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I got a pair of these when they were on sale at STP, can't say enough about how good they look. I'm usually an 11 D, sized down 1/2 and got a 10.5, now I want to pick up a pair of 10s and see how they fit, any idea where to find the best rpice on these is? I just missed the Brooks Brothers sale.
Earlier this year I sold a jacket to France, shipped it via usps first class international. After a month (and an opened ebay case) jacket was returned to me, having made it all the way to france before getting a vague "address undeliverable" stamp. I used ebay's label and provided address. Buyer is understanding (I guess the French PO is, in his words, "lazy"), but I have no idea how to proceed. The PO didn't cancel the slip-in cutsoms/postage slip, so I could re-send,...
can't wait to wear this all summer long
This may be totally inappropriate, but I'm belatedly returning a pair of regular, KIWBs to LL Bean. 11D, tried on indoors briefly on wood floors and carpet. Held on to them too long because I wasn't sure of my size in these (still am not truthfully). Anyways, I bought them a price increase or two ago, so before I return them if anyone wants them for what I'll get in returnining them (~$165, much less than current $210 price) let me know.
Silly question, but my rule of thumb is deduct 20% off of the final price in my head to account for ebay and paypal fees, anyone else do this? I'm switching to more fixed price listings and thinking I might need to adjust it.
Brooks Brothers Medium, V-neck, 100% Scottish Lambswool, Made in Hong Kong no holes, a bit pill-y 21" chest, 27" sleeve (uncuffed), asking $30 shipped http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5508/12113659446_800eae4806_b.jpg LL Bean Shetland I absolutely adore these old LLB Shetlands (always looking for one in hunter green and gray), but this color just doesn't work on me. Medium, saddle shoulders, 20.5" chest, sleeve about 38" (uncuffed measured like a shirt) asking $30...
I could not figure out my size in LL Bean Katahdin Iron boots, so I ended up buying several pairs with the hopes of returning the ones that didn't fit. This pair is 11D, I've tried on indoors several times, but the boots have never seen anything but wood floors and carpet. I was going to return these, but the price has now risen, so I thought I'd offer them here first. The boots @ LL Bean are now $210 (-10% off ~$190) I got these for $165 so am asking $175 shipped. In...
Man, found three more Brioni shirts today (XL), that's 12 Brionis and Kitons this year! All after finding ~2 the previous near decade of thrifting. Also found a cool old plaid LLB chamois shirt and an Evisu "heritage" hoodie (number 170/1000), not sure if it's anything cool but recognized the name from the forum and figured it's my size so can wear it to drywall in if it's junk.
anyone here have the "not-stow" boot from sierra trading post? jut wondering how they hold up and stuff, how those broke in etc etc.
BIG stye measurements: 16.25" across the waist thing 11.5" (from the seam) or 13" (laying flat) knee 10.5" leg opening 9"
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