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Anyone else rip the nylon tab off the back of their boot (unintentionally)? The design seems fragile, and off one came when putting on my boots this weekend. Oh, by the way, the boots are like 8 weeks old. Should I have the two pieces of leather stitched up so there isn't a hole between? -Jack
We've previously pegged RLBL just below Isaia, but seeing as RLBL is discontinued, I'm not sure that matters much in retrospect. The RLBL I do own have held up perfectly though. Only *slight* complaint as trends have changed over time is the jacket length is a smidge long.
Wow, I disagree significantly with this ordering in the spreadsheet (but the spreadsheet is great!). RLBL way down below fused Gucci? I think not.
What kind of brush would be recommended for oiled suede C&Js? The regular shoe brushes seem too soft for this type of texture. Thanks in advance!
Wow those cardiffs ^^
I bought a pair of Conistons in black "oiled suede" from Barneys of NY. I cannot find a single reference anywhere on the interweb on how to clean and care for this leather. It's basically a roughed or brushed leather then oiled. Any ideas?
Jesus I thought I was bad buying $2000 in shoes in one month.
Maiden voyage.
^^^Thank you
I dont even see them listed on the BB website
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