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Appear to be gone from website now
Which +j pants?
I disagree with the general consensus of lambswool. I bought 4 of the sweaters and wear them daily over my dress shirts. I've worn 2 of them at least 10 times each with little to no pilling.It's a $21 dollar sweater. If it only lasts 20 wears, that's a buck a pop.I think it's much warmer and slightly thicker then Merino, which I also own.For what it's worth.
Thank you!
When you guys taper your jeans at the cuff, what are you cutting them down to width-wise at the cuff?
I think they are really nice. I got the V neck versions and they are perfect in a M to layer over a dress shirt. The white is a little transparent, but the darker colors are fine and are actually warm. For $21 or whatever they are, you can't go wrong.
Waiting for jet
Those are loose fitting? 6.5 is the taper?
I was hoping someone would have addressed the forum changeover by now...nope. Still very inconvenient.
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