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Fair points, though I'll add that even in well dressed areas (at least one's I've spent some time in: New York, Chicago, London) you aren't often blown away by well dressed men.Also, that just wearing Brioni or RLPL doesn;t make someone well-dressed (in fact often the opposite is true).You're right that it is a more reserved, less flashy town, and it doesn;t help that a lot of the good men's stores carry those overpriced brands like Tallia or whatever.For it's size the...
I've thrifted a bit when in Omaha and always fund nice stuff, a bunch of Brioni shirts, T&A ties, RLPL shirts etc. Its makes sense, there's a lot of money in that town.I think you'll find loads of Stafford stuff wherever you go, people just tend to only post when they find exceptional stuff.
Thanks, it's not in front of me, but kinda a whitish silver and dark blue.
A store near me was holding it's 99 cent weekend. I normally avoid thrift stores sales, as they're packed and all the good stuff is snatched up quick, but I was in the neighborhood so I popped in. The racks were bare, but I found an old made in England Burberry raincoat and a ton of nice ties that had been overlooked. Does anyone know how these raincoats run size-wise? The chest on this guy is 23" across, I was hoping it's look ok on me worn over a suit, but I'm swimming...
I haven't found anything lately, but did okay this past weekend, mostly winter stuff. Found a closet full of winter pants: clockwise from top right corner Vintage, old label banana republic wool tartans (34) J. Crew houndstooth tweed (34) Polo gray Flannels (36) Maibex heather blue flannels (32) Zanella Flannels (32) Zanella (32) two pairs of polo wide wale cords (38) oh and a Polo Fair Isle sweater vest in Large. ancient Liberty of London, Zegna, and a Robert Talbot...
FWIW, I've seen that LP label before.
It's been months since I've found anything decent in my size.As for interesting stuff: did find a mint condition pair of Loro Piana black cords (size EU 54, which I think is a 36), that were really nice, and a pair of RRL jeans (40x27)Nothing great, but two labels that I've only come across a couple times in years of doing this.As for furniture:There's an odd dining room table at one of the local shops, the whole thing is fairly Danish modern looking, the legs very much...
For what it's worth, I'm a pretty perfect 11D. The 11D KIWBoot was too long, the 10.5 was the perfect length but too narrow. I think I need a 10.5 EE, but have to wait until they restock these. Unless I'm crazy and they stretch out in width a lot when wearing.
Are these sold out again? The sizing is maddening.
I sear there was an SF thread about this a number of years back, but I cannot find it at all.Hysterical blog, great stuff.
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