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I notice that in most of these cases you think the chest is too tight, but your remedy isn't just to make it bigger, but to make it fuller and give it a bowl shape. It often looks better but isn't always practical in the real world (I realize it's sorta ridiculous dicussing practicality in regards to photoshoped alterations). A lot of the time (for me anyways) sizing up isn't an option, because it creates a poor fit in other areas, though I have a posture that makes me...
Quote: Originally Posted by PaoloM Yeah, my posture is poor, that was a natural issue, sadly=/ . Good luck then. I have a bit of an "s" shape to me, and run into the same problems, i.e. no matter what stuff looks tight in the chest and waist.
do you have a swayback? it kind of looks like it from the pictures, and would explain a lot of the fit problems.
price drop again, before they're off to Goodwill. They're nice mocs, comparable with LLBean, but made in Maine.
price drop on j crew BB sold
I saw a gret old polo westen barn coat years ago, motheaten beyond repair, but still reall cool. Are there old Polo Sport/Polo Jeans Co. collectors? Going crazy sniping each other on ebay auctions for cargo sweatpants, carpender jeans and faded ribbed mocknecks.
^ RL has a bunch like that, and I really like them.
Both size large, both just too big for me (about 23" pit to pit on each) J.Crew longsleeve, from last summer, has the diagonal pockets everyone hates. $15 shipped conus old BB short sleeve $15 shipped
People are too quick to praise stuff based soley on some misplaced idea of authenticity. I know too many pople, who can't get enough shitty, "authentic" mexican, no matter how half-asses the preparation, and can't wait to snarkily judge anyone who walks into a mecian chain. I'm not a huge chipolte fan, but I have a feeling those who are aren't under any delusions that it's authenticly mexican, they probably just like the way it tastes. I've sat through plenty of...
#1 looks a bit easter-y to me.
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