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Sorry for the annoying fit question, but I'm wondering about breaking in the Marlow Penny Loafers. I bought two pairs, one in 11D (my size in most shoes) and one in 11.5 D. The 11D pair is okay, but uncomfortably tight in the toes. Whereas the 11.5 pair is much better but perhaps just a bit too long (some heel slippage). How much doe these stretch and accommodate a foot after break-in? Are they like Alden LHSs where they essentially gain a half size over time? or does...
which is which?
Has the sizing on the penny loafers changed at all since they changed the name from "darlton" to Marlow? I felt the pennies ran about a half size small before.
Just sold a sportcoat to a guy in Japan. In the past I've always just used USPS first class, but this thread and the guy's low feedback # have me worried. Any suggestions? I was thinking one of those international priority flat rate boxes.
is that rebel222?
I have an embarrassingly silly question... I picked up a pair of Trickers wingtip boots, but the combination of the flexible sole and softer, more pliable leather is causing me some worry. Like most non-moccasin shoes, the shape of the toe doesn't follow the actual contours of your foot. In other, well-fitting shoes I'll have a gap between the end on the tip of the shoe's toe, and my actual foot, but because of the hard sole and stiff toe it goes unnoticed. However in my...
I'd go with the 13s. I sized down and wonder if TTS would have been a better idea.
then just don't offer free shipping.
Be careful, it could be from their "44" outlet store line.
I think there was a bit of a shell bubble that's finally starting to pop. Prices were really high for a while, I remember seeing heavily used shells in 11D going for $175+, but prices are getting closer to actul value lately. But I have the same question dhbdhdbdhdbd has, how do these people do it? Like that guy who sells Polo stuff for at of more than retail, who posts terrible pictures of him holding the backs of jacket to make them fit. (how I hate him). He's been...
New Posts  All Forums: