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All sold.
Oh man, TF suede jacket in my size for $400...bump for a quality seller, bought a LP suede jacket from him earlier in the year!
Last call for remaining items...
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman Thanks, jet -- brand for this polish? I've had excellent results with Menzerna and Meguiar's. They're both fairly inexpensive and work really well. Unless your car is pretty beat, for polish you can use either Menzerna Final Polish or PO85RD Polish. The latter has less cutting power but they are both great. From Meguiar's, their M205 polish is one of the easiest to use. You can also use M105 if you have...
A pair of PSB GB-1 Monitors. This is my first "real" speaker purchase and they sound simply astonishing. Paired with a Focal iCub subwoofer and an Oppo 981HD, they really shine.
Almost forgot about this thread. Super cheap stuff here, get it before it's donated or gifted!
Got a great pair of Cucinelli cargo shorts from dshin! Excellent seller, highly recommended.
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