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I have a bunch of stuff to list, I haven't gotten around to it lately because my thursday and sunday nights are always packed. With the 1000000 free lisitings would it make more sense to list everything whenever I have the time during the week, instantly cancel the auctions then come back on sunday night and just press "relist" 30 times?
Yeah, part of the reason old Chester Barrie RLPL stuff is so cheap is that it's unwearable. I had a 38R suit (snagged it for what I thought was a great deal on ebay) the shoulders were 20".
Is this a bad time of year to be listing stuff on ebay?
Thanks guys, really appreciate the help.
Anyone here ever sold vintage concert tee shirts? I have a couple that were kinda given to me years ago, I've been told they're worth enough to sell on ebay. Trouble is I cant figure out the categories, "entertainment memorabilia" "vintage" or just regular clothing. Any advice?
ties $8 each Lands End BB Lands End Robert Talbot BB Polo Brooks Brothers
anyone know the nam of this now discontinued Allen Edmonds model?
anyone know the nam of this now discontinued Allen Edmonds model?
NWT Pantherella socks, 70% Merino wool, 30% nylon, made in England $12/pair 2 pairs of Purple OTC 1 Pair rust OTC 1 Pair Khaki OTC, 1 Pair Khaki non-OTC khaki-non otc remain Polo made in Japan, cream with black skulls $10
That vintage BB jacket with the red lining is awesome. I found a similar North Face parka a few weeks back, if anyone's interested, I have like 5 parkas already so it's available if anyone's interested. Some blues yesterday, I've been searching for a croc belt forever, finally found a great BB one in mint condition and it's too small:crazy: Oh, and picked these up for a couple dollars the other day, worth a gamble?
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