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I found a photo of an outfit I think I'll really enjoy. I'm fairly new to dressing more stylish, it's a new phase in my life. So I could use some help in locating similar. I tried to purchase the actual items, but they are located in Germany and as far as I can tell they won't ship to Canada. Any ideas? Thanks
Looking to buy a 40L Black suit for a friend Also looking for a 40R for myself, looking for a subtle pin strip or a charcoal Please email to Thanks
I love this site, I find a ton of great information here.
Hello, I really enjoy the fit of a Z Zegna over an E Zegna(I know the Z isn't nearly as good as the E, but I just don't look good in any other model of Zegna!), is this an E or a Z Zegna. Thank you for any information
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