. The p2p on all of them is a steady 19", so the normal rules aren't followed in the smaller sizes. A size 36 has a p2p of about 19.5" to 19.75"
Renaldy, that is a 1969 coat. It is too long in the body. Can't tell about the fit around the torso. If it fits elsewhere, it is a simple matter to have it shortened. Welcome to the Forum.
Rather than a droopy shoulder, it appears you may have a bit of scoliosis going on, which causes you to stand a little crooked and, as a result, the shoulder hangs a little lower. I would have the sleeves lengthened as, in my opinion, they are just a little short.
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