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Dumb question. With just about every item I list, I get a "how much to ship to Japan/Australia/Russia/uk?" question. I always have my listings set up with a weight, shipping method and "international cost, calculated" . Is there some reason why buyers can't see what the shipping price to their country would be?
Been kinda dry lately but a couple half decent things odd old smoking or dinner jacket, a it tight on me, more of a 36 or a siim 38
Yeah, having them ship to each other way probably the wrong move. I messed doing that with two shirts once, I think I offered both buyers full refunds and offered to pay for the return shipping back to me as well. So I gave a question about Garagesale (the mac ebay app): I'm a small-time seller, I mostly do it just to feed my own clothing/thrifitng/discount store hobby. I have no interest in templates, or operating an ebay store. I generally just try and take good,...
Just curious, those of you who ordered the newer Iron boots with the darker leather, has it lightened up over time?
I have a pair of the stp not stows and I'm trying to figure out if I want to keep them or not. Has the lack of a storm welt been a problem for anyone? I don't need to walk through a pond, but I'd like to be confidant knowing the can handle the rain. From the pages of reading I've done, it seems stp's truckers run about 3/4 of a size big, does that sound right? I.e. I'm and 11, I ordered a 10.5 , they're a bit big but a size 10 would be too small ( I figure with boot...
Size down? Interesting. I did wear the tts pair and it was pure agony to walk in.
Sorry for the annoying fit question, but I'm wondering about breaking in the Marlow Penny Loafers. I bought two pairs, one in 11D (my size in most shoes) and one in 11.5 D. The 11D pair is okay, but uncomfortably tight in the toes. Whereas the 11.5 pair is much better but perhaps just a bit too long (some heel slippage). How much doe these stretch and accommodate a foot after break-in? Are they like Alden LHSs where they essentially gain a half size over time? or does...
which is which?
Has the sizing on the penny loafers changed at all since they changed the name from "darlton" to Marlow? I felt the pennies ran about a half size small before.
Just sold a sportcoat to a guy in Japan. In the past I've always just used USPS first class, but this thread and the guy's low feedback # have me worried. Any suggestions? I was thinking one of those international priority flat rate boxes.
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