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Quote: Originally Posted by alexSF Hello I'm wearing a size M of Our Legacy Shirt and a size M of Polo Ralph Lauren Custom Fit Shirt, What size is correct for me of Gitman Shirt (that from the picture seems to be slimmer) Size M or Size L? Thank You I'm a medium in both Gitman Vintage and Polo RL custom fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by CBDB Check out the sparkle in his eyes...widely reputed to be a friend of Dorothy IIRC Yup, that's what led to his downfall. Not his preferences per se, more that he lied about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar It is funny to see how the same story is treated differently on both sides of the pond... Very. The current CEO is a geologist by trade and got the gig as a contrast to the previous chap who was known as the Sun King. They were deliberately looking for someone with little or no swagger. They got him. Lord Browne AKA the Sun King -
Correct, and personally I prefer the FS029. It has more classical styling, to my eye at least. Our definitions of 'almost' are obviously very different.
I wonder is Pengranger's factory shop boot also on the 175 last? If so they're almost identical bar the speed hooks.
Do not stay in Temple Bar whatever you do. No harm having a wander around with all the other tourists but staying there would be a nightmare. Check out the Jameson distillery across the river in Smithfield - http://maps.google.ie/maps/place?hl=...ed=0CBsQqgUwAA For linen, tweed etc there are lots of shops on Nassau Street all catering to the tourist trade. Better off waiting until you get out West for a more genuine experience.
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Fantastic. That's a bloke you'd like to have a pint with.
Quote: Originally Posted by cptjeff $30 for a pair of chucks, $2 for a seam ripper to make them unbranded. Please stop, you'll just upset the hegemony.
Thanks for that, confirms my suspicions.
Apologies for resurrecting this thread from the grave but can anyone give a comparison between the 2161 last and Tricker's Country lasts? Is the 2161 as roomy? Cheers in advance.
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