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I got a DB email saying they've cut prices even lower now...
Yeah I'm a little baffled, I'm 6'3" and can wear most 38Rs (I have long arms and usually need another inch of sleeve). There are tons of great deals on ebay.
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 I've never seen a pair of used Grenson that I would buy. Are you imlying they age poorly?
What do Grensons go for on ebay? I almost go a piar of new wingtips for $50 because it seemed like a great deal.
The waist will stretch if you wear them as well.
80s music has aged surprisingly well, probably he second best decade for pop music this century. This reminds me of one of those lame VH1 shows...
I remember right after 9-11 a couple guys in town got "God Bless America" tatooed on their foreheads. Nice thoughs, but a little extreme for me. There's also an older guy I see at the grocery with a face tatoo, you can tell he got it years ago (he's at least 60) and regrets it, it's sad.
What exactly is Ask Andy/AAAC? I get that it's kin of like the MC here, but is it an offshoot of STF? Less classy than MC? cater to a more expensive taste??
None. I feel bad enough here, but it I'm borderline obsessed with clothing right now and it feeds the habit. Forums can be insanely useful and informative, but for someone as curious as myself I always end up getting sucked in and finding ten news things that interest me. They're also fascinating, I can't believe more psychologist and sociologists aren;t studying them.
Not to get political, but I'm kind of surprised that Arnold is Blair's last visitor to No. 10, not that he's not important, but I expected bigger for a high profile PM after 10 years in office.
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