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Did everybody stop liking Uniqlo and flip over to some other competitive brand I am not aware of? This thread used to be super active.
If you are talking about the heattex turtle shirt, they are very thin but work well for their purpose especially if you keep the size on the tight side to keep it close to your torso, but wear as an outer shirt? I wouldnt.
Appear to be gone from website now
Which +j pants?
I disagree with the general consensus of lambswool. I bought 4 of the sweaters and wear them daily over my dress shirts. I've worn 2 of them at least 10 times each with little to no pilling.It's a $21 dollar sweater. If it only lasts 20 wears, that's a buck a pop.I think it's much warmer and slightly thicker then Merino, which I also own.For what it's worth.
Thank you!
When you guys taper your jeans at the cuff, what are you cutting them down to width-wise at the cuff?
I think they are really nice. I got the V neck versions and they are perfect in a M to layer over a dress shirt. The white is a little transparent, but the darker colors are fine and are actually warm. For $21 or whatever they are, you can't go wrong.
Waiting for jet
Those are loose fitting? 6.5 is the taper?
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