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Between the "let's agree to disagree" and the "Everything is open to interpretation" - I don't understand why you're so terrified of someone disagreeing with you on the Internet. I'm sure all of us who have read your post can agree, interpretively that your post, OP, was really meaningless. This was directed at you, TimelessStyle.
Ernest Alexander's messengers are a compromise betwen Filson and Jack Spade and probably better made than both.
You're putting dog shit and scum on their floors... I don't understand how you believe you aren't tracking it all around??? If you walk outside, your shoes get covered in filth - it's simple. It's there, if you honestly believe YOUR shoes are without filth that's a sign of some serious disillusion.
This thread is essentially - "Someone invited me in to their home the other day, asked me to take off my shoes - I am offended by what this person would like done in their own home because it inconveniences my sartorial delight." Hard to say there's a funnier thread in the whole forum, a bunch of man-children crying their fetishes aren't being embraced.
They aren't as well made and aren't as timeless. You can buy one of the EA bags and it will never go 'out of style' because it's just timeless. The construction is superior to P.O. and the design is infinitely more useful. I've had an EA messenger for 2+ years and it is just so incredibly well designed you don't need anything else. The EA messenger is the perfect everyday messenger - it's handsome, versatile and well-constructed.
Hey Let's Argue About Shirts On The Internet!!!!
Duluth Trading Company makes great t-shirts. They're long and trim. I doubt anyone will believe me but they're the best T I've found. Look at all their T-shirts for what you prefer. These are cut about 3 inches longer than most T-shirts. and trim.
I've had one for about 2 years and it's holding up very well. It's starting to develop some character, but not flaws. There are no rips, tears or stitches coming out. It's a really well-made product that is going to last a long time. The gentleman who owns the operation told me the material cost per bag was around $80, which is what many bags go for in the store. This makes me think the cost of their materials must be <$10. It will be around a long time, it's very...
Duluth Trading Company makes many t-shirts that are slim and cut 3 inches longer than others.
Duluth Trading Company makes some great shirts. They're cut longer so they stay tucked in, they're cut really well on the sides and they've held up. I wouldn't expect a site that makes working gear to have a very well-cut tee. When I bought them, months back, I bought 8 and they were about $11 each. An increase in price like that makes me think they have a hit on their hands, which they should - these are the...
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