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Shoulders and body appear to fit well. Don't know if a jacket would fit under the shoulders, though. They are a good fit as is.
I think the Buzz Rickson will be your best bet. Although I have never handled one, I know they are of high quality. I believe the Sterlingwear WWII repros are a lighter weight wool, perhaps a wool/nylon blend? It is a slippery slope when one gets away from the originals.
WWII peacoats are hard to find, but worth it if you can find one in good shape. They are built a little tighter than the more current coats. If you want to layer a sweater, then go for a size 40. If you will wear it with just a shirt underneath, then a 38 ought to work for you. But quite frankly, you probably should grab whichever size you find first. Back then size 38 was the most popular size as the men were smaller 70+ years ago, and they were young and had not put on...
You are certainly welcome. Glad it worked out for you.
Fit looks good to me. The BR is a quality coat, from what I have heard. Agreed? Your dog will make a bed of it if you leave it out for him
A peacoat should just cover the butt, with maybe an inch below the butt. Anything longer, and it is too long. I would rather have the sleeves too long than too short, but overall I would say the coat is a size or two too large for you.
Sleeves are a little long, shoulders are too big and the torso is too long and too loose. In other words, you need a size or two smaller, which isn't available. For Chicago, you will need two peacoats; one that has a snug fit with just a shirt underneath for temps above freezing, and one that is a size larger for layering when the temps are below freezing (your mileage may vary). If your peacoats are thick heavy 100% wool, they ought to block the wind and give enough...
Yes, it is late VN issue; however the shell is not the desired Kersey, but is the less desirable Melton. For a guide to peacoat dating, see what I have written on the subject, the link of which is posted below in my signature line. BTW, welcome to the forum. PC.
The current issue Sterlingwear peacoats are, to my eye, black in color. If there is navy in there, it is hard for me to see. Now keep in mind it hss been several years since I actually examined one. A friend of mine needed a warm casual coat, so I gave him my only current issue Sterlingwear. I have seen him wearing it a few times since, and it has always looked black to me.Get a current issue Sterlingwear, remove the anchor buttons and replace with what you want. Problem...
Hard to tell how it fits from the submitted pics. As to the "normal movement," the question to ask yourself, is it comfortable to wear while driving an automobile, or if you use mass transit exclusively, is it comfortable as you go about your outside activities? A little tightness is to be expected in the armpit area as you raise your arms up to 90 degrees, as you are doing in the photograph. Doesn't appear in that photograph to be too tight. In my opinion the three big...
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