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Everything dropped substantially in my Dreambox. Might just be EU though. Copped Italian-made suede chukkas for €42.
The Luigi Bianchi Mantova is beautiful, a truly stunning sportcoat.
Congrats Mike and Adele. Welcome to the club!
YOOXDREAMBOX - an extra 15% off plus free delivery on the EU site.
Your list is slightly more baller than mine! Some of them will definitely be available in the Airport duty free as well as downtown. http://www.theloop.ie/
I'm no expert either but here's what a mate sent me when I asked him the same question a while ago (not sure which are domestic only/not available in US) - Jameson 12 year old and Jameson Crested 10 are the tastiest Irish Whiskies in their price range - €43 and €28 respectively. Bushmills Black Bush - €28 Bushmills 10 Year Old - €40 For something special: Redbreast 12 Year Old - €52 Irish Whiskey of the Year 2010 - Jim Murray's Whisky Bible Powers 12 Year Old is well...
Ho ho! The Celtic Whiskey Shop on Dawson St just off St Stephen's Green in the centre of the city is a great shop for Irish Whiskey, they'll advise based on taste and budget.http://www.celticwhiskeyshop.com/At the bottom of Dawson Street is the side entrance to Trinity College on Nassau Street where all the tweed, Aran sweater and gift shops are.
@StanleyVanBuren I have a Manuel Ritz 100% cotton jersey blazer that was a Yoox roulette win. Never heard of the brand outside of Yoox but it seems to be a mid-tier Italian brand. Blazer is made in Tunisia but quality is good, unlined and unstructured. I'm really happy with it.
My Wilshere jeans came in and they are damn near perfect. I find it really hard to get a true slim straight jean and these tick all the boxes. Love the soft one wash feel too.
Just bought the Wilshere. Only been waiting 3 years for new EP jeans - Happy Christmas to me! And of course a happy Christmas to all at Epaulet and the EP family here.
New Posts  All Forums: