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Damn, hearing that the peacoat's gonna be gone makes me want to order it in navy... On another note, I was at Holt Renfrew today and tried on a Burberry bomber in brown lambskin... the A2 is head and shoulders above it.
Loving the A2... but coming from the CWU/P, I have a question: How durable is the threading for the A2 front pocket buttons? I ask because with my CWU/P, I used the front pockets all the time; for money clips, cigarettes, lipbalm, etc. Have a slight concern that the threading will wear out fast with daily use...
A2 in brown lambskin ordered September 9th Tracking received December 7th Life is good
^ Been there, done that (with peacoat and CWU ) Gotta appreciate the small things in life
Going on 13 weeks for A2 in brown lambskin When tracking comes it's party time
A2 in brown lambskin over navy ZZegna suit. thoughts?
Is there an approximate shipping date for orders made around September 9th? I don't mind waiting, but I'm trying to plan a vacation in the next couple months. Don't want my bomber to arrive while I'm away
Hi, first time poster, need some advice I'm looking for shoes/boots to wear with my slim jeans. I wear Nudies, slimjims Need shoes/boots that'll last during the winter, keep snow and rain out advice?
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