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Man, the wides fit marginally better but are ten times uglier.Way too wide in appearance, and the newer ones have cheaper looking leather and are a lot darker.I'm thinking of keeping my old pair.Does anyone have experience, will they stretch out a bit with wear?They're not super tight, just enough that my toes can;t wiggle freely.
I generally agree with this.
I like the contrast you get with a background, but not that particular background itself.
"Estate" custom fit very small light purple gingham check size 16L, sleeves meassure 33.5" slim "custom fit" chest is 22.5" across Estate collar, a pretty wide spread no logo, no chest pocket asking $30 shipped or offer "Curham" classic fit light blue end on end fabric, fairly lightweight 16 x 34/35 classic fit, 24" chest Curham collar, a more mild spread chest pocket, no logo asking $25 shipped/offer "Curham" classic fit light blue end on end fabric, fairly...
A nice navy blue unstructured blazer I bought on ebay a couple years back. It's tagged a 38R but fits slim and runs on the short side of a regular. Was sold to me as NWOT but I am positive it was not, I've gotten no use out of it. three button, center vent, 19.5" across the chest 17" shoulders 25.25" sleeves, length forthcoming I'll add that given how it's completely unstructured, the measurements seem a little smaller than they are, for example 17" shoulder on any other...
I'm an 11D. ordered 11D, too big even with boot socks, returned ordered 10.5D, right length, too narrow a 10.5W is on it;s way to me, will report back
nothing really to add other than I really hate that guy.
Found these the other day: Stuart's Choice, made in England for Paul Stuart I'm pretty sure these are Grenson, right? I'm kind of torn, they're my size, but really not my style.
This is generally my thought as well.There are plenty of times I'll see something with a high BIN and ignore it only to think how if it started at $10 I'd spend a week getting excited about it, already dreaming of having it, and end up bidding far above that BIN price just to get it.That said, Spoo you're selling lots of recognizable, high-end stuff that gets plenty of eyes, especially considering your high profile.I think BIN stuff works when you have less recognizable or...
That seems really high to me.
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