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WTF??? If you don't like the thread, you could just click past it. No need to be rude about it! Plus...It's a totally reasonable question. Questions about garment care, dry cleaning, etc. often come up. But what about germs and vermin? What if your garment is stained with something that you just find so disgusting that you just can't imagine it ever being "clean" again no matter how much you wash it? We all wonder about these things. It is normal! Chill out !
I'm as Manly as any Man on StyleForum!!! I can kill a mouse with my bare hands...But I don't rub it's blood all over my body and into my clothes!!! That's just gross!
This will work! Thank you for your advice!
My wife washed some of my shirts yesterday. Unfortunately, a mouse somehow got into the laundry. When my wife pulled my white shirts out of the dryer they were covered in mouse blood. My wife immediately put my shirts in the laundry sink to soak with some spot remover. She then came and told me what happened and let me know that I might have to buy some new shirts. However, my wife re-did the laundry today and reports that my shirts are completely clean and that you...
Thought I'd give this channel a try. I'm listening to it now. I like it.
I love Jim Rome!
+1I would recommend having the nib either reground or re-tipped if need be. If you replace the nib, it may (from a collector's perspective) decrease the value of the pen.
I don't care for dress shoes with jeans. I think a pair of Alden dress boots would probably look better.
This was the problem. I just installed Google Chrome and now everything is running as it should!!!!!THANK YOU!
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