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I don't mind ebay's "sellers must ship in one day" rule, but is there any way to amend it so it only applies when they pay in, say the first 48 hours? It's just a pain in the ass for my schedule, if I have a bunch of items ending on a sunday, I'll always be sure and have time set aside monday and tuesday to ship. But when you get sme guy paying days or weeks late, it's a pain to have to rush to ship.
Thanks. Thinking of heading back for the EPI speakers that were with it. I think it's considered a middling brand by audiophiles, but it's probably the best I'll be able to thrift.
Found this Marantz 2240B receiver today. I paid far more than normal thrift store prices, but I'm really pleased with it. The thrift stores around here send all their electronic to one electronics store, there they know their stuff, price it correctly, and even with that it goes fast.
any recommendations for a good, cheap postal scale? My old TJMaxx kitchen scale finally bit the dust.
Has anyone here tried the Sebago for Filson Boots? example here: I was skeptical at first, and am unsure about styling, but they're all over the online discount stores and I really need a new beat-around fall winter chukka.
ARRGH I BIN'd a suit a few months back, I didn't work for me (the measurements were right, but it was an odd cut and just fit awkwardly). The seller specified no returns, so I acted like a grownup and relisted it myself, rather than faking a flaw and being a bitch. I've since relsited it, and sold it. The suit is about a size 38, I'm a 38 and it fits me well in the chest, the guy I just resold it to, says it doesn't work for him, and that on the tag he can see that it...
Found this cool 90th anniversary W&G jacket, sorta a knockoff barbour, tons of cool details (poachers pocket, detachable collar, a zilllion pockets, wool liner, moleskin lined handwarmer.....) Fabric is a cotton blend but feels oily.
No, I'd say the pic color is pretty accurate, sorry.
yes thanks
sorry all sold
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