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In all my listings, on ebay's listings page I go through and give the weight of the package, check yes that I ship, select the services available, and use the "calculate price by weight" or whatever. Yet, I get inundated with "How much to ship to Germany/Ukraine/Japan/Thailand/Canada etc etc. The past few time I've listed it's been on over 1 in 4 listings. Is there some reason ebay isn't showing the price? or are they just not seeing it. How can I stop all these stupid...
That's crazy, I had no idea. Is that what they generally go for, or is it because you put out that much better listings?
Thanks!That's kinda why I ask:I went TTS on the pennies, but after a couple days of painful wear decided I should have sized up, so I bought 1/2 size bigger.
1/2 size bigger than TTS?
If anyone is interested, I have a pair of these in 10.5, in the old style leather (much preferable IMO) that I'm going to return to LLB. I much much prefer the look of these, but the 11Ds fit me better. Just thought I'd see if anyone here wanted them before I send them back, tried on indoors, but never worn outdoors. Bought them at the old price too, so like ~45 cheaper than the current LLB retail..
LOL ebay: -I sell a jacket of my own, a nice super puffy goosedown thing that I liked but I have WAY too many jackets as it is. -Buyer write me unhappy with a lots of, frankly questionable complaints. -I write back super apologetic, offer him a full refund and to pay return shipping. I could really care less, plus worst case, I get my old jacket back, best case resell it, as I had like 100+ watchers. -His reply, well the thing is the jacket is so destroyed that...
I thought it was when the PO scanned it.
\Of course I don't.But when some Estonian guy pays 12 days late I hate that I have to drop everything and ship out his package asap.
I don't mind ebay's "sellers must ship in one day" rule, but is there any way to amend it so it only applies when they pay in, say the first 48 hours? It's just a pain in the ass for my schedule, if I have a bunch of items ending on a sunday, I'll always be sure and have time set aside monday and tuesday to ship. But when you get sme guy paying days or weeks late, it's a pain to have to rush to ship.
Thanks. Thinking of heading back for the EPI speakers that were with it. I think it's considered a middling brand by audiophiles, but it's probably the best I'll be able to thrift.
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