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Those are loose fitting? 6.5 is the taper?
I was hoping someone would have addressed the forum changeover by now...nope. Still very inconvenient.
Does anyone know if the +j down parka has a hoodie and is it removable?
I mean, from the pics on the email with the models, do they really think those fits looks good? Seriously.
Arisim are the bomb. I have 15 pairs because I travel constantly. Literally the best I've ever had. Low rise is fine unless you don't trim.
Only if they're on sale.
Where? I don't want to see one in Chicago.
I have drawers full of uniqlo socks. Some are lower quality than others. I tend to by them in the stores so I can handle them, some are great, more are good, and some are downright shitty.
SA at SOHO store told me they don't stock half of the quantity the 5th ave store does, nor do they have complete selection.
New Posts  All Forums: