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I found a Mart Stam Cantilever chair someone was throwing away. I had to replace a bolt, and the leather on the armrests is a bit worn, but for he price I can't complain.
Yes and kinda. I made my request after he threatened me, but before he left the bad feedback.I'm just a small timer (who is mainly selling off stuff from my own overstffed closet) so grain of salt but...At Spoo's advise I recently switched for 7-day auctions to 10-days (thursday-suday), and it's meant a pretty significant increase in final values.It's not about giving more buyers time to bid, it's about the two full weekends of exposure you get.
Polo will often use the same exact fabrics for unintentional "suit separates' within the same season.I've never seen it with Corneliani, but have seen it quite a bit on their cheaper imported pants and jackets.I have a baby blue oxford cloth suit I got this way.
I had a suit that I listed without drawing a bid (granted with a kinda high starting price as I'd bought it on ebay and just wanted my money back).PTO featured it and I got 3000 views and almost 300 givith but it also takes away:Another time I was watching this great vintage Madras shirt, it was listed without selling at least a couple times.I kept meaning to bid, but everytime he listed he'd drop the price, so I was being greedy and hoping for a $5 shirtPTO...
I recently had a buyer threaten me with feedback extortion, ebay did nothing.
Good to know, especially the "used"'s one for buyers: Don't ask me to dramatically falsify the customs information then leave negative feedback about it when I don't.
I hav a pair of APC New standards I bought secondhand on this forum many years ago, they're size 33" waist and thus have never really fit me. I'd love to trade them for a pair of 32" or maybe even 31" unhemmed new standards in similar condition. I bought them "cold soaked once" I washed them when they arrived, but other than that they look pretty new, no whiskering really yet etc etc
So, I've found that staring 10-day listing thursday night is the best way to go, two weekends of exposure plus a sunday night end time (thanks Spoo). My problem is that I tend to do social stuff thursday, and thus have things I've been meaning to list for months waiting around. Is there a good way (like an app or program) that lets you create an auction to be officially started at a set time? I don;t mind paying the 10 cents o ebay, just wondering if there was a quicker...
That's "RL signature" (not an offical name, but what I've seen it called on the internet).It is not a precursor to Purple Label.Purple Label has been around since the early 90s, most of that RLsig stuff i from the early 00s IIRC.If anything it's an off shoot of polo, you can fins PRL buttons an stuff on the RLsig pants for example.It's really good stuff, but not equal to purple label in quality, more like the current Caruso PRL stuff.That said, it's one of the best RL...
I need a couple of yards of surcingle to replace a shoulder strap on an old bag of mine, but I cannot find anyone who sells it outside of belts. I've tried every B&M fabric and craft store around me, tack shops, and pursued a couple pages of google results without success. Does anyone know where I could buy some surcingle?
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