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Near the end of 2013 I bought a suit from a big, popular ebay suit seller. I checked it over when it arrived and it appeared to be fine. Finally got around to taking it to my tailor for a couple things, only to discover that in the light of day the pants are just a close fit, near the same color but a slightly different weave and material. Am I just screwed? the transaction is like 8 months old.
I'm in the same boat as you, I have a pair 1/2 size down and a pair a whole size down and am trying to decided which pair to keep. The fact that they stretch and break in so much complicates things. Keep us posted
I'm having real sizing problems with these and was wondering if anyone could help. I have two pairs, 10D and 10.5D (I'm normally an 11D): -the 10.5s fit well out of the box, but are a bit roomy in the toe and have a bit of heel slip. -with the 10s, one foot is ok, but the other is pretty uncomfortable, no room to slide forward, tight at both sides of the foot, and with my last three toes almost smashed. When reading stuff online about these I continually come across...
I have a question about RRL jeans: I bought a pair of one-wash, but otherwise dark and plain selvedge RRL jeans like 5+ years ago. They're tagged 32x34, but the inseam was closer to 36" and the cut of the legs was a bit too generous for my tastes. I figured I'd grow into them, but it's now been so long I figure I'll just sell them. Before I do, was just wondering if they shrink very much in the wash, an inch or so in width would make them fit much better. TLDR do...
Can anyone give me any advice on the penny loafers? I bought two sizes, my regular, branock, size and a half size bigger. The regular size is a bit tight at the sides of the toes, while the 1/2 size big is a bit too long in the toe but much, much more comfortable. I think is these stretched out like unlined Aldens I'd be alright with my regular size, but they seem much sturdier. Any advice?
I got a pair of these when they were on sale at STP, can't say enough about how good they look. I'm usually an 11 D, sized down 1/2 and got a 10.5, now I want to pick up a pair of 10s and see how they fit, any idea where to find the best rpice on these is? I just missed the Brooks Brothers sale.
Earlier this year I sold a jacket to France, shipped it via usps first class international. After a month (and an opened ebay case) jacket was returned to me, having made it all the way to france before getting a vague "address undeliverable" stamp. I used ebay's label and provided address. Buyer is understanding (I guess the French PO is, in his words, "lazy"), but I have no idea how to proceed. The PO didn't cancel the slip-in cutsoms/postage slip, so I could re-send,...
can't wait to wear this all summer long
This may be totally inappropriate, but I'm belatedly returning a pair of regular, KIWBs to LL Bean. 11D, tried on indoors briefly on wood floors and carpet. Held on to them too long because I wasn't sure of my size in these (still am not truthfully). Anyways, I bought them a price increase or two ago, so before I return them if anyone wants them for what I'll get in returnining them (~$165, much less than current $210 price) let me know.
Silly question, but my rule of thumb is deduct 20% off of the final price in my head to account for ebay and paypal fees, anyone else do this? I'm switching to more fixed price listings and thinking I might need to adjust it.
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