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Work out after work, not before or during business hours. Have a cooldown period of stretching, heavy weight non-cardio, more stretching, then iphone reading then shower and into street clothes.
Was 500 each, 3 for 1350.Regularly 1200 to 1400 each.
Hickey @ Soiffer Haskin on w33rdEnds tomorrow. Suit selection was still pretty good at closing today where picked up two.
I am only just now logging in to the new SF. I do not recognize anything. There was something like 'my control panel' or 'my forums' button that would list all forums I subscribed to with new posts after my most recent visit. Also, I had set a setting to show most recent posts on top. that setting is lost. As others not, the new layout is spaced out and see fewer posts per computer screen (13" laptop). The pageloading is still fast though.
Books on tape by Alex Roy. Make pit stops efficient. Drink water (or sport drink) a little when gas is half full, then a lot when down to 1/4 tank. If you get in a fast pack of traffic, keep with it. If you're stuck in a traffic jam an under half a tank, pit 'under the yellow' and top up.
Quote: Originally Posted by coolpapaboze Sounds like they made the right decision. Do you think margin or leverage are appropriate for a retirement account ? If you want short term 2x swings, look at an ETF like SSO. SSO (a ProShares Ultra ) was cited below, but understand that it gives, or is supposed to yield, 2x the daily return, not 2x a decade-long return. Quote: Fund Summary The investment seeks daily investment results,...
Quote: Originally Posted by LawrenceMD this will all go back to reasons people wear black coats though... because wearing a dark coat is a shield you blend in with everyone else, so when you're on the L train and some crazy mother fucker starts complaining about how Jews are the reason for katrina or egypt you're less likely to be the one the guy is yelling to. I want to be wearing a black coat when the Jews are to blame. Love the tophat...
I have about 8 days in Beijing, 5 in Shanghai in March 2011. I like architectural tours with a little more depth than the typical bus tours. Plan to find some old village-like areas in Beijing and Pudong and Maglev trains in Shanghai. (a university-sponsored Chicago riverboat tour spoiled me for tour guide expectations a few years back) Beijing will be mostly daytime or early evening oriented. In Shanghai I can go out at night, but I am not obsessed to go to the...
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH As a coffee fanatic I had to trythis place. I couldn't believe how overpriced everything was and when I saw them put a pod in a machine I almost laughed. It tasted exactly like what it was. I cannot believe this place is serious. Just go to Gimme Coffee on Mott street and have a real cup. Also, going the other direction, Sant Ambroeus in the West Village has been reliable.
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