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Why do you guys use boxes for everything when most shirts and pants fit into envelopes? Seems like you're just adding weight fo no good reason. Speaking as a buyer, it's kinda annoying me when I buy a shirt or something on ebay and get charged $12-15 for shipping in a box when an envelope would be just as god and less than half the price.
Odd question, but I got a pair of the Not Stows in a UK 10.5 (I'm a US11) they fit fine, except the toe box extends at least a couple finger lengths beyond the end of my foot. It's kinda hard to descrbibe but it's almost like a small size wouldn't work as it's only the last bit that's doing this.
You can do first class through ebay shipping and paypal but not through what it's worth I've found that adding first class shipping for shirts and stuff seems to increase the number of bids and the max bid. It's kinda funny to see a guy drop $50 on a shirt then choose first class to save $3 but whatever.Do buy a scale.I like using tissue, but see no real point in bubble wrap, or bubble mailers for most clothing items.USPS doesn;t offer and mailers for free...
Those are the shoe version of the Indy boot, nice find!
I'm rooting for you, but I bet ebay sides with him.
Hmm, that sucks I was kinda hoping they'd stretch out with wear. I check the reddit men's fashion forum thing and they all seem to recommend going TTS.
have you been wearing beyond just a try-on?
That's the top half of a brooks brothers wash and wear poplin suit. It's a poly cotton blend, the 37 might reference the pant size in which case the jacket would be a round a 43(?). I really love the old BB wash and wear suits, but the sizing is impossible (I have a hunch they may shrink over time. . As such I have yet to find one that fits for example I have a "42" that fits like a 40 L
really?good to hear, I'm teterring between a 10.5 D (that fells tight) and a 10.5 W that feels too wide.
^yeah Though as novel s your jacket is, I wouldn't have though you'd get more than 80% of his price tops.
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