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is that rebel222?
I have an embarrassingly silly question... I picked up a pair of Trickers wingtip boots, but the combination of the flexible sole and softer, more pliable leather is causing me some worry. Like most non-moccasin shoes, the shape of the toe doesn't follow the actual contours of your foot. In other, well-fitting shoes I'll have a gap between the end on the tip of the shoe's toe, and my actual foot, but because of the hard sole and stiff toe it goes unnoticed. However in my...
I'd go with the 13s. I sized down and wonder if TTS would have been a better idea.
then just don't offer free shipping.
Be careful, it could be from their "44" outlet store line.
I think there was a bit of a shell bubble that's finally starting to pop. Prices were really high for a while, I remember seeing heavily used shells in 11D going for $175+, but prices are getting closer to actul value lately. But I have the same question dhbdhdbdhdbd has, how do these people do it? Like that guy who sells Polo stuff for at of more than retail, who posts terrible pictures of him holding the backs of jacket to make them fit. (how I hate him). He's been...
Pictures coming this weekend, but checkout Bill's site for details: http://billskhakis.com/Default.aspx About a year and a half ago, possessed by some bizarre "stock up and buy for life'-mood and a hefty STP credit I bought several hundred dollars worth of Bills M3s. Unfortunately, I've since realized the M3 fit just isn't for me, I'm too tall for the rise and prefer a fuller fit anyways. So I have a buch of pairs to get rid of, I'll probably hold onto hemmed ones for...
Honestly, I wouldn't pay more than $100 even that seems kinda high.They're cool, but no that old, and as other said available for as little as $150 new from LLBean.That guy's dreaming, plus they'e a C width on a boot that's difficult to size to begin with.
IIRC that label began appearing when M&S bought the company, and was used as recently as a few years ago (they may still be using it on some jacket for all I know).I've never really considered the different "lines" of BB, but most of the jackets I've seen with that logo aren't anything spectacular as far as materials or construction.During the M&S era they had some suits with a silver version of that logo, I'm not sure the exact equivalent but maybe golden fleece...
A sorta old find that I left in my car and forgot about: gold plated Dunhill Roligas lighter, with original box, papers and service history.
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