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Polo Ralph Lauren quilted jacket -a really nice coat, in great condition. It's tagged a size large, and fits that way, lined in a warm fleece, with leather trimmed pockets, substantial brass hardware (snaps and zippers) and big inner pockets. a great layering piece, or fine worn on it's own. 24" chest 21" armpit to end of sleeve 29" long bottom of collar to hem down the back I also have one in Medium, that's a shade darker and a bit thinner.
Dumb question. A while back I thrifted a handful of shirts custom made for a local man, who's a kinda famous geeky, ex-richest man in the world. I thought it was a cool thing to show off to friends etc etc, but as you'd expect the novelty soon wore off, and now I kinda want to get rid of them. Is in in poor taste for me to list them on ebay using the guy's name? anyone have any sort of experience selling this sort of thing? or is it skeevey of me to even consider this?
which last is the penny on again?
Do you guys still pick up Zanellas when you see them? I used to (mainly to sell on ebay to subsidize my own purchases) but lately they don't seem to sell for much, and I've been finding more and more of them languishing for weeks on thrift store racks. My local goodwill just put out like a dozen pairs, all recent, normal colors good condition, in the old days I'd have picked them all up, but now I'm wondering if they'd fallen out of favor or something.
My older, British relatives always traveled with frames. Might be one of those things that has died out with smartphone, but I remember my uncle and aunt's travel frames spread out on the dresser at the hotel or house we'd be staying in.
Moonbeam, what size did you end up with? TTS? sized down a half? how'd it work out for you?
I can't really help, but I had the exact same problem with the Pennies. I wore them for a day in agony.Ended up finding a pair in a half size bigger, it was better, honestly, I still have both pairs just haven't decided which to keep yet.
A buyer messaged me saying he hasn't got his package yet. USPS tracking shows it as being delivered two weeks ago. He seems genuine and trustworthy and everything, but I kinda feel like he should contact USPS before I issue him a refund, is this a seller faux pas?
So a Canadian guy BIN'd something I was selling, messages me to say that the price in the invoice ($16 for a package under 2 pounds) is too high, shows me where a flat envelope of the same weight is only $9. Some back and forth, asks to be invoiced for just the $9 shipping, and if it doesn't work he takes the full blame, I'm not responsible etc etc. Am I ok? or is this going to come back and bite me?
For a while I was on a quest for a very specific version of the Gucci bit loafers (the old, old design with the round toe, medium height vamp and normal sized/low heel), as I came to learn the sizing is all over the map for these, and for many you can't really tell until you try it on. So I have a handfull of pair that don't fit that I'd like to resell on ebay to recoup some of my costs. Here's the problem, on a couple pairs the writing on the insole is worn down enough...
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