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call LLB and they'll find you one if there's one to be had, great customer service.
I'd go .5 size down to wear with thick socks. That said these are amazing boots that are impossible to wear because the last is so messed up. I'm as normal a 11D as you'll find (or so shoe salesmen have told me), size 10 too tight, size 10.5 a bit too loose and the narrow mid-foot makes even a normal walker like me pronate. Really frustrating boot.
Navy Blue Striped 38R -another staple color/pattern -100% worsted 110s wool -2 button, darted, fully lined, center vent -double rear-facing pleats, cuffs this is also a 38R/32W (tagged), though the sleeves have been shortened (still room to let out, 1 1/4"?), and the trouser waist has been taken in (can be let out). I seem to recall the seller saying this was a pre-madison/regent/fitz 1818 suit, I can't seem to locate the old auction, but you can be sure it's not a...
I'm in a bit of a bind. I'm a casual seller (when I find something good that doesn't fit me at the thrift store etc), I recently went through a huge closet cleaning of my own, and now have 50+ listings going, all BINOBO, all 30 day auto relist. Trouble is a family/business problem just came up and I'm going to have to leave town for 12 days or so. Is it worth it to register as a store so I can go on "vacation"? or am I just going to have to cancel everything and relist?
RRL by Ralph Lauren Jeans -This is a pair I bought brand new for myself several years ago, I removed the tags, but never washed or wore them. The jeans were too big for me at the time, and I figured I'd eventually grow into them, but I haven't and I'd rather sell them and buy a pair of RRLs that fit. -these are a straight legged, pair, the leg is wider than a typical RRL "slim" cut -they are a factory "one wash" model, so they shouldn't shrink much, I never washed them or...
I found this tuxedo a while back, it's from "Palm Beach", a brand I usually associate with junk, but it's much older than any other Palm Beach stuff I've seen and it appears to be better made and better preserved. Vintage tuxedo in what to my eye looks like a very very dark, midnight blue, appears black except under daylight. I believe it's fully canvased in a nice material with a hint of texture to it. Shawl collar, oddly with subtly pleated trousers tagged a size...
Polo Ralph Lauren Silk Jacket From the "Ralph Lauren Signature" line of the mid to late 00s, I've heard it was between PRL and Purple Label, but I think it's about on par with modern Corneliani/Caruso PRL stuff. 3 Button, darted all silk, kinda slubby tagged size 44L 24.5" chest, 21.5" shoulders, 25" sleeves, 32.5" bottom of collar to hem down the back IMG_3814 by jes, on Flickr IMG_3815 by jos, on Flickr IMG_3811 by js, on Flickr
Some neat-ish stuff: Hermes Tie (not a color or pattern I'd wear and kinda dirty) Really cool vintage Banana Republic handkerchief, I'm a big fan of the abandoned republic blog which highlights the good old days of BR when it was more like J. Peterman. IMG_5560 by , on Flickr
Near the end of 2013 I bought a suit from a big, popular ebay suit seller. I checked it over when it arrived and it appeared to be fine. Finally got around to taking it to my tailor for a couple things, only to discover that in the light of day the pants are just a close fit, near the same color but a slightly different weave and material. Am I just screwed? the transaction is like 8 months old.
I'm in the same boat as you, I have a pair 1/2 size down and a pair a whole size down and am trying to decided which pair to keep. The fact that they stretch and break in so much complicates things. Keep us posted
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