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I sear there was an SF thread about this a number of years back, but I cannot find it at all.Hysterical blog, great stuff.
the linen jacket is now sold price drop on the tweed
I'm not a slim lapel fan, if anything I prefer a slightly bigger than average lapel on most of my suits. That being said I have an older Brooks Brothers suit, the fit is perfect, the shoulders natural, in short everything is right about it except the giant 4.25" lapels. that come within a couple inches of the shoulder. I believe it's an old Brooks MTM, and the big lapels look really out of place on the suit. Doing some experimenting with a tailors tape it would seem...
I had a good weekend thrifting:-grey Pringle shawl collar cardigan, in my size.-three brand new pieces of All Clad cookware, a saucepan and dutch oven with lids and saute pan.-a recent, Pendleton Indian blanket-a couple vintage, very lightweight, light blue BB end-on-end shirts with unlined collars, my size.I've been looking for one for a while, either really light end on end, or solid light blue madras (though according to some people they're basically the same). After...
I was at the Barbour outlet for their post-Christmas sale and went a little crazy leaving with both arms full of bags. Realizing I had bought way too much, and a number of "duplicate" items here's some of my haul: Babour Guncheck Tweed I love this Tweed pattern, but the fit is just a little short for me (I'm 6'3" and ideally a 38L). -beautiful guncheck pattern with brown, green blue and red -tagged size 38 -three button front -leather buttons -sleeve patches -side...
IAldens SOLD 'm clearing out my closet, these are both ebay/forum purchases that didn't work out for me. I'll add that when it comes to shoe fit and sizing, I'm all over the place, so I might not be all that helpful with sizing questions. [spolier] Alden From Brooks Brothers Chocolate Suede LHS 10.5 D, great condition I bought these used, and the fit was off so never wore them. Judging by the soles and insoles though they seem to have been worn only a handful of...
Hav any of you found the toebox able to stretch out over time, mines a bit tight on my right foot.
Those early Chester Barrie RLPL suits have unwearably big shoulders, best to tay away.
Not my auction, but I thought this pair of Katahdins on ebay has aged attractively. http://www.ebay.com/itm/180809916444?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649#ht_994wt_1122
He's bought/bidded on a few of my items and I found him a pleasure to deal with.His initial prices were just a touch above mine, but the final bids were like 4 times higher.I think his pictures look bad, but they seem to work well, I can't begrudge what the guy does.
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