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Quote: Originally Posted by AutoX Maybe I'm behind on the trends, but I'm noticing a TON of you guys wearing the bottom of your jeans and even slacks rolled up. What's the theory behind this? The new style? I've always been wearing light boot cuts and just have them altered/hemmed to fit. The only time I use to wear the legs folded up was in middle school when I didn't know better, and my pants were way to long. What am I missing?...
Square toed Kenneth Cole loafers. Preferrably with a rubber sole.
Quote: Originally Posted by dsoren Yeah, how the f does TR get away with charging so much for their crap? Prostitution aside, separating fools from their money is the world's oldest profession.
Quote: Originally Posted by bare bodkin I don't. "Homophobic" is a word that smug PC undergrads throw around to make themselves seem enlightened and tolerant. Keep trying to categorize people under *isms and I'll keep on not giving a fuck. You can't get inside my head and find out what my prejudices are, and even if you could, they might change at any moment. Whatever you have to tell yourself, champ.
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