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Grenson (Masterpiece?) for Paul Stuart "Stuart's Choice" Size 11D, I'm pretty positive that's a US size, I'm an 11D and they're not too big or small, just a last that doesn't work great for me. natural, unfinished leather, good condition, plenty of life left on soles, heel pad has been replaced. asking $100 shipped or offer Allen Edmonds Byron Size 11D These are an ebay purchase of mine. I bought them used, but the next week got a pair of Aldens in the same style...
Pretty poor despite being good shirts.I had a bunch that I used to wear, they were in great condition, but I wanted to get rid of all my point collars, barely got $7-15 for them on ebay after several listings, even the sea island ones.The nice thing is though, that makes them a good brand to find ebay deals on.
I used to HATE international shipping, but with ebay's new shipping setup it's easy. It just takes a few extra seconds to print the label, and you have to hand it off in person (though I think you can do a carrier pickup), I just take it to the customer servic dsk at the nearby grocery store since they have a usps drop off.
\Thanks for the help everyone, I searched the store high and low for pants, kid's, women's, dressing rooms.Oh well, honestly half the fun was finding something new and interesting.
please excuse the quick taken in the dark phone pics...Found these two Isiasa shirts today, really bummed they're not my size.I love the collar, it's got a great roll to it. I'm going to have to scout ebay for one in a 15.5 (these are 17).They're actually in good condition, aside from being starched to a shine I know the photo makes them look all brown and splotchy.Hickey Freeman flight coat, I remembered AlanC writing about these, so I figured it was worth a purchase.Two...
I've learned that it's useless to pickup anything, especially pants with an odd-numbered size.
Picked this up yesterday, may have been a huge mistake: if it's any good, more pictures to come, when I have light Gucci Tuxedo, jacket only, seems legit (fully canvased, surgeons cuff) but was hoping the tag might authenticate it. I tore the store apart looking for the pants. I picked this up a few weeks ago and it's my favorite find in months: I was a huge Steve Martin fan as a kid, and still am really, would have jumped at this record anyways but this is...
I know I'll just take any opening to mock his ridiculous style of dress.
Are you joking?see:
I just did a major closet cleaning, photographed and measured everything in anticipation of listing tomorrow night, then I realized the auctions will be ending the day before Christmas eve. Are you big time sellers holding off till after the holidays? I seem to remember stuff selling poorly in january and february.
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