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Picked up a couple of the original EPLA tees at a frankly ridiculous $20 a pop and they are as lux as anything I've ever seen in a t-shirt. Sized up one from medium to large for anyone tempted.
Mike - Any hints yet on the New Year Tennis Sneaker line-up? Particularly interested in suede.
Following NYI's seersucker shirt 'n shorts pic here's mine. Taken last week in Palermo, Epaulet gingham seersucker shirt. Beverage is a granita rather than Wild Turkey.
It's 'only' a tee shirt but my God the indigo rinsed pique tee is amazing. It's funny how even (or maybe especially) the most basic items benefit from fitting correctly, being well made and in nice material. It also got the most compliments I've had from my wife about a new piece in a long time, and that's what really counts.
My pair are two and a bit. You have one hell of a rollercoaster ride ahead of you!Best two years of my life but this thread has become more of a spectator sport with finances needed elsewhere.
Monty does do a great line in blue French workers jackets though in fairness -
They're obviously very different but the indigo-dyed tee puts me in mind of this - which can only be a good thing.
The K-Way Leon is a decent cheapish option - http://www.k-way.co.uk/browse/Leon_493.html Oi Polloi pic below, K-Way site has better colours. Patagonia is always a good bet too, they must have a popover kagoule. I just got a Peter Storm one but it's ridiculously cheap. I like it though. http://www.millets.co.uk/mens/073927-peter-storm-mens-packable-cagoule-black.html
I assume people have seen this Twitter spoof of the Sartorialist and street style in general, the humour is very British but that makes it even better IMO - https://twitter.com/sarcastialist
I was the same about the hair until I saw this -Leönard‏@naptimedoeRonaldo cut his hair to match the scar of a young fan who had surgery to remove a brain tumor last week #respect pic.twitter.com/zGqAFS7DN7
New Posts  All Forums: