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So a Canadian guy BIN'd something I was selling, messages me to say that the price in the invoice ($16 for a package under 2 pounds) is too high, shows me where a flat envelope of the same weight is only $9. Some back and forth, asks to be invoiced for just the $9 shipping, and if it doesn't work he takes the full blame, I'm not responsible etc etc. Am I ok? or is this going to come back and bite me?
For a while I was on a quest for a very specific version of the Gucci bit loafers (the old, old design with the round toe, medium height vamp and normal sized/low heel), as I came to learn the sizing is all over the map for these, and for many you can't really tell until you try it on. So I have a handfull of pair that don't fit that I'd like to resell on ebay to recoup some of my costs. Here's the problem, on a couple pairs the writing on the insole is worn down enough...
In all my listings, on ebay's listings page I go through and give the weight of the package, check yes that I ship, select the services available, and use the "calculate price by weight" or whatever. Yet, I get inundated with "How much to ship to Germany/Ukraine/Japan/Thailand/Canada etc etc. The past few time I've listed it's been on over 1 in 4 listings. Is there some reason ebay isn't showing the price? or are they just not seeing it. How can I stop all these stupid...
That's crazy, I had no idea. Is that what they generally go for, or is it because you put out that much better listings?
Thanks!That's kinda why I ask:I went TTS on the pennies, but after a couple days of painful wear decided I should have sized up, so I bought 1/2 size bigger.
1/2 size bigger than TTS?
If anyone is interested, I have a pair of these in 10.5, in the old style leather (much preferable IMO) that I'm going to return to LLB. I much much prefer the look of these, but the 11Ds fit me better. Just thought I'd see if anyone here wanted them before I send them back, tried on indoors, but never worn outdoors. Bought them at the old price too, so like ~45 cheaper than the current LLB retail..
LOL ebay: -I sell a jacket of my own, a nice super puffy goosedown thing that I liked but I have WAY too many jackets as it is. -Buyer write me unhappy with a lots of, frankly questionable complaints. -I write back super apologetic, offer him a full refund and to pay return shipping. I could really care less, plus worst case, I get my old jacket back, best case resell it, as I had like 100+ watchers. -His reply, well the thing is the jacket is so destroyed that...
I thought it was when the PO scanned it.
\Of course I don't.But when some Estonian guy pays 12 days late I hate that I have to drop everything and ship out his package asap.
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