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^That Wownicesuit guy seems to do that all the time, he's bough a couple suits from me and instantly relisted and gotten far more for them.
I've had no problems shipping to Israel w/ regular usps first class. Only done it a couple times though.
^WHOA found this the other day, .99 cents so though it was worth the risk of fakery
re: free stuff I'v gotten ties thrown in on a couple ebay purchases, but both times they were pretty awful things that'd I'd never even consider wearing (like a really 90s stafford and an ugly, stained rooster).
Dumb question. With just about every item I list, I get a "how much to ship to Japan/Australia/Russia/uk?" question. I always have my listings set up with a weight, shipping method and "international cost, calculated" . Is there some reason why buyers can't see what the shipping price to their country would be?
Been kinda dry lately but a couple half decent things odd old smoking or dinner jacket, a it tight on me, more of a 36 or a siim 38
Yeah, having them ship to each other way probably the wrong move. I messed doing that with two shirts once, I think I offered both buyers full refunds and offered to pay for the return shipping back to me as well. So I gave a question about Garagesale (the mac ebay app): I'm a small-time seller, I mostly do it just to feed my own clothing/thrifitng/discount store hobby. I have no interest in templates, or operating an ebay store. I generally just try and take good,...
Just curious, those of you who ordered the newer Iron boots with the darker leather, has it lightened up over time?
I have a pair of the stp not stows and I'm trying to figure out if I want to keep them or not. Has the lack of a storm welt been a problem for anyone? I don't need to walk through a pond, but I'd like to be confidant knowing the can handle the rain. From the pages of reading I've done, it seems stp's truckers run about 3/4 of a size big, does that sound right? I.e. I'm and 11, I ordered a 10.5 , they're a bit big but a size 10 would be too small ( I figure with boot...
Size down? Interesting. I did wear the tts pair and it was pure agony to walk in.
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