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The slipping in the heel will decrease as the shoes wear in, and the sole starts bending a bit more.
Fantastic watch! I happened upon the line a year ago, and became obsessed. Constantly tracking the [limited] North American used market and such. I'll probably start off with a smaller quartz Grand Seiko, but the mechanical watches are ultimate.
Into my third month with black shell Alden loafers, they are, undisputedly, my favorite shoes. They've worn in perfectly, a light buffing to remove dust only, and the shine is always there. As the sales guy said, shell wears like iron. But with black, the "roll" is less pronounced. I've recently complemented my black LHM with an identical pair in #8 !
Thanks for the support. I'll probably choose the Cordovan Leisure Handsewn Moccasin, in Dark Burgundy Shell [as described on their web site]. I have another pair in black, and they are the nicest shoes I've ever owned. It took a month to break in [wearing on alternate days]. If the belt thing would have been an issue, I'd probably go for a dark brown in the shoe, rather.
The local shoe guy is taking my Allen Edmonds back; they just don't feel right, and I'm thinking of getting a pair of Alden shell #8 slip-ons, with the store credit. Q: Do I have to wear a cordovan belt with my cordovan shoes, or will a dark brown belt work? Q: I keep hearing that most color trousers work with #8, and another might say "Blue only". What say ye? Thanks!
How about black shell slip-ons?
At one time I had 60 pairs of matching charcoal socks. I got out of the job that required work boots, and began wearing dressier shoes. I'll still select half a dozen in one style when I buy, to make sorting easier. A dedicated sock bag, and a socks-only wash load, helps keep the socks from wearing as much. Yes, the mania transfers to underwear. When I recently choose a new vendor, I bought 40 pairs [and have a dedicated skivvies bag only for, you guessed it,...
Shoes are funny. As kids we take what we are given, and deal with it. As we become older, and begin to make our own choices, [and spend our own money], we want more from our shoe. A loose heel isn't the end of the world. As the sole loosens up, it would bend with the foot, and the heel would stay put. The 9.5s might have been the right size. I'd be most concerned if the shoe was pushing my toes to the point where one toe was crossing under another. Other than...
Am I the only one to have shirts laundered and pressed [no starch]?
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