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Brooks Brothers Sweater All lambswool, knitted in the UK, saddle shoulders, nice heather green color tagged a medium, fits very much like a large, far too big for me 24" across the chest asking $30 shipped/offer material:http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8486/8251992880_bfc72348d6.jpg LL Bean Norwegian Sweater made in Norway, tagged size small though body fits my medium frame perfect the sleeves are too short 20" across the chest, 22" from the armpit to the end of the...
Aquascutum Raincoat Aqua5 model, single breasted, with belt, made in Canada, 55/45 cotton blend tagged 40 Tall 23" chest, sleeves are around 35" when measured like a shirt, 48" long bottom of collar to hem down the back asking $60 shipped or offer [img][http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8304/7897958386_7639ccf72c.jpg[/img] http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8205/8257335230_daf11357b5.jpg Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren Raincoat a really nice coat, not some cheap mall RL thing made in...
Huntington Alpaca Jacket Tagged 40R, very soft, made in the USA, 3/2 sack, hook vent, lower patch pockets it has this wispy piling on it, I'm not sure if it's a terminal diagnosis for a jacket, but figured someone might want to take a stab at it 22" chest, 18" shoulders, 25.75" sleeves, 31" bottom of collar to hem down the back asking $15...
Not stuff I'd wear but a couple fancy labels I rarely come across: Bijan Pants: Brioni shirt (poor condition, and a size 19 neck, probably should have left it).
Just for the record, I wasn't complaining about wowniceshirt/suit in my post. Each time he bought from me the final price was more than I had hoped to get for the suit, if he can make more good for him.. I'm more surprised at the fact that he does get ask much as he asks, I think his pictures are often pretty bad, with poor lighting and they'll even exaggerate the dated aspects of certain jackets. I can understand how Spoo would get more for a tie than the average seller,...
My experience: I'm an 11D in most things AE, LLB Mocs, Sperry, Sebago, a 10.5 in the alden lasts that run a size small. 10.5D Katahdins were great on length, but tight at the sides and overall just a small toe box in general. 10.5W Katahdins far too wide 11D Katahdins too long, had heel slippage
^That Wownicesuit guy seems to do that all the time, he's bough a couple suits from me and instantly relisted and gotten far more for them.
I've had no problems shipping to Israel w/ regular usps first class. Only done it a couple times though.
^WHOA found this the other day, .99 cents so though it was worth the risk of fakery
re: free stuff I'v gotten ties thrown in on a couple ebay purchases, but both times they were pretty awful things that'd I'd never even consider wearing (like a really 90s stafford and an ugly, stained rooster).
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