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Huntington Alpaca Jacket Tagged 40R, very soft, made in the USA, 3/2 sack, hook vent, lower patch pockets it has this wispy piling on it, I'm not sure if it's a terminal diagnosis for a jacket, but figured someone might want to take a stab at it 22" chest, 18" shoulders, 25.75" sleeves, 31" bottom of collar to hem down the back asking $15...
Not stuff I'd wear but a couple fancy labels I rarely come across: Bijan Pants: Brioni shirt (poor condition, and a size 19 neck, probably should have left it).
Just for the record, I wasn't complaining about wowniceshirt/suit in my post. Each time he bought from me the final price was more than I had hoped to get for the suit, if he can make more good for him.. I'm more surprised at the fact that he does get ask much as he asks, I think his pictures are often pretty bad, with poor lighting and they'll even exaggerate the dated aspects of certain jackets. I can understand how Spoo would get more for a tie than the average seller,...
My experience: I'm an 11D in most things AE, LLB Mocs, Sperry, Sebago, a 10.5 in the alden lasts that run a size small. 10.5D Katahdins were great on length, but tight at the sides and overall just a small toe box in general. 10.5W Katahdins far too wide 11D Katahdins too long, had heel slippage
^That Wownicesuit guy seems to do that all the time, he's bough a couple suits from me and instantly relisted and gotten far more for them.
I've had no problems shipping to Israel w/ regular usps first class. Only done it a couple times though.
^WHOA found this the other day, .99 cents so though it was worth the risk of fakery
re: free stuff I'v gotten ties thrown in on a couple ebay purchases, but both times they were pretty awful things that'd I'd never even consider wearing (like a really 90s stafford and an ugly, stained rooster).
Dumb question. With just about every item I list, I get a "how much to ship to Japan/Australia/Russia/uk?" question. I always have my listings set up with a weight, shipping method and "international cost, calculated" . Is there some reason why buyers can't see what the shipping price to their country would be?
Been kinda dry lately but a couple half decent things odd old smoking or dinner jacket, a it tight on me, more of a 36 or a siim 38
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