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My pair are two and a bit. You have one hell of a rollercoaster ride ahead of you!Best two years of my life but this thread has become more of a spectator sport with finances needed elsewhere.
Monty does do a great line in blue French workers jackets though in fairness -
They're obviously very different but the indigo-dyed tee puts me in mind of this - which can only be a good thing.
The K-Way Leon is a decent cheapish option - http://www.k-way.co.uk/browse/Leon_493.html Oi Polloi pic below, K-Way site has better colours. Patagonia is always a good bet too, they must have a popover kagoule. I just got a Peter Storm one but it's ridiculously cheap. I like it though. http://www.millets.co.uk/mens/073927-peter-storm-mens-packable-cagoule-black.html
I assume people have seen this Twitter spoof of the Sartorialist and street style in general, the humour is very British but that makes it even better IMO - https://twitter.com/sarcastialist
I was the same about the hair until I saw this -Leönard‏@naptimedoeRonaldo cut his hair to match the scar of a young fan who had surgery to remove a brain tumor last week #respect pic.twitter.com/zGqAFS7DN7
Rubbish lift selfie - Aspesi blazer Polo RL shirt Uniqlo jeans Alberto Lanciotti chukkas Barbour bag
Alberto Lanciotti chukkas from Yoox. Made in Italy, lightweight with a dainite sole, €42.
Donegal tweed trousers from my favourite shop/label - http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/trousers-chinos/products/slim-walt-trouser-uk-donegal-tweed-salt-pepperAlso nearly everyone is doing slimmed-down modern silhouette MA1 fight jackets these days from cheapo H&M types all the way up to $1k plus Rick Owens and Raf Simons. The days of the baggy Alphas are long gone.
Very interesting Daily Telegraph piece on Yoox - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/luxury/mens-style/28151/how-yoox-became-the-amazon-of-the-fashion-world.html
New Posts  All Forums: