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If she measured properly, that coat will fit like a 42 and not a 38. It may well be as large as the one you now have. I hope not. I have no idea when the green or black corduroy pockets were placed in service. I just know they are very cool. Have never seen blue corduroy before. Good luck and let us know the actual p2p and how it fits you. PC
First of all the coat pictured is a little too large for you, and the length is about 2" too long, The hem should be just below the buttocks. From the p2p you provided, it is a size 42 and not a size 40. A true size 40 from the 60s will measure right at 21.25". The size 38 you are contemplating will fit more like a size 40. A true size 38 from the 60s will have a p2p of right at 20.25". It is important to ask sellers to measure the p2p the way I describe in my article....
I think the ooat is too big on you. It looks a little long in the body and you aren't filling out the shoulders. That may be why you are getting the wing effect on top of the shoulders. But your question is how much should you worry about it? I wouldn't worry about it all. Being in Finland you will need a sweater under the coat. If you have enough room in the chest for one, that will help fill out the shoulders, plus it will keep you warmer in the frozen northland.
I use a fabric brush that is one way brushing. Works great. Like this one: Brushing before wearing is quick, simple and effective, I can't imagine wearing a peacoat without this type of brush.
Looks like an acceptable fit this time. The left sleeve appears to be longer than the right. I am presuming they are the same length? The right sleeve is a perfect length. I would rather have the sleeves a little long rather that a little short.
See if LL Bean can give you an accurate p2p measurement. That is a better indication of how the coat will fit rather than relying on the stated chest size, which varies between manufacturers. If you haven't already done so, read my guide linked below. Toward the end there is section on fit and how to minimize sizing problems when ordering online.
I agree with Roybivuxg above. Shoulders look fine. Sleeves and body are too short. The sleeves should come 1/2 way between the wrists and the webbing st the first joint of the thumb. The torso length should just cover the butt.
Yes, the p2p should be 24.5 (if 49" is the outside measurement) which gives 46 as the actual size of the coat, irrespective of what they say the size is. If the wool shell is as thick as the wool used in the vintage US Navy peacoats, that coat will fit someone with an actual chest size of 46 fairly loosely, and with a chest size of 48 fairly closely.
A p2p of 24", if measured correctly, would fit like a size 46, not a size 48 or 49.
P2P is merely the measurement of 1/2 of the outer diameter of the coat. When we know how a coat with a certain p2p will fit, we can use that as a guide in buying coats online without having to rely on the stated size as given by the manufacturer. In an earlier post I told you what p2p should give you a good fit. I think I said 23.25." Rely on that in narrowing your search.You also need to know that coats made of fabrics of different thicknesses (peacoats vs. leather coats,...
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