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Just bought the Wilshere. Only been waiting 3 years for new EP jeans - Happy Christmas to me! And of course a happy Christmas to all at Epaulet and the EP family here.
Late to this but I saw both Martin Freeman and Matthew Horne (Gavin and Stacey) shopping separately in Liberty one day. Both very dapper.
Worked fine for me. Free standard shipping is automatic and the code gives you 10% off.
Fellow Europeans - YOOXGIFTS10 for 10% off and free shipping from the EU store.
A few of my favourites. Add anything by NOBD to this too -
Brilliant AMA Mike, the Daniel Day Lewis story is great. Always knew he was a dapper dude - he rocks a Barbour International a lot - so no surprise he's an Alden fan. He lives up the road from here in the Wicklow Mountains, I'll be sure to mention you if I ever bump into him! Great stuff too about the EPLA line and Luigi Bianchi Mantova x Epaulet. And huge congrats to you and Adele on the impending arrival. I'm a new dad myself, destroys your clothes budget but all worth...
Great thread, grown up talk and a lack of snark. I also think it proves lots of us don't see a 'wall' and read and enjoy both sides of the forum. I'm mid 40s, work in the media, wear jeans 90% of the time and occupy the middle ground. Good to see plenty of others do too.
It's November, I'm in Ireland and yet I've just bought the red seersucker gingham shirt. Wrong part of the world, wrong time of year but couldn't say no to a beautiful shirt for 50 bucks.
Same here. I knew at the time that it was the exact navy sportcoat I was looking for but slept on it.
As a child of the 70s I truly hate flares but that Parker fit is so so good. I think it's the clean lines and overall minimalism. It's up there with those other San Francisco badasses Harry Callahan and Frank Bullitt.
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