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Pants look great...What brand are they and where can I cop a pair?
The shoes were new.
So...My Ferragamos arrived in the mail and I wore them for the first time today. I love the shoes but in my opinion they run at least a half size larger than their AE counterparts. I will wear a thick pair of socks with them from now on and they should be fine...However, if I had it to do over again I'd order a 9.5 instead of a 10.My 2 cents.
Probably has been said already...but- Whoever is spamming the forum with their stupid Live Streaming ads is getting really annoying.
Just picked these up from ebay. They are called Eagle County Boots. They were manufactured in 2003 but the seller had never worn them. I really like them. They can be worn with many different combos.
[[SPOILER]] @chocsosa...Looks great!
I take a size 10 in AE. I just ordered a pair of size 10 (US) Ferragamo shoes from ebay so I'll let you know how they fit when they arive. I'm a bit nervous now that I've read that they tend to run a size larger than the AE...guess I'll find out for myself in a couple of weeks.
Nicely done, sd13!
I dunno...I agree about the comment about looking cut in half; but, the dark brown tie seems a step in the right direction to pull it together. A matching solid dark brown pocket square might do the trick.+1 for the cool jacket!
Just picked up a pair of Naked and Famous 19oz raw selvedge denim jeans. The style is called Weird Guy and the denim is called "Elephant Denim #3- 19oz Heavyweight Selvedge with Brown Overcast." It's a dark indigo colour. The denim is pretty stiff but it's starting to break in already. I'm really happy with the fit and style and hoping to develop some nice indigo fade patterns. Cost: $175 ($CDN)
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