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Quote: Originally Posted by bows1 http://fashionforlunch.com/2010/04/j-crew-to-uk/ http://www.stylelist.com/2010/01/12/...nited-kingdom/ Sorry the articles are kind of bad, the ones i Read were from GAP Portal, and I can't access them from home. Cheers for that, did a bit of Googling myself and as per those articles it'll be just be available on Net-A-Porter which is womenswear only.
Quote: Originally Posted by bows1 For sure, they are opening stores in UK and Canada soon too; they are kicking serious ass right now (business wise). Really? Any more info?
Anyone know who makes shoes for Charles Tyrwhitt? There's a pair on Ebay listed as made in Northampton, Goodyear-welted. Any ideas? Ta.
I like and wear both, don't wear any other polos. Both labels are iconic but I say that as a football fan.
Read the book. David Peace is a genius. Film's good but a bit lightweight compared to the book.
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix i think the barbour's are actually made under license in new zealand now. Was considering a barbour, but i hate how they wank on and on about their "pedigree". ugggh. May save up for this. All my Barbours are made in England and even as an Irishman I love the whole British heritage thing they have going on. That being said Mike's Vanson is the nicest thing I've seen in ages, shame I already have a...
I've passed the one in Dublin a few times, never realised it was a chain.
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad Different strokes and all that, but those look horrible, at least on that model. They're really horrible in that pic (like all ASOS model pics) but they fit like classic sta-prest.
Falke for socks and knitwear - http://www.falke.com/
Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo Why aren´t you banned yet? I couldnt dream up a more annoying persona than yours. Jet? As for the 'old man' debate, it's a total red herring from people who think wearing one size down in everything is on point. It's not, it looks daft. The LL Bean ranger mocs are not 'old man' they're classic looking. Big difference.
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